At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Friday, February 13, 2015

Coloring and Concepts

Motor processing is the essence of Apraxia,...Isaac knows how to speak and his pronunciation is not far off the mark, and truth be told his receptive vocabulary is probably off the charts,...but getting thoughts and ideas from his little brain to his vocal cords is a challenge when there is a disconnect in the motor processing process,...which sounds beyond frustrating if you want to say something, you know how to say it, but NOTHING comes out, or what does come out is garbled.

Thankfully Isaac is cool with it, such times, he inflects what words he can get out to ingenious levels, or his little fingers fly with sign language, or as a last resort, he'll drag you what he wants,...and patiently deal with YOUR inability to understand.

To a much lesser degree motor processing delays affect Isaac's fine motor skills, which means coloring is not easy for him, although occupational therapy is helping,...and as slooooow and a bit frustrating as coloring by hand can be,...there is nothing frustrating about using a coloring app on his iPad,'s a favorite occupation and a real outlet for his creativity.

Concepts can be either extremely difficult or extremely easy for Isaac, and it's always either or, the alphabet, he practically nailed it in a day,...upper case, lower case, sign language, in order, out of order and even backward. But take the concept of coloring, a room,...we call it painting,...but that makes no sense to Isaac...

Just yesterday Isaac and I had quite a debate while I was 'painting' a bedroom,...not about the room color, which Isaac happily informed, "It BLUE!" - as if I hadn't picked out the color and had been applying it to the walls. No it was the process. 

"Mama coloring," says Isaac, while I correct, "Mama's painting. This is called painting."

"Coloring," Isaac insists with all the condescension of an expert in the field, "Coloring blue."

"Painting. Mama's painting the room blue." 

"It BLUE!" Isaac happily agrees, and I am wise enough to let the matter go for the time being as the concept is close enough to what I was actually doing: coloring the walls with blue paint.

On a side note, I will mention that sensory issues have kept Isaac from under-foot during the painting process,...even though he was curious as all get-out to figure out what Mama was doing, but getting some paint on those little fingers was too much for him, "CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN!!!" - says Isaac in a frantic tone, and from then on out he's been content to watch my progress from the doorway!

Motor processing is a huge hiccup that our little guy has to deal with, but we take so much encouragement from the fact that Isaac is making strides in his development and understanding of concepts. No doubt, Isaac will one day understand that coloring and painting are similar, yet each has a distinct definition to its activity. He doesn't now, but that's OK,...there is always tomorrow. 

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you! 

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