At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Warming Up To Snow,...

Wednesday in our area the snow event was pretty much a non-event with just a dusting by night-fall, and while Isaac was interested in the sleet and flurries from the living room window,...he wasn't into going outside and actually 'touching' the freezing precipitation,...or at least not after the first finger-tip test,...

However overnight a snow storm,...snowed a couple inches of crystalized H20,...turning our neighborhood into a winter wonderland,....

And Isaac's reaction to the World of White?

"Nahhhhh,...I ain't interested."

Nevertheless,...Mamas can be a persistent breed and after breakfast I proceeded to deck out our reluctant little guy into 'snow-gear' - and clutching big brother's hand, and I do mean CLUTCHING,...Isaac's snow adventure began,...

True to form Isaac started out tentatively,...

Complained a bit,...or rather spoke his mind about the 'wet' and 'cold' and 'ick'

But not even Isaac's sensory issues were a match to the matchless appeal of a snowy front yard!!!

Notice,...hands are in 'sensory-mode' --- no touch, no touch, no touch,...

Mama was requested to SIT with Isaac on the snowy bench,...but if she did,...who would be recording the snow event for prosperity?

Big Brother, Michael instructed Isaac in the art of the perfect snowball,...

Our little guy was sooooo eager to try,....but the ick of snow on hands is about as bad as gloves or mittens on little hands,...a challenge!

"Want to build a snoooooow man?" 

"Frosty-man," Isaac christened the creation Mama and Michael made to our little guy's delight. 

No matter how little a snowman is, is still a snow man and charm a child,...

Happy memories made,...and sensory challenges - challenged,...'cause Isaac tries,....

Happy smiles,...that's what this Mama likes to see, took a while for Isaac to warm up to snow,...but it's safe to say he LOVED our snow adventure,...which makes the experience worthwhile!!!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Dreaming of Dehydrated Cookies

A preschooler's dream,...cookies for breakfast!!!!

Could such a dream ever come true?

Nahhh,...if it sounds too good to be true, probably is...

But not so fast,...dehydrated oatmeal cookies have become a reality in our lives and Isaac's breakfast, and lunch and dinner, and dessert and snacks,...he seriously LOVES these cookies,...

And I seriously LOVE how good they are for Isaac and how ridiculously easy they are to make with my new dehydrator,...which my guys gifted to me.

This is a serious - nine tray dehydrator with lots of room to make lots of cookies,...and we can't get over the fact these tasty cookies are as nutritious as a bowl of oatmeal and not loaded with sugar or fat.

The recipe is more a method than recipe, I was making things up as I went along,...but it's pretty fool proof as you can basically add whatever you want,...


Instant oatmeal,....I make ours from scratch,...also super easy.
Dried fruit, I've used raisins, dried cranberries and dried cherries.
pinch of salt
Dried sunflower seeds, or other nuts or seeds.
Butter or Margarine - totally optional, I use Healthy Balance spread, it has a fair amount of Vitamin A, and a healthy fats,...for an entire recipe, I use about a tablespoon or so. 
Cinnamon, nutmeg, Anise.
Splash Hot Water.

*The apples I rough chop in a food processor or blender, I've used both - you want grated apples, not puree. 

*To the apples, I add enough oatmeal for it to look like cookie dough,...if I have to guess off the top of my head, it's probably 2:1 ratio with twice as much oatmeal to apples. 

*Sweeten to taste,...I don't think I've used more than 1/2 cup of honey for a BIG batch,...the apples are sweet and the dehydrator is going to concentrate the flavors so less is more. 

*Add butter or margarine at this point, incorporating it into the dough. 

*Add dash of salt and spices to taste, the anise is totally optional, we just like the flavor in baked goods. Also add dried fruit and nuts at this point. 

*Splash enough hot water into mixture to form a sticky dough - there is no way to go wrong - if you add too much water, just add more oatmeal until it seems right. 

*Scoop dough onto parchment lined dehydrator sheets or use flex-platic sheets.

*Dehydrate between 125-135 degrees,...for about eight-twelve hours,...which for us is overnight, and the best method as Isaac has tried a time or two open the dehydrator to help himself to partially dried cookies!!!! 

Thankfully Isaac couldn't figure out how to lift off the door, which lifts not swings, totally wasn't expecting him to enjoy these cookies THAT much!!!

