At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Never Bored,...

Empty store, problem for Isaac,...he'll find something to do like experimenting with the physics of centripetal force that pivots the float in a circle,...

Fancy that,...the float pivots in a circle,...every time,...Isaac was fascinated,...

Our little guy is never bored with a great big world to explore,...

What is nice is that Isaac is exhibiting more 'shared interest'  - on his terms, true, but he does want to share his discoveries, like a knot in a tree, pages of an electronic coloring book app, and the central pivot of a utility float,...

Vocabulary is expanding daily,...although Apraxia still makes communication a challenge, but Isaac is so intrepid,...he gets out what he wants to express within the limits of his ability,....

Those great big smiles go a long way in allowing Isaac to share his enthusiasm,...

"LOOK,...round and round it goes,...

When you are four years old,...Physics is FUN!!!!

"Ta dah!" says Isaac,...and yes he can really say, 'Ta dah!" - and appropriately too,'s hilarious, but then our little guy has so much joy for life,...

Share interest is a very big development and very exciting for all of us as Isaac is showing us his world, and of course it is unique, like that knot in the tree,...Isaac really, really, really wanted to make sure we knew that knob was in that tree, and he really, really, really wants you to notice the coloring pictures on that app, and quite often, you color while HE directs the operation, here, red there, and orange here to make the picture perfect, and if you make a mistake that's OK, Isaac can and WILL fix it! As for that utility float,...Daddy was working for a bit on a Saturday and we were along for the ride, but no boredom for Isaac that centripetal force kept him busy for nearly an hour!!!!

School lunches have also been an issue lately,...Isaac has not been eating his school lunch or breakfast (as he also eats breakfast at school). Not exactly surprising as sensory issues can and do trump hunger, this week I've packed breakfast and lunch for Isaac with concerns over transition from cafeteria food to a lunch box,...but his teachers report that Isaac has shown great interest in his lunch box lunches and EATS which is the prime importance. Of course it helps that Mama knows exactly what her little guy will eat, and from my point of view it is helpful to be able to see exactly what Isaac has eaten at school, as before I had no idea exactly how much he ate or didn't eat, but now I can see what is left over, and it is nice to make sure Isaac is eating healthy foods,...he doesn't get too much leeway in that area, especially sugar as giving Isaac sugary treats is like throwing gasoline on a fire,...Mr. NeverBored has enough energy without adding a sugar rush!!!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

Monday, October 20, 2014

In His Own Way,...

Traditional events with Isaac can be tricky,...tricky for us that is, Isaac ALWAYS manages to have a good time in his own way,...

With autism, expectations need to go by the wayside and that's quite frankly difficult to wrap your mind around because we seemed to be wired to expect our child to react in a typical manner toward life, such as a Fall Festival,....note the green wrist band,...Isaac wan't thrilled to wear it, but it was necessary as it allowed him to participate in all the booths as much as he liked.


Not that Isaac particularly liked any of the booths, he had to wait in line,...not easy for a little guy with sensory issues,...although Isaac did wait and waited nicely,...but he didn't 'get' the games,...although he very politely played with the attitude:

  "You want this ball/beanbag/golfball in that hole,...OK, it goes,...what's next."   

Especially over the prizes (candy or trinkets) Isaac was completely indifferent. 
In fact, he had more fun signing: Candy - than picking it out. 

What Isaac did like was spending time with big brother,...

And the bounce-slide was a HUGE attraction that Isaac adored, 
as did every other child at the festival, 
and the slide was actually a free-for-all with as many kids that could
 climbing up
and sliding down,
Isaac LOVED it,...and was very friendly with his limited vocabulary,
but kids are so adaptable and Isaac's cheerful "Hi,...hi,...HI!"
was universally returned,...and that was fun to witness. 


Isaac experiences the world in a different way and he makes sure you do too,...and that includes
Fall Festivals,...and it's OK,...that Isaac doesn't exactly 'get' the event,...he's there to experience the experience, share some time with loved ones,...and enjoy himself, his own way!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Rub-A-Dub-Dub Isaac,...

A drab, overcast October afternoon with a damp backyard will never hamper Isaac's creativity.  
Where else would you watch your favorite TV show from other than a dish tub?

Actually I had gotten the dish tub out to collect quite a collection of toys in the living room, and I am sure Isaac would be glad to help, but before we could begin our clean-up song I was distracted by my oldest son getting ready for his work-shift. Teddy had a question, then I had a question, and then we both got side-tracked talking (he's a nice person to talk to) But Teddy did have to leave for work, and when we walked into the living room, we found Isaac had discovered a new mode of seating. 

Definitely this rub-a-dub-dub-tub only seats one.

With I.I., never know what you're going to get
but it's NEVER dull!

Our little guy is still a very little guy if he can actually fit into a dish tub.

Enjoying moments like this really put our little guy's challenges in perspective,
he's happy, he's creative,
he's NEVER bored,
or boring,
he's Isaac,
and that's enough for us.

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

Friday, October 10, 2014

School Pictures, Such A Yawn,...

