At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Monday, October 6, 2014

Other Brother,....

 Working and studying through his final semester of college Isaac's other brother Michael doesn't have as much time as big brother Teddy to hang out with his little buddy,...I.I.,...but this past weekend they got to spend some time together at a family reunion,...waaaaay in the woods of the Deep South,...and we're talking boondox waaaaay in the woods and up a mountain actually to a very small county community where my husband's family met for Dinner on the Grounds,...

Or actually dinner/lunch was inside a community building
 as it was rather cold and breezy on the mountain,
 but the original dinner site is still functional as Isaac knows, as he had fun playing on 
the very long dinner/lunch table,...along with some long-lost cousins, not pictured
as we didn't have the camera out at that time,
but it was fun to see Isaac interacting with others,...and especially one little girl
who INSISTED on trying to explain to Isaac how to play hide-and-seek,
to the confusion of each, they just played chase-tag instead,
that's Isaac's speciality,
and as usual most people assumed he is deaf,
sigh, have to explain,...but these folks were kin-of-sorts,
and quite taken with Isaac's sparkling charm,
and let's be clear,...Isaac sparkles,...when blessing was offered for the dinner/lunch
Isaac's voice piped loud and clear over everyone else's

With a child with special needs, is a concern how others will respond to your child,
and it really is a blessing to have such positive experiences such as Saturday,
because if I didn't know Isaac,...I would have probably assumed he's deaf too,
I mean the limited vocabulary and sign language,
but Isaac finds a way to communicate with others,
and not just us,
he truly was charming all those distant relatives,
all by his little self,
because Isaac is Isaac and what you get with Isaac is undiluted Isaac,
and that's an unforgettable experience!

No shock, we adore our little guy,...he's a hoot!

And it's funny that to Isaac there is no age difference between him and his big brothers,
aside from work and school, their sole function is clearly to hang out with him,
and supply popcorn!

It's safe to say,...Isaac's not ever in a shortage of his favorite snack!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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