The possibilities of this method are endless,...and the results taste like regular cookies baked in an oven,...they are delicious!!! In fact my guys ate the first batch off the trays,...and I've had to double and triple this recipe to keep these little goodies in stock.

Sensory issues for Isaac are real and serious - he's not able at this time - to tolerate soft/gooey foods, and I have hopes of this dehydrator making 'crunchy-veggie' snacks an affordable reality, because crunchy-veggies are crazy expensive,...but super easy and super cheap to make a home,...with a dehydrator which really is a game changer.

As the dehydrator is not even been in the house a week, I haven't had time to do much more than keep making these cookies, but I can see some oatmeal-raisin-carrot cookies being dehydrated very soon,...anything and everything to keep our little guy healthy!!!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

Monday, February 16, 2015

I Was Only Angry For A Moment,...

 Knee-jerk reactions are a human failing,...and I admit I was ticked-off when I picked Isaac up from his Valentine Party at his preschool,...but I was only angry for a moment as Mr. Sunshine, i.e. Isaac helped me put everything into perspective before we got to the car.

What was my beef? Not the party,..from the crumb-icing plastered disaster of that table it looked like the kiddo-boos had a good time,...even Isaac's seemed like he had had a blasted, although his perfectly structured party-plate of goodies was THE only pristine plate on that table,...but Isaac NOT eating cake or candy or unfamiliar cookies is to be expected.

Nope, I got ticked off when it was time to go and Isaac went out of his way to say goodbye to one of his friends, which by the way is a HUGE deal for Isaac to say 'goodbye-by-name' - the child in question is a typical-peer model and the little guy was totally OK with Isaac's Apraxia garbled, "Bye (child's name)" - even as another typical peer (THE little mother of the entire class) ran to get Isaac's lunchbox for him, and do I dare say, straightened his coat, which was so cute, and I was so happy, but then I noticed the horrified look upon a Typical Peer's Mother's face,...the woman looked shell-shocked with an OH-NO-THESE-CHILDREN-REALLY-DO-HAVE-DISABILITIES expression, and that's when I got totally ticked, because HELLO what in the world does this woman expect? Of course these children have special needs, it's a SPECIAL NEED PRESCHOOL for crying out-loud!

Oh was I fuming as we went out the door, but like I said, I had Isaac skipping next to me, and it's extremely difficult to be put-out around Isaac,...he's so into the moment and at that moment he was deliriously happy to be holding Mama's hand,...what a little blessing my little guy is,...and what a blessing for him to be able to attend such a state-of-the-art preschool with such professional and caring teachers and aides,...and peer models,...because these kids LOVE Isaac,...he's their buddy and thankfully to them through the filter of childhood,...he's just ISAAC,...and Isaac is Isaac,...and Isaac means FUN!!!!

As for that typical peer mother,...obviously she had just had a sucker-punch of reality and I am willing to cut the woman some slack because she doesn't have Isaac to help her understand the finer-points of special needs. And until you actually live this life with a child with challenges, it is impossible to fully understand. There is no way I can throw stones, as I spent most of my adult life in unawareness, but now I know, and I also know that compassion works both ways.

After all we're both mothers with a lot of the same challenges of raising a preschooler, and some unique challenges as well, as that woman has to answer questions from her child about other children and their abilities and disabilities, that Isaac is not capable of asking yet. And I have Isaac and all his brilliancy to deal with,  with a side-helping of the major communication mumbo-jumbo that go along with Apraxia and Autism. Perhaps a little unbalanced responsibilities, but no doubt our plates are both full.

If Isaac was aware of the situation and could fully speak from his heart I think his message could be:

"It's OK, Lady... I am just a person."

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Coloring and Concepts

Motor processing is the essence of Apraxia,...Isaac knows how to speak and his pronunciation is not far off the mark, and truth be told his receptive vocabulary is probably off the charts,...but getting thoughts and ideas from his little brain to his vocal cords is a challenge when there is a disconnect in the motor processing process,...which sounds beyond frustrating if you want to say something, you know how to say it, but NOTHING comes out, or what does come out is garbled.

Thankfully Isaac is cool with it, such times, he inflects what words he can get out to ingenious levels, or his little fingers fly with sign language, or as a last resort, he'll drag you what he wants,...and patiently deal with YOUR inability to understand.

