At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Friday, January 30, 2015

Not Done,...

Before Isaac arrived in our lives in 2010, I had already raised and homeschooled my two oldest sons, they were 18 and 21 years old when Isaac was born.

In fact when my former youngest, Michael graduated high school, my husband and I were doing High Fives, celebrating that we had successfully accomplished what we set out to do,...all the while as I counted on my fingers, months later,...I was unknowingly pregnant with Isaac at the time. When I say unknowing - I mean unknowing, really unknowing as I missed my entire first trimester as when you are 44 years old,...menopause not pregnancy is more on your mind, but I was preggers, and how, with Isaac,...

WOW, about irony, Mommyhood task was not done and with Isaac it's been a most different journey and not just because of his special needs, but as older parents we have perspectives that younger parents have not experienced yet,...and that can be a two sided coin.

On one hand, I am nonplused when Isaac climbs waaaaaay up into the pantry to secure some non-authoriazed fruit snacks,...can't see in the pix, but our little guy is at least three feet off the floor and precariously balanced - it's just life with I.I. and we deal with it, appropriately.  On the other hand, having raised two sons, I am all too aware at times how delayed some of Isaac's development is, and that knowledge can sucker punch you at times. I'll be honest, when those blows come, usually unexpectedly it's hard to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and take a perspective break - to evaluate - exactly what is important. 

What is important is Isaac, and we are so grateful that despite his many challenges Isaac is healthy, happy and has the greatest sense of humor in the world, our little guy is aptly named, because we laugh a lot around here!!!

Speaking of laughter, excuse me for sounding doting but Isaac is soooooo cute - even when he's naughty - which is never malice or mean, it usually his strong will or consuming curiosity getting him in trouble, and at those times, it can be difficult to keep a straight face when discipline is warranted. 

For discipline we start with a warning - making sure to make eye contact for full comprehension, or as full as Isaac can comprehend - Second warning is a little sterner voiced, and there is no third warning - as timeout - in timeout are the consequences - and usually most effective as Isaac is always sooooo "Sor."- sorry. After a minute or two, we count to ten, and try to talk about the reasonableness of rules, how they keep us safe and how EVERYONE has to follow rules, much Isaac takes in? I have no idea, but consistency is key and we keep spilling the spill as the occasion warrants with some success - I think.

Or rather, this past week Isaac tattled on himself. He came to me with a woebegone little face, and signed and said, "Sor." - sorry. Then he pointed to a stool and said, "Sit." - and he sat for a moment or two in an attitude of dejection, melodramatic enough for me not to worry as I was biting my inner lip to keep from laughing. After a couple of seconds, as Isaac's self-imposed timeout is seconds not minutes, his face brightened, he counted to ten, and gave me a huge hug saying, "That's better!"

Yeah, I guess so,...only I have no idea what Isaac was 'Sor' for,...oh dear, perhaps I find out, or perhaps not, forgiven is forgotten in our home. 

Not done with motherhood means adventures every day with Isaac,...let life not be dull,...even while buying groceries!!!!

Being an older parent means staying healthy is even more important than ever as we have Isaac to keep up with,...a task that would daunt an even much younger parent, Isaac's big brothers can testify!!!

Last year was not the best year - health-wise - for me, and as a caretaker of a special needs child, which adds on to the already encompassing duties and tasks of just parenting, it's a rough row to hoe when you are not feeling well. Throw in a little sleep deprivation, and allergies and asthma, not to mention stress, and it's time to get serious about simplifying our lifestyle. Thus the uber-organized closet bins to keep out dust, as we have all of our clothes in our garage/laundry room. 

Keeping dust at bay is the purpose of the bins, that everything is organized is a bonus, as is the fact that Isaac adores the signage,...and we can throw a little therapy into our laundry tasks.

On the sleep issue, Isaac's sleep issues have greatly improved meaning EVERYONE is getting more sleep, which has been really helpful to my recovery - six months of asthma and sinus nonsense - will motivate anyone to take drastic measures. Our house has been decluttered, pictures off the walls, mini-blinds - goodbye - also cleaning chemicals. 

Cleaning without chemicals? Hello, I am from the 20th century where we were raised to clean, clean, clean and more chemicals the merrier. A steam cleaner, not the carpet kind, as we don't have carpets, but the blasting car detailing type of steam cleaner that sanitizes with hot steam has been a revelation as it not just cleans, but super cleans and sanitizes, and me and my lungs don't have to fear the fumes. Nor do I have to worry about Isaac and fumes, which was a huge concern before. 

Anyway so far, the decluttering and nixing chemicals, for us works: a healthier Mama and a healthier home can only be a good thing for our little guy - he needs both,...and we need him!

In 2010, Isaac was a most unexpected blessing and he's not done shaping our lives in the 21st century style,...bringing Mama and Daddy up to speed with technology and innovation,...and his own way of experiencing the world,...because Isaac experiences the world in a different way,...and he makes sure YOU do too!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!


  1. I enjoyed this post. I too have an Isaac who, like yours, was born in 2010. He was not unexpected, but he took a lot longer to conceive than I would have imagined. :) My Isaac is appropriately named (not just for the laughter part, but also due to the joy of finding out I was pregnant with him) and, like yours, is strong-willed, curious, comedic, melodramatic, a bit of a dare devil too. Unlike your Isaac, it is his older brother, Thomas, who has special needs (Sensory Processing Disorder, was speech delayed, possibly has Apraxia as well). I joke that it's a good thing Isaac is cute (both are, really) because boy, does he get into a lot of trouble! :)

  2. Stacey Nicole,...thanks for taking the time to comment,'s nice to know there are other Isaacs out there, and also others who are traveling down the same Sensory-Spectrum-Speech road, truly understand you have to live it, but thankfully the joys outweigh the challenges,...and my Isaac has taught me how to live in the moment, and appreciate each day,...Have a blessed day! :)


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