At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

While Mother's Been Unwell,...

As a primary caretaker for a special needs child, can get especially interesting when you are not well, if life wasn't interesting enough. Ploughing through a recovery from an allergic reaction to an antibiotic has made the past couple weeks tough,...but while mother's been unwell,...Isaac has been a champ.

Really,...let me brag on this child,...because how do these children seem to know that this is not a test,...this is the real deal,...and mama really, really, really needs some cooperation and good behavior while she's barely able to lift her head off the pillow. Ask Isaac for good behavior and true to form he doesn't do anything half way - he gives you GREAT behavior,...and a lot of affection too!

By rule Isaac's an affectionate little guy,...such a blessing he loves hugs and kisses and cuddles, but usually on his own terms, and set times, I mean don't mess up his puzzle-action with a hug, please, but the past couple weeks, he's been the one slopping kissing and giving 'squeeze' hugs, and dropping  unsolicited, "Ya-U, Mama" - as close as Apraxia let's him get to: Love you. 

It's amazing how Isaac has also turned into a chore-monger,...with a constant, "What-can-I-do" attitude,...carrying groceries in the house, running the vacuum (with supervision), putting away toys, washing dishes (OK, Isaac just sops in the sink and plays, but he doesn't make a mess and by all the splishing and splashing - I know what he's doing), bossing Oreo around, in a nice way and perfectly appropriate for the puppy NOT to chew on the furniture, that means crate time, Isaac points and orders, "O-E-O!" - Also Isaac's got Mama's back, running errands around the house,...empty cup to the kitchen, shoes to the living room, a book back into it's bin, many new skills emerging. 

Even to errands to town has Isaac's good behavior has followed,...he willingly gets himself into this carseat, which is a biggie, he climbs into the shopping cart, and then unless he's utterly exhausted Isaac spends his time in the store charming me and the other shoppers with his sparkling personality, because this child is not dull, especially at the check-outs where Isaac shines as he helps to put the items on the counter,...and then garners plenty of attention with his sign-language,...people gawk, but then they usually grin from ear-to-ear as if this child was a rock-star or something, I mean hello,...we're signing about buying bananas, apples, milk, bread, meat, build signing vocabulary and keeps Isaac, and everyone else amused, especially when the lines are long and slooooow. 

Sunshine smiles help a lot when you don't feel well,...also cuddles and Isaac bringing books for you to read to him, or just climbing in bed and sharing the same pillow,...just happy in the moment, before he vaults off the bed headed or another adventure,...but no spilled instant coffee,...and NO big messes,...not this time,...and that's why Mama's bragging,...of course I know when you brag on your child you are setting yourself up for,...oh-dear do I need name it,...we've all been there,...and know perfectly well, I could wake from a nap to the scent of Starbucks in a heartbeat, but I don't think so,...Isaac's has really displayed new levels of maturity,...and that's totally exciting. 

Most people when they find out they are allergic to something find out in a really unpleasant way, and I plead guilty to such an experience, but we're on the other side of what we hope is the worst, and now I just need to finish recovering which will take a while,...and that's not a bad thing because caretakers need some care-taken-for-them, which is easier said than done. 

 Autism is tough, Marines would quake from the physical/psychological 24/7 demands,...this is a gruelingly demanding gig, and it takes a toll on your health, and people patting your hand and telling you to take care of yourself, mean well, but they also need a reality check, 'cause duh, I know I need to take care of myself, but exactly when am I suppose to do that with a 24/7 child? 

Of course, the answer is to ask for a little help if you can get it, and my guys have stepped up as much as they can with their work/schedules, which means I've logged in a couple good naps, and Isaac's actually slept pretty good through the night, like he knows Mama doesn't need to be up four or five times. Plotting our course forward we are going to keep trying and trying and trying to find a happy medium between a lot of our sleep issues, which are driving other health issues. 

No easy answers, that's why we're so excited about Isaac's emerging maturity, makes life a lot easier to navigate when you have cooperation,...and of course Isaac is not just going to cooperate a little, he's either ALL in or ALL out, and when he's in it's a party-time,...because this child knows that life is the be lived,...and if you're alive and breathing there is no sense in not celebrating,...because that's the only way Isaac knows to live.

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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