To a much lesser degree motor processing delays affect Isaac's fine motor skills, which means coloring is not easy for him, although occupational therapy is helping,...and as slooooow and a bit frustrating as coloring by hand can be,...there is nothing frustrating about using a coloring app on his iPad,'s a favorite occupation and a real outlet for his creativity.

Concepts can be either extremely difficult or extremely easy for Isaac, and it's always either or, the alphabet, he practically nailed it in a day,...upper case, lower case, sign language, in order, out of order and even backward. But take the concept of coloring, a room,...we call it painting,...but that makes no sense to Isaac...

Just yesterday Isaac and I had quite a debate while I was 'painting' a bedroom,...not about the room color, which Isaac happily informed, "It BLUE!" - as if I hadn't picked out the color and had been applying it to the walls. No it was the process. 

"Mama coloring," says Isaac, while I correct, "Mama's painting. This is called painting."

"Coloring," Isaac insists with all the condescension of an expert in the field, "Coloring blue."

"Painting. Mama's painting the room blue." 

"It BLUE!" Isaac happily agrees, and I am wise enough to let the matter go for the time being as the concept is close enough to what I was actually doing: coloring the walls with blue paint.

On a side note, I will mention that sensory issues have kept Isaac from under-foot during the painting process,...even though he was curious as all get-out to figure out what Mama was doing, but getting some paint on those little fingers was too much for him, "CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN!!!" - says Isaac in a frantic tone, and from then on out he's been content to watch my progress from the doorway!

Motor processing is a huge hiccup that our little guy has to deal with, but we take so much encouragement from the fact that Isaac is making strides in his development and understanding of concepts. No doubt, Isaac will one day understand that coloring and painting are similar, yet each has a distinct definition to its activity. He doesn't now, but that's OK,...there is always tomorrow. 

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you! 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

50 Reasons I am Glad I am 50

2015 is a significant year for us,...Isaac turned 5 years old, and this February I've turned 50,...a milestone that deserves its own post,...and thus I'd like to share 50 reasons why I am glad I am 50 years old.

  1. My Salvation, a woman of faith, my faith is very important to me,...paramount in fact!

    "For God so loved the world HE gave his only begotten Son, whosoever believes in him, should not perish, but have everlasting life." - John 3:16

  2. The LORD'S provision, ---- 2014 was a tough year for us and this verse rang true!

"...for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave nor forsake you."
 Deuteronomy 31:6 

  3. The JOY and PEACE, the LORD provides:

"...for the joy of the LORD is your strength."
      Nehemiah 8:10

 --- and --- 

"...and the peace of God that transcends all understanding will guard your heart and mind."
 - Philippians 4:7

  4. My husband Lynn,...30 years of marriage, 30 years of love and adventure with my soulmate!
  5. My Teddy - my first baby, my first son, he is aptly named: Theodore - "Gift of God!"
  6. My Michael - he will ALWAYS be my baby - even though he has grown into a fabulous man!
  7. My Isaac, my miracle, my blessing, my laughter, my joy, my heart - and it is so true:
     Isaac experiences the world in a different way and he makes sure YOU do too!
  8. My extended family, and blessings, my big brother's phone calls!!!
  9. My friends,...they add joy to the journey, person and on the net too!
10. My church family,...from praise and worship to service projects,...they are wonderful!
11. Highlands Haven's Special Needs Ministry: Church for us would not be possible without them!
12. The BIBLE,...God's love letter to us.
13. The USA,...still a free country!
14. My home,...older house, like me, getting vintage, but we have a HUGE yard for Isaac!
15. My garden,...anyone who gardens know the importance of this reason, 'cause any reason to
      garden is a good reason!
16.  My writing career,...I will be publishing my first novel,...THIS year!!!
17.  Technology, cool to be living in the 21st century.
18.  Being born in 1965, I can speak of the LAST Century with authority!
19.  Being half a century old,'s a blessing, not granted to everyone.
20.  Being able to have the maturity of experience,...the perspective helps when life is difficult. 
21.  Being able to blog,...such a blessing to share world-wide. 
22.  Being part of the Special Needs community,...for so much of my first 50 years, I wasn't aware
       of the needs,...until it touches your life,'s hard to see and know and understand, but now I do.
23.  Having grown-up sons,...who know how to fix things and like to shop, or at least shop with me!
24.  Having a preschooler,...not many 50 year olds out there still buying diapers for their own child!
25.  Having a steam cleaner,...crazy reason, but it took me 50 years to get one, and it's change my
       life and health,...NEVER has our house been so clean!!!
26.  Having a smartphone,'s a computer in my purse that makes telephone calls, can't get over it!
27.  Having the internet,...or this blog would not take place! 
28.  Kale,...I am dedicated to this green leafy vegetable,...
29.  Cherries,...when you are fifty years old you can't afford NOT to eat them!
30.  Birthday Cake,...this year I got THREE...from my three sons!!!