 Needless to say getting up early for school is not Isaac's favorite activity,....he's not a morning person. Add having to get dressed special nice for school pictures,'s a yawn to him.

Worst part of school pictures is having to get your hair cut, traumatic/dramatic venture for all involved, Isaac DOES NOT LIKE having his hair cut,...and most of that is sensory which we try to minimize as much a possible,...and such makes the endeavor lengthy, three times as long as it would normally take to cut a preschooler's hair at home,...but we go slow and praise and praise and praise our brave little guy,...because he does tolerate getting his hair cut,...he does not like it,...and is quite vocal about his dislike,...but we always try to do a thorough job so the hair cut will last a nice long time,...for all concerned,...

Hair cut the night before,...getting up early for school,...and dressed like it's Sunday!

Life's tough!

But Isaac's cool,...he yawns and goes with it,...

And in the end Isaac ponies up a practice smile for the camera, "Chee-se!"

Haven't seen the real school pictures yet,...although Isaac's teacher assured me he did great!
And I don't doubt it,...once Isaac is awake,...he's AWAKE, and ready for fun. 
It's just the getting dressed and getting out the door which is so hard every school morning,
especially on school picture days,....

But we rejoice,...last year Isaac couldn't say, "Cheese."
nor did he know what it meant,
this  year he does,
and progress, for us is never a yawn!

Until I post again...may God bless and keep you!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Other Brother,....

 Working and studying through his final semester of college Isaac's other brother Michael doesn't have as much time as big brother Teddy to hang out with his little buddy,...I.I.,...but this past weekend they got to spend some time together at a family reunion,...waaaaay in the woods of the Deep South,...and we're talking boondox waaaaay in the woods and up a mountain actually to a very small county community where my husband's family met for Dinner on the Grounds,...

Or actually dinner/lunch was inside a community building
 as it was rather cold and breezy on the mountain,
 but the original dinner site is still functional as Isaac knows, as he had fun playing on 
the very long dinner/lunch table,...along with some long-lost cousins, not pictured
as we didn't have the camera out at that time,
but it was fun to see Isaac interacting with others,...and especially one little girl
who INSISTED on trying to explain to Isaac how to play hide-and-seek,
to the confusion of each, they just played chase-tag instead,
that's Isaac's speciality,
and as usual most people assumed he is deaf,
sigh, have to explain,...but these folks were kin-of-sorts,
and quite taken with Isaac's sparkling charm,
and let's be clear,...Isaac sparkles,...when blessing was offered for the dinner/lunch
Isaac's voice piped loud and clear over everyone else's

With a child with special needs, is a concern how others will respond to your child,
and it really is a blessing to have such positive experiences such as Saturday,
because if I didn't know Isaac,...I would have probably assumed he's deaf too,
I mean the limited vocabulary and sign language,
but Isaac finds a way to communicate with others,
and not just us,
he truly was charming all those distant relatives,
all by his little self,
because Isaac is Isaac and what you get with Isaac is undiluted Isaac,
and that's an unforgettable experience!

No shock, we adore our little guy,...he's a hoot!

And it's funny that to Isaac there is no age difference between him and his big brothers,
aside from work and school, their sole function is clearly to hang out with him,
and supply popcorn!

It's safe to say,...Isaac's not ever in a shortage of his favorite snack!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Study Buddy,...

Surely every post-graduate student studying for a teacher's exam needs a little brother's help with all those -isms and -ologies,...and Isaac is happy to oblige,...while riding piggy-back,...of course.

My oldest son Teddy is the most patient person on the face of the earth,...and luckily is not easily distracted, he plods on with his work while Isaac lends a hand,...or feet, or both,...

Come on',...computers that can take selfies are too cool, and Isaac loves a selfie.

And big brother,...who helps teach I.I. sign language and works with his social skills.

And Isaac's a great student,...pestering brother while he studies is social,...right?

A happy dance,...or two adds to the quiet study atmosphere,
what else are little brother's for?

On a side note: any mother who sends her preschooler to preschool in a white tee-shirt
get what they deserve at the end of the day,
and I knew this when I dressed Isaac one morning in one of his new ISAAC shirts,
but one can hope for the best,
not that I didn't expect to pick Isaac up in a 
mud-ketchup-crayon-marker decorated shirt
by the end of the day,
But with Isaac you NEVER know what you are going to get,
and imagine my SHOCK when I picked up my pristine four year old after school
Not a smidgen on my little guy,
so news worthy I immediately took a picture, 
because I knew NO ONE would believe me otherwise,
but that's our I.I.,...he's full of surprises.

The newest surprise this week has been the 
standard preschool
Clean-up Song
"Clean up,...clean up,...everyone,...clean up!"
Isaac has been warbling this ditty as he happily picks up his toys,
or cleans up messes,
like big brother Teddy's jar of pens that went from the desk to floor.
No problem for Isaac or us,
we heard the crash, 
and then peek into the room, 
and Isaac was happily gathering the pens,
while singing.
We're not sure if the pens went on the floor on purpose or not,
just for the fun of picking them up in tune to that happy little song,
we wouldn't be surprised,
what else are little study buddies for? 


Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!