At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Croup For Christmas

So far Isaac is 2-2 for Christmas Croup,...our sweet little guy had croup for Christmas last year as well,...but hopefully Isaac's icky cough will clear completely by Christmas Day as he is zooming around the house this morning,...perhaps not with his usual high-speed, super sonic energy, but with more zip than he's had for the past few days,...

No Santa Isaac pictures are being tolerated this year, he doesn't feel well,...two: he doesn't want his picture taken with a santa hat,...'Come on, Mama,...I am four',...says his expression,...but our little guy is sooooo cute when he puts on that santa hat while playing,...I can't help trying,...maybe better luck next year. 

Before Isaac's sniffles started he was able to help his big brother Michael celebrate earning a bachelor degree,...that's two older brothers out of college before Isaac even starts kindergarten!!!

We're so proud of Michael's achievement,...and we were THRILLED with Isaac's conduct during the lonnnnnnng graduation ceremony. Did Isaac sit still in his seat? Pleassssssse, what four year old does, much less one on the spectrum? But Isaac was very quiet and non distracting during the ceremony with his tablet, and he took lots of adventure walks around the stadium with big brother Teddy,...and never once seemed to mind the the huge crowds or noise until after the graduation, and it was kinda crazy with zillions of folks trying to find their graduates,...but Teddy was on hand to provide transportation assistance. 

After the graduation ceremony we had lunch at a popular restaurant, so popular our wait for a table was 45 minutes long, but again, Isaac was a doll,...and happily played around our outdoor waiting area, and once seated,...Isaac ate, and ate, and ate, and never once wiggled, even a bit,....

This is our second Christmas with Isaac's diagnoses,...and we are still finding that holidays are hard with Apraxia and Autism,....there is no way to sugar-coat the disconnect between Isaac's comprehension and traditional traditions,...which seem pretty meaningless from his reaction,...tree or no tree,...doesn't really make a difference,....packages with ribbons and bows and gift bags piled high, interest,...telling the Christmas story,....Isaac listens, which is NEW for this year, but no feedback,...and that is hard to wrap your heart and mind around,...but we love this little guy so much,...we try everything and anything to help him connect, the point of disconnecting ourselves from traditions 'we' think are important,...because Isaac has a gift of crystalizing everything into the most essential,...and decorations, and gifts, or holiday food,...isn't what Christmas is about,'s about celebrating God's gift,...Jesus Christ,...

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "The greatest gift is a portion of thyself' -- and Isaac has that sentiment nailed, 365 days of the year,...for our little guy is completely undiluted,...his affection and love is real and genuine,...and selflessly offered, "Hug" - says Isaac with a hug, "Kiss" says Isaac with a kiss, "Hi" says Isaac because he's so very glad to see you,....nothing is pat, nothing is rote, or merely form that polite society decrees,...every smile, every hug, every effort to communicate is a portion of our little guy,...and for us that is the greatest gift,...

Isaac likes birthday cakes,...and oh yes,...we'll be celebrating Jesus's birthday with a cake and candles, which no doubt Isaac will have fun blowing out,...but I also made these little ones for Isaac,....not that he'll eat them,...pleassse I know that's not happening,...but I made them to celebrate the holidays and so Isaac can have the fun of saying, 'birthday cake' - and perhaps he'll marvel that they are so teeny,...probably not, but that is not stopping us from trying,...again, and again, and again, to help our little guy find a deeper connection with the holiday season,...'cause Jesus is the reason for the season,...

Last year pix of Santa Isaac,...he's a year older now,...and has made sooooooo much progress verbally and socially,....and this year Isaac can say, "Merry Christmas," - or "Mer-ree Tmas" - although most of the time when I ask Isaac if he can say Merry Christmas,.....he merely answers, "Yes!"

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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