31. Rice cooker,...not just for rice,...I use mine nearly every day!
32. Electric kettle,...add water, flip switch, boiling water ready in minutes,...LOVE!
33. Search Engines like Google,...after fifty years I still have an inquiring mind, and its quicker than
      flipping through encyclopedia or hunting though reference books at the library!!!
34. Living with thoughtful people, 'just for you' are not a rarity in my life!

35.  A camera on my phone, else would I get so many good pix of Isaac like this!

 Isaac's fourth birthday

And this:

Isaac's fifth birthday

36. My Kindle, which means I have access to hundreds of books on my phone! Talk about miracles!
37. My Vitamix,...high speed blender make eating nutritiously easier!
38. Dark Chocolate,...need I say more?
39. My 40's are over, "Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah, Hey-Hey-Goodbye!" -it was a tough decade!
40. My gray hair: it is closer to true gray than salt and pepper, which is fine by me, I was never
      into streaking my hair,...which is un-dyed, my choice, it's simple, and easy and me,....and my 
      husband likes it,...and he's the only one that really matters,...
41. Confidence that maturity gives like a gift, is easy to tell people how you REALLY feel!

42. Red boots,...I save coins from the laundry for three years to be able to make a splurge purchase
      on my 50th birthday,...and I chose to order a pair of red boots for my half century mark,...but
      never fear,...they ain't over the top, fire-engine red stilettos, I have Isaac to chase, so I picked a
      pair of teeth-chattering expensive hiking boots in a deep burgundy red, was a fun experience
      and took a lot of the 'oh-no-I am-turing-the big-Five-O' out of the anticipation, me, anyone
      in their 40's looking at 50 with trepidation,...instead of a midlife crisis,....get some red boots!
43. Hiking,...hey I've got to have somewhere to wear my red boots,...and thankfully Isaac's awareness of security and the ability to obey and stay close (HUGE CONCERNS) has improved enough we will be enjoying the great outdoors with our little guy, and big guys too,...this was something we didn't think we'd get to do,...just two short years ago,...but we can,...and no doubt, I'll be posting!
44. Discounts and Perks,...are only a couple years away: hey, a bargain is a bargain!
45. My husband's attitude,...he says we are not growing old,...we are merely growing older. 
46. Growing older with the love of my life,...isn't that every woman's dream? 
47. Learning,...the ability to grow your mind through knowledge is not hampered by age,..and there is so much yet to see and do and learn and know and experience,...with Isaac in tow, it will be 
      extra interesting and extra special,....because life with Isaac is truly OFF ROAD ADVENTURES!
48. Being comfortable in your skin,'s easier to do at 50 than 30
49. Today, is the only day that matters, being fifty magnifies this truth - because you don't 
      have time to waste - cherish each day.
50. Serendipity: my guys took me out to dinner to celebrate my 50th birthday,...the restaurant was
      uber-crowded and we had to wait,...our table number number was 50,....come on,...that couldn't
      have been a total coincidence, was just too cool, being 50 years old,...half a century!

So I barely scratch the surface with my 50 Reasons I am Glad I am 50,...but what really matters is that I really am glad to have reached the half century mark,...especially when my writing this post is interrupted with a flower delivery from my husband,...he is THE man,...I am so blessed to have him in my life, and Isaac is THRILLED with the balloon,..."There it is,...balloon" says Isaac while I tear-up because my little guy is making such verbal progress,...

Does Isaac know it's my birthday? Not really,...I asked him this morning if he could say, "Happy Birthday," - a grumpy Isaac replied, "I CAN'T!" - and I knew better than to press,...after school, Isaac echoed, "Happy birthDAY" - and hummed a little of the birthday song,...but our little guy doesn't 'get' birthdays yet, but that's OK,...we've got a new decade to watch for those miracles and I still got after-school hugs and kisses,...and that's more than enough, my reasons testify: 

I am a blessed woman.

