At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Friday, September 5, 2014

Isaac's Good,...

A little life interruption have interrupted posts,...but Isaac is good,...even while Mama's been sick with an icky reaction to an antibiotic, soooo much fun, but hey that's life, and Isaac has certainly taught me how to roll with the punches, and while I've been under the weather he's been an absolutely angel-child, seemingly knowing Mama needs lots of hugs and kisses and good behavior, and even exhibiting some GREAT social awareness at the doctor's office, because Mr. Isaac did not like those nurses doing anything to his mama,...and made sure they knew it with quite adamant:
 - which expressed every bit of love, protectiveness and compassion,...woohoo, was almost worth being so sick for,...and it's been great how Isaac has tolerated Mama in bed, he joins me, and we giggle or read or sing, or just stare at the ceiling in companionable silence. 

Obviously I am a bit better if I am on the computer, 
and last weekend, even though I was really too sick to be out, 
Isaac had an opportunity not to be missed.
Three weeks ago, I receive an email from a woman at church,
she works closely with an autism charity 
and she wanted to know if Isaac had an iPad.
"No," - I replied.
"Would Isaac like an iPad" was the rhetorical reply.

Free iPad, 
pretty cool,
but to make the event even cooler,
Isaac was asked to be a guest at a local baseball game,
where the iPads were to be presented.
Isaac happily accepted the invitation. 

VIP not just for the ballgame, but every day to us.

In true Isaac style he brought his entire posse,...

TORTURE,...we were not allowed to run unsupervised on the field, 
sorry Buddy we have to follow rules,...

Ipad minis were given, which is a perfect size for Isaac's hands. 

Did Isaac know he was at a baseball game?
We told him, but he wasn't interested in the field other to want to run upon it.
Did Isaac know he was getting an iPad?
To Isaac it was just a meaningless white box,
but by that evening oh-yeah, Isaac and his iPad are in LOVE!!!
What did Isaac most enjoy about the outing?
Important stuff,
like ballpark food!
Let's get real, not even iPads can compete with funnel cakes.

VERY, VERY, VERY hot afternoon in the Deep South, 
fortunately Isaac likes to stay hydrated. 

Thank you to everyone who gives to charity,
THESE pictures are the end game.
A child helped,
Thank you.

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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