At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Friday, November 14, 2014

When We Don't Feel Well,...

Sniffles have arrived this fall,...and croup is making life difficult for our little guy as he hasn't felt well, although he's a LOT better now, or I wouldn't be on the computer,...because when we are four years old and don't feel well, and are non-functionally verbal,...we want to be held as we don't know why we don't feel well and we can't express,...exactly what hurts,...thus lots of guessing for us: head, throat, sinuses? Guess, guess, guess,...and we know when our little guy doesn't want popcorn or diet Coke,...he's SICK!!!

This is the most icky side of autism when you have a sick baby and limited communication,...
it is a very helpless feeling,...and not a test,...this is the real deal,

Lots of hugs, lots of kisses,...and tag-team holding our little guy to soothe.

Mama's here, Daddy's here, Teddy's here, and Michael too,
we can't make the boo-boos go away,...not quickly at any rate,
but we're here,...we hold, and hug, and soothe,
it's all we can do,...and thankfully by Isaac's reaction it seems enough.

IEP meeting was this week, 
and our little guy is making progress on his education goals,
and of course before Isaac's cold took hold,
he help us be good citizens,
only those voting ballots were soooooooooo complicated,
according to Isaac, who was not amused by how long it took to for us 
to fill in all those little circles.
However a giggling Isaac did like getting a sticker at the end.

School lunches are going VERY well,...
Isaac has been enjoying the variety ,
and his teachers have commented, with surprise, upon 
the variety of healthy foods,
Isaac will consume,
from legumes to turkey to apples to corn and peas,
and a corn-dog or two,
Isaac is at least eating his lunches,
and breakfast too,
Isaac LOVES oatmeal,
I make homemade instant oatmeal,
quick, easy and very cheap,
(There is a how-to on the sidebar pages)
Isaac eats it every day,
he likes it with sunflower seeds and raisins,
and I can make it the exact consistency which he'll tolerate,
like the three bears it has to be, "Just right!"

We're glad Isaac is feeling much better,
thankfully he's rarely sick,
and we're very thankful Isaac is at such a good preschool.
IEP: Individual Education Plan,
is a lot to take in,
so many people are working together to help our little guy
be the best he can be,
and learn all these essential skills.
We are eternally grateful. 

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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