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Crying With My Son

Yesterday the airport parking deck was murkily dark, dank with fumes and utter chaotic with cars zooming through the darken lanes, people frantically rushing to and fro from the rent-a-center kiosk, the only well lit place in the unspeakable labyrinth, which had Isaac thrown into a total sensory-overload panic,...which wasn't helped by the fact Daddy and Teddy had disappeared among the dimly lit sea of cars to pick up rented vans.

It was an unavoidable situation, being stuck in the car, in the parking deck,...waiting for the kiosk computer to pull up whatever authorization forms had to be pulled up for those vans. Result? Isaac cried, inconsolably for he refused my iPhone (a rare treat) as his misery was too great, and I knew none of my soothing words or explanations were being heard or heeded,...and who to blame?

Autism or Apraxia, I didn't really care, little one was terrified,...he didn't understand the situation, and couldn't stop crying,...not even in my arms,...thus I cried too,...not in despair, for I knew the situation would resolve, sooner or later and we'd be free from the under-ground world of that surreal parking deck,...but in solidarity with my son,...

In that time and place, I had nothing else to offer but hugs and kisses and tears,...he was hurting and so was I,...helpless to communicate with my little one,...although the hugs seem to help notch the tears down to a sniffle.

Yesterday was not the first time I've cried with Isaac, because I had utterly nothing more to offer than the sympathy of my tears,...if you hurt, I hurt,...and I trust it won't be the last time,...but for those situations the expression of love seems the right solution:

"There is no fear in love, but perfect love drives out fear,..." - 1John 4:18

Also the two sides of Romans 12:15:

"Rejoice with those who rejoice: mourn with those who mourn."

Thankfully with Isaac mourning is rare, very rare, so much so it inspires a blog post, while rejoicing, gets the lion share of blog posts, for it is an every day occurrence,...usually from sun-up to sun-down,...and quite a while after for I.I. is still a night owl,...but that's OK,...he's our sunshine,...night and day!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Feedback Loop or Love?

More than once, I have written about the unique bond that Isaac shares with his big brother Teddy. 

Whenever you see Teddy, Isaac is near,...if not attached to big brother is some way,...because were Teddy is, where the fun is,...and learning too, as Isaac responds to his big brother's gentle instruction with the eagerness of a puppy, which is super helpful as Teddy is in the process of teaching Isaac his numbers from 1-100,...and of course I.I. has most of them already mastered. 

But sadly for Isaac,...big brother's actually have to go to work, and don't tell Isaac this, but have a life outside of his little realm, oh dear,...what to do when Teddy's not around?

Look for him,...and through the empty house you'll hear a little voice calling, "Teddy,...Teddy,....TEDDY!!!"

"Teddy's at work, Buddy," says Mama,...and sometimes it filters through to Isaac, but sometimes it doesn't and I get soulful little eyes staring at me as he demands, "Where Teddy?"

That's when patience comes into play, because either Apraxia or Autism causes our little guy to get stuck in a feed-back loop, and nothing registers, but, "Where Teddy,...Where Teddy,...Where Teddy," - and sometimes for good measure, "Where Daddy," and even "Where Michael," but Teddy gets the lion's share of such questioning.

In such times, distraction helps, and actually we're thrilled that Isaac can now distinguish when someone is apart from him. For so long, didn't seem to matter either way,...and that's a little hard to take,...especially since Isaac seems to have sensory issues with the telephone: i.e. he doesn't like to talk on one. He REALLY doesn't like to talk on a telephone, on one, oh yeah, all day long, but talk to someone, even Teddy,...naaaaah, ain't happening.

Until yesterday when our red, kitchen step stool broke.

Isaac was sad, he told me, "I sad, it broken."

Then feedback loop, "It broken, broken, broken."

"The steps are jammed, I.I.,'s OK," says I putting the stool on our deck, which was the WRONG thing to do, Isaac got even more upset,...he started to cry, "It broken, broken," - while I tried to reassure, it was OK, and we'd fix it, but no dice for Isaac,...he was soooooo sad,...and then the telephone rings.

It was Teddy!

