At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Monday, January 12, 2015

Update 2015

No pix on the blog today,...and indication of the craziness of our lives the past few weeks as we have been a very sick household over the holidays,...starting with Isaac's croup over Christmas and accumulating into bronchitis for my husband and myself as we spent NewYear's Eve at a very busy medical clinic waiting for a diagnosis, shots and meds,...which seemed a very apropos end to 2014, the past year was a very difficult one in regard to health and stressful life situations.

BUT,....2015 is here and we are recovering, husband has started a new job and Isaac is doing just fine and dandy as he enjoys life in his own matchless style....

No doubt we'll have lots of adventures during 2015 to record,...the first being Isaac's fifth birthday that is fast approaching.

Last night I asked Isaac if he wanted a birthday cake for his birthday,...he answered, "Yes." - and I think he understood what I was asking or at least I hope he did,...or rather I am going on the assumption that Isaac understood.

It's still mind-boggling not to know what your child comprehends, yet we're grateful for what verbal skills Isaac does possess as he is trying so hard to communicate with us within the confines of his limitations.

You know what Isaac is wanting to say,...Isaac knows what he is wanting to say,...but it is soooooo hard for him to form those motor pathways to get a coherent message out,....

Example: Isaac says, "Car." - "Door" - "Tablet" - frantically signing tablet, to indicate his iPad is in the car and he WANTS it,...instead of being able to say, "My iPad is in the car, and I want to play with it." - that's Apraxia with a twist of Autism and that's Isaac's reality for 2015, but our little guy is clearly up for the challenge.

Perhaps Isaac can't speak in a typical manner, but he CAN get his message across, and no doubt as Isaac matures his ability to communicate with whatever means he has available will become more sophisticated and probably be totally cool, 'cause that's the way Isaac rocks and rolls through life,......

Hopefully I can get some pictures of Isaac this week,...and post a real post,...but I didn't want to leave this blog lagging with the question mark of our absence,...we're good and Isaac's good,...and we hope everyone who is kind enough to log onto this site is good as well.

A little belated,...but HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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