At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Friday, September 12, 2014

Preschool,...Bumpy Start

We are a month into preschool and just now getting the first day pictures posted.
Varied reasons for the delay,...but mostly because it's been a little bumpy.

This face says it all!

And this one too.

Isaac is so not impressed that preschool starts at 8:00 a.m.,...that's waaaaaaay too early.
But Mama dresses us, combs our hair, brushes our teeth, and hustles us the door,...
yawning, and utterly resigned to our fate,
it's sooooo tough being four years old. 

Hugs and kisses and tears at the school door, 
Isaac's tears and sometimes mine,
for nearly the first three weeks,
despite the fact, I always picked up a happy child at the end of the day.
Last fall, Isaac didn't cry at the jingle of my car keys,
he said, "Yes, yes, yes!!!"
This fall, it is tears, and that could be part of his emotional growth,
Mama's cool, she gives hugs and kisses and popcorn, and plays silly games,
Hello! Why would any man alive want to go to preschool?
Being functionally nonverbal, helps nothing in these situations. 
Isaac is in a great school with caring professionals, no worries there,
he's just a little guy,...with sleep issues.
I mean, if they had night school preschool, Isaac would so rock those classes,
but the world doesn't work that way. 
So my little guy has to be utterly resigned to be dragged to preschool,

Sleep issue seem to be a back-end of autism, and there are no easy answers.
In black and white on paper, looks simple.
Put the child to bed,...goodnight,...sweet dreams,...yada, yada, yada...
Said child then closes eyes like cherub and slumbers the night away.
But we're putting Isaac to bed,
and it's not cut and dry
One night is PERFECT,....every routine works.
Next night,...Isaac is grinning at you at one a.m.
What to do, but keep plugging on?
Thomas Edison had to make like zillions of lightbulbs
until he found the exact materials and formula that would work,
so we'll keep trying with Isaac's bedtime routines,
until we find one that works,
so our lightbulbs and stay out at night,
but then it also might be a matter of maturity and growth,
can't figure these things,
you just love your child and do the best you can. 

Big NEWS is that Isaac naps at school,
and has had such nice reports from the cafeteria ladies,
who serve him breakfast and lunch each day,
but then Isaac's pretty spot on with the
"Thank you," "Please," "Excuse Me."
Trust me, when a cafeteria lady says,
"Such an improvement in attention from last year,"
You pump your fist!

Another biggie is that Isaac tells me where he spent playtime
In the Deep South, it's been brutal hot and humid,
so I kinda already know they didn't go outside,
because some of the children in Isaac's class are really delicate,
but everyday I've pretended to be clueless,
"Isaac did you play on the playground or go to the gym?"
And Isaac will say: 
WOOHOO for recall,'s a biggie.
OK, I have no idea what Isaac did in the gym, but we have to start somewhere. 

Changing classes for Isaac has been really confusing,
and think the first week or so where some of those tears were coming from,
a couple times, when I've picked Isaac up,
he's went to his old class and wanted to go in.
Another huge,...sigh, explain,...and explain, and then hug and kiss,
and hope some of it made sense to him.

No tears, at the end of the day,
Isaac is in full throttle from that nap and is all smiles.
Some thing new is that Isaac proudly gets his own pack back,
and says goodbye to his friends,
NOT that Isaac has much choice.

for an important announcement:
My little guy may have met his match.
For every man, there is a woman!
Oh yes,...there is a female version of Isaac in the universe,
And this little pip is in Isaac's class!

She is a typical peer model,
with pigtails no less,
and this little gal is clearly the mother of the entire class,
we're talking personality with a capital P,
and Isaac is NOT leaving without saying goodbye, 
not on her watch,
"Goodbye Isaac,...Isaac goodbye, ISAAC GOODBYE."

An wise and obedient man lifts his hand

"See you tomorrow," says the pigtails skipping away,
while Isaac happily skips down the corridor holding Mama's hand.
Another school day done!

Now back to real life.

Chilling after the first day of preschool

Ignoring the woman with the camera while we consume snacks

And slurp drinks,...

Takes a lot of nutrients to fuel a Preschooler!

Next up, I.E.P. meeting,...and getting Isaac's school clothes monogramed, waaaaay behind on that task due to life,...but Isaac has ISAAC on his shirt at preschool today,...lots of yawning and hugs and kisses, but NO tears at the door, that's a step forward,...and now that Isaac has a pig-tailed friend hovering over his every step,...I am sure he'll have a GREAT preschool year,...

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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