Desperate, I appraised my eldest son of the situation and begged, "Talk to Isaac,...tell him you'll fix it when you get home."

Teddy did, and miracle of miracles,...Isaac actually listened to Teddy on the telephone and calmed down so much so that the broken stool was forgotten. YEAH!!!

Or so I thought, hour or so later the phone rings again, it's my former youngest son, Michael, and he's telling me about his day and we're chatting when Isaac runs up, "TEDDY, TEDDY, TEDDY!!!"

"No Buddy it's Michael," and I let Isaac have the receiver to talk to Michael, but Isaac isn't having any of it, "TEDDY,...Where Teddy?"

Thankfully Michael was a sport about being so shunned,...'cause actually it was kinda cute, or it was at the time. But Isaac got upset, and he WANTED TEDDY and kept bringing me the telephone, "Where Teddy."

"Teddy's at work, I.I." I tried to explain, but anyone who's tried to explain anything to a child on the spectrum, knows exactly what type pickle I was in, Isaac wanted Teddy,...and that was all there was to it,...those soulful eyes were begging me, "DO SOMETHING MAMA!!!" - all I could do was text Teddy to call home, if he got a chance,...and for good measure I called my husband on my cell phone to see if talking to Daddy would be a good substitute.

Uh-uh,...that wasn't a good idea,...Isaac wasn't amused to hear Daddy's voice, but at that moment the house telephone rings,....Teddy to the rescue,...and the situation was nuts because I am on both phones, until Isaac grabbed the house phone and his little face broke into a sunshine smile, and he says, "AY U, (love you) Teddy" - and that's all Isaac wanted to say, before he handed me back the telephone and happily skipped off to find a new adventure,...while I was left standing there with two telephones simultaneously explaining to my husband and Teddy what just occurred.

Can Isaac functional speak with fluency? No my youngest son cannot, but Isaac can go out of his way to show love to another human being,...and that is a very beautiful thing. 

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Nearly Square

When you are five years old and 45 inches high and weigh in at 46 lbs, are not only nearly square, but you are in the 75% percentile for your age on the growth chart,...

Thankfully Isaac has been very healthy and doctor visits are rare, aside from developmental therapies: speech and behavioral,...but a lot of those therapies are PLAYTIME,...or rather play with a purpose as Isaac is being evaluated and trained with behavioral cues and speech therapy. In other words, NO SHOTS, no exams, and no long waits in a waiting room,....

Isaac's five year old check-up was a three hour visit!!!!

Less than charming staff as well,...the doctor is very nice, but the STAFF!!!

Let's just say it is a good thing my husband got called into work as steam was coming out of his ears,
and I wasn't exactly pleased with the impersonal and dare I say inconsiderate and unprofessional way our little guy was treated. Even after we gave the staff a heads up about our son being on the spectrum, the care was still callous, so much so, I didn't feel a complaint would even register, 'cause these folks, simply do not care,....and yes, Isaac will be getting a new pediatrician, soon. 

Oh dear, what a morning - we spent,...mostly waiting,....

And waiting,...

More waiting,...

Thankfully Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was on a wall-mounted television in the waiting room, and Isaac actually did very well with the tedious waiting, even though he wanted 'outta-there' - he was very big, and very brave, and very cooperative during his exam. NO ONE likes lab work, and NO ONE likes shots,...but the deed is done, blue sheet obtained, as that blue vaccination sheet is VERY important for preschool and other programs,...


It's hard not to wish the experience had been better for our little guy, could have been soooo easily with a little professionalism and compassion,...and dare I say common sense,...exactly how still do you think any child on the spectrum is going to be with a blood pressure cuff on their little arm? It ain't happening ladies,...and it's NOT the child's fault,...oooooooh just let me vent a moment,...or no I am not venting anymore than I already have,'s done,...and Isaac is home and happy and healthy,...he's in the 75th percentile, is nearly square, and exhibited great patience or at least forbearing in the waiting room with a little help from Mickey Mouse. 

And hey another brag on Mr. Isaac,...he kept his bandaid on,...that's a HUGE sensory feat,....and he did brighten the morning for two little girls in the waiting room,...they LOVED Isaac and followed his every move and Isaac played very carefully with his little friends,...cause they were 'babies' and he's a big boy,...and that's a happy note to end upon.

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!