At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Old School, New School,..

Having 20th Century parents,...Isaac is exposed to old school learning such as coloring with crayons and having an art easel,...and of course the alphabet on our living room wall. 

But Isaac is a 21st Century kid,...and let's get real, plastic easels, in his book, are more for jungle-gym climbing than art,...and ho-hum coloring with crayons is no where as exciting as using a coloring app on his electronic tablet,...

So many instant options,...colors, patterns, and of course, endless coloring pages,...with animation to boot!

Those little fingers are very skillful tapping out his commands upon the screen,...

And while Isaac will quite often work alone upon his coloring pages,...he's very open to sharing the fun,...and no worries if you make a mistake upon the page,...because Isaac can and WILL fix the error with a swipe,..."All Better!" 

Coloring with crayons is not a favorite activity for Isaac,...we try, but a degree of Apraxia also affects Isaac's grasp which he has occupational therapy at school to help correct,...and that is fine and well, but as physical coloring has not been easy for Isaac, we've been delighted he's been able expand his creativity with the coloring apps even as we continue with (old school) coloring to strengthen his fingers.

Play-dough and kinetic sand are different stories,...Isaac LOVES to play with both, especially the kinetic sand, which is really very cool as it feels very silky and clumps together so obligingly well. 

Arts and crafts have not been a big draw for Isaac, yet,...we've tried various projects, but with not a lot of success,...there are sensory issued to deal with painting and gluing, and magic markers seem to be another ho-hum to Isaac, so far, but lately we have had success with little foam crafts from Sunday school at church. 

No surprise that Isaac is not able to complete his Sunday School crafts at church, too much going on, but his teachers always give us the craft-kit to take home,...and I keep them at my desk, and when Isaac visits with me, has worked very well to take out a kit,...and put together the Bible verse and illustration, which are usually pre-cut and sticker foam pieces,...very cute,...and very social as Isaac helps me take off the sticker-back and place all the components in place, I narrate the Bible story or attribute that the Bible verse encourages, Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread,...which was from our latest project. 

No doubt being a 21st Century kid, Isaac is going to prefer new school methods in this instant age we live in,...but as a 20th Century mother, I have hopes,...Isaac will be able to appreciate old school methods as well, there is much to say about the benefits of each to enrich our lives....

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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  1. 20th Century education is good too! Keep on what you're doing, mama! -Deborah


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