At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Friday, October 10, 2014

School Pictures, Such A Yawn,...

 Needless to say getting up early for school is not Isaac's favorite activity,....he's not a morning person. Add having to get dressed special nice for school pictures,'s a yawn to him.

Worst part of school pictures is having to get your hair cut, traumatic/dramatic venture for all involved, Isaac DOES NOT LIKE having his hair cut,...and most of that is sensory which we try to minimize as much a possible,...and such makes the endeavor lengthy, three times as long as it would normally take to cut a preschooler's hair at home,...but we go slow and praise and praise and praise our brave little guy,...because he does tolerate getting his hair cut,...he does not like it,...and is quite vocal about his dislike,...but we always try to do a thorough job so the hair cut will last a nice long time,...for all concerned,...

Hair cut the night before,...getting up early for school,...and dressed like it's Sunday!

Life's tough!

But Isaac's cool,...he yawns and goes with it,...

And in the end Isaac ponies up a practice smile for the camera, "Chee-se!"

Haven't seen the real school pictures yet,...although Isaac's teacher assured me he did great!
And I don't doubt it,...once Isaac is awake,...he's AWAKE, and ready for fun. 
It's just the getting dressed and getting out the door which is so hard every school morning,
especially on school picture days,....

But we rejoice,...last year Isaac couldn't say, "Cheese."
nor did he know what it meant,
this  year he does,
and progress, for us is never a yawn!

Until I post again...may God bless and keep you!

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