At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Surf's Up

Beach Vacation 2014: Part II

Despite Isaac's best attempts, I am afraid, I have to report that while on vacation our little guy was not able to achieve his ultimate goal of getting all that sand on the beach back into the Gulf of Mexico, but it wasn't for lack of trying, and it never got old, sand in hand, sand thrown in waves, sand in hand, sand thrown in waves, for hours,...and that did get a little worrisome,...first thing that comes to mind with a child on the spectrum is fixation, but thankfully Isaac started varying his routine - still sand in hand, sand in the waves, but he started exploring with different ways to throw, or different ways to dig up that sand,...watching Isaac so enjoy investigating all the physical properties that sand on the shore has to offer was really a joy to witness,...make no mistake out little guy was having fun,...

During one of Isaac's ventures into different methods of digging sand,...he discovered the delight of surfing in the surf,...Isaac style which needs no board,...

Just those gentle warm waves washing over our little guy,...again and again,...

Waves will chase you,....and Isaac usually won the race to the shore,...

Then back to sand digging,...let's get real,...this guy has a job to do!!!!

Surfing the waves was only a side perk,....

Waves washing sand from your hand,...oh yeah,...Isaac was finding the easy way to do his job!

Last year when we briefly took Isaac to the shore it was not a great experience,...don't get me wrong,...Isaac is Isaac and he experiences the world in a different way and makes sure you do too,...but last year he was a LOT more fearless and would heedlessly head into the surf,...which thanks to storms last year had MUCH bigger waves and Isaac seemed determine to take those waves on,...and sorry Isaac when you read this post-years-hence, but it was a very stressful trip,...and the nerve-wracking memory was much in our minds, but nevertheless, we decided to try again because new and different experiences are soooo important for your development,...and you're worth a little stress. But what a difference a year makes!!!!

Beach trip 2014 was a rounding success!!!

For starters, Isaac was more wary of the water, a very appropriate way,...not scared, but also let's not dive in head first,...and he didn't wander,...WOOHOO, husband and I actually were able to sit in the sand and semi-relax as we watch out little guy independently having fun a yard or so away from us - let's get real - we were ready to hop up and sprint if necessary - but Isaac was a doll, and we never even had to say: "Come back, buddy," or "Stay close, I-I." -- and Isaac had a really good time exploring dry sand, wet sand, damp sand, making castles, unmaking castles, and playing in the shallow waves and most importantly trying to get ALL that sand back into the gulf!!!

Also, I must mention the shrimp - not in the sea - but on Isaac's plate as he adores sea food and fried shrimp in particular, and aside from a really, really, really good barbecue sandwich we shared from this little bitty gas station what was selling BBQ SAMMIES - (that's what the sign said) - and it was GOOD, but not as good as getting to eat fried shrimp for lunch and dinner for three days straight,...but hey we had to keep our little sand-thrower fueled for his adventures.

One more vacation post, hint: more water,...and then preschool pix,...Isaac started last week,...and has had two really good days: Yeah, better way to start back to school then with a great suntan!!!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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