At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Study Buddy,...

Surely every post-graduate student studying for a teacher's exam needs a little brother's help with all those -isms and -ologies,...and Isaac is happy to oblige,...while riding piggy-back,...of course.

My oldest son Teddy is the most patient person on the face of the earth,...and luckily is not easily distracted, he plods on with his work while Isaac lends a hand,...or feet, or both,...

Come on',...computers that can take selfies are too cool, and Isaac loves a selfie.

And big brother,...who helps teach I.I. sign language and works with his social skills.

And Isaac's a great student,...pestering brother while he studies is social,...right?

A happy dance,...or two adds to the quiet study atmosphere,
what else are little brother's for?

On a side note: any mother who sends her preschooler to preschool in a white tee-shirt
get what they deserve at the end of the day,
and I knew this when I dressed Isaac one morning in one of his new ISAAC shirts,
but one can hope for the best,
not that I didn't expect to pick Isaac up in a 
mud-ketchup-crayon-marker decorated shirt
by the end of the day,
But with Isaac you NEVER know what you are going to get,
and imagine my SHOCK when I picked up my pristine four year old after school
Not a smidgen on my little guy,
so news worthy I immediately took a picture, 
because I knew NO ONE would believe me otherwise,
but that's our I.I.,...he's full of surprises.

The newest surprise this week has been the 
standard preschool
Clean-up Song
"Clean up,...clean up,...everyone,...clean up!"
Isaac has been warbling this ditty as he happily picks up his toys,
or cleans up messes,
like big brother Teddy's jar of pens that went from the desk to floor.
No problem for Isaac or us,
we heard the crash, 
and then peek into the room, 
and Isaac was happily gathering the pens,
while singing.
We're not sure if the pens went on the floor on purpose or not,
just for the fun of picking them up in tune to that happy little song,
we wouldn't be surprised,
what else are little study buddies for? 


Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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