At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Milestone passed last night,...and if I wasn't laughing so hilariously hard I would have utterly cried when Isaac said to me, "Silly Mama."

Silly? Me? You bet, it is THE best way to reach my little guy and help him engage when social engagements seem confusing or apraxia makes speech difficult, Isaac nailed it,...Mama's silly, and we were being very silly last night having a giggle-fest,...which means chase and tag and tickling and lots and lots of giggling.

But it was Isaac's use of an attribute which totally blew me away,...because it is his very first observation toward another's behavior. Mama was being silly, of course, Isaac was too, and we do try to narrate to Isaac,...state-of-being: 'sad'-'tired'-'sick'-'frustrated'- this one usually when Isaac has to have his hair brushed, and of course, 'happy'-'excited'-and 'SILLY' - no surprise there as most four year olds are habitually silly and Isaac is no exception.

The gist,...Isaac thinks I am silly,...of course I had an inkling he did, "Tickle, Mama," or "Giggle, Mama," are frequent requests as we do giggle, a lot, together. But the proof of progress is so heart warming as there are times when behavior norms seems stuck in static,...but lately Isaac's been trying to verbally communicate his impressions of the world within the means of his limited vocabulary, which means, at the moment, Isaac finds everything to be, "Cute!"

Inflection doesn't translate very well upon a digital page, but believe me, Isaac can inflect that little word, 'cute' into a thousand different ways,....and these days everything is CUte, or cute, or Cuuuute,...such as puppies, and trees, and pizzas,'s all soooooo cute!!!

Of course the cuteness factor of Isaac observing everything to be cute, high, and again so encouraging to see our little guy making verbal observations, because Isaac is a master at non-verbal communication and can communicate the majesty of an enormous pine tree just by his expression, and body language, aided by his tone and infection into the single word, "Tree!" - instantly you know Isaac thinks that is a BIG tree,...

"WOW," is another means of attribute Isaac has been utilizing appropriately to express his awe, such as over the holiday weekend his impression of a department store, toy department, "WOW!" "Look at THAT!" "WOW"

It is encouraging that these attributes seem to spring spontaneously from Isaac's impressions, is his thoughts,...and that might sound kinda like a 'duh' - but being on the spectrum seems to hampers Isaac's ability to express in his own creative voice, as Isaac routinely uses echolianian techniques, aka: verbatim dialog from animated movies,...and to give him his due Isaac uses snatches of dialog in a creative 'metaphor' manner to express what he wants to say,...such as when I was holiday cooking the other day and the kitchen smelled delicious,...Isaac couldn't tell me so,...instead he tugged my arm to get my attention,...deeply inhaled and said, with exact intonation from the movie Frozen, "Chocolaaaate!" - and no I wasn't cooking anything with chocolate, but I knew Isaac was trying to tell me the kitchen smelled YUMMY!

For us, there are still so many questions about how Isaac's development will play-out,...such as will we ever be able to have a conversation? Will Isaac ever be able to tell me, why he thinks I am so silly? Will he ever be able to verbally request that Mama make something, "Chocolaaaate!" Or tell me exactly what is so 'cute' about pizza,...I mean puppies and perhaps saplings are self-explanatory...but pizza, Isaac?

Still,...I never thought to hear Isaac use a personal attribute, "Silly Mama," - was sooooo appropriately used, we were both being very silly last night.

Being silly is one of Isaac's most favorite state of being in the world,...and as such being denoted as a Silly Mama has to be one of the highest compliments I've ever received in my life!

Until I post again,...May God bless and keep you!

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