At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Friday, February 6, 2015

Feedback Loop or Love?

More than once, I have written about the unique bond that Isaac shares with his big brother Teddy. 

Whenever you see Teddy, Isaac is near,...if not attached to big brother is some way,...because were Teddy is, where the fun is,...and learning too, as Isaac responds to his big brother's gentle instruction with the eagerness of a puppy, which is super helpful as Teddy is in the process of teaching Isaac his numbers from 1-100,...and of course I.I. has most of them already mastered. 

But sadly for Isaac,...big brother's actually have to go to work, and don't tell Isaac this, but have a life outside of his little realm, oh dear,...what to do when Teddy's not around?

Look for him,...and through the empty house you'll hear a little voice calling, "Teddy,...Teddy,....TEDDY!!!"

"Teddy's at work, Buddy," says Mama,...and sometimes it filters through to Isaac, but sometimes it doesn't and I get soulful little eyes staring at me as he demands, "Where Teddy?"

That's when patience comes into play, because either Apraxia or Autism causes our little guy to get stuck in a feed-back loop, and nothing registers, but, "Where Teddy,...Where Teddy,...Where Teddy," - and sometimes for good measure, "Where Daddy," and even "Where Michael," but Teddy gets the lion's share of such questioning.

In such times, distraction helps, and actually we're thrilled that Isaac can now distinguish when someone is apart from him. For so long, didn't seem to matter either way,...and that's a little hard to take,...especially since Isaac seems to have sensory issues with the telephone: i.e. he doesn't like to talk on one. He REALLY doesn't like to talk on a telephone, on one, oh yeah, all day long, but talk to someone, even Teddy,...naaaaah, ain't happening.

Until yesterday when our red, kitchen step stool broke.

Isaac was sad, he told me, "I sad, it broken."

Then feedback loop, "It broken, broken, broken."

"The steps are jammed, I.I.,'s OK," says I putting the stool on our deck, which was the WRONG thing to do, Isaac got even more upset,...he started to cry, "It broken, broken," - while I tried to reassure, it was OK, and we'd fix it, but no dice for Isaac,...he was soooooo sad,...and then the telephone rings.

It was Teddy!

Desperate, I appraised my eldest son of the situation and begged, "Talk to Isaac,...tell him you'll fix it when you get home."

Teddy did, and miracle of miracles,...Isaac actually listened to Teddy on the telephone and calmed down so much so that the broken stool was forgotten. YEAH!!!

Or so I thought, hour or so later the phone rings again, it's my former youngest son, Michael, and he's telling me about his day and we're chatting when Isaac runs up, "TEDDY, TEDDY, TEDDY!!!"

"No Buddy it's Michael," and I let Isaac have the receiver to talk to Michael, but Isaac isn't having any of it, "TEDDY,...Where Teddy?"

Thankfully Michael was a sport about being so shunned,...'cause actually it was kinda cute, or it was at the time. But Isaac got upset, and he WANTED TEDDY and kept bringing me the telephone, "Where Teddy."

"Teddy's at work, I.I." I tried to explain, but anyone who's tried to explain anything to a child on the spectrum, knows exactly what type pickle I was in, Isaac wanted Teddy,...and that was all there was to it,...those soulful eyes were begging me, "DO SOMETHING MAMA!!!" - all I could do was text Teddy to call home, if he got a chance,...and for good measure I called my husband on my cell phone to see if talking to Daddy would be a good substitute.

Uh-uh,...that wasn't a good idea,...Isaac wasn't amused to hear Daddy's voice, but at that moment the house telephone rings,....Teddy to the rescue,...and the situation was nuts because I am on both phones, until Isaac grabbed the house phone and his little face broke into a sunshine smile, and he says, "AY U, (love you) Teddy" - and that's all Isaac wanted to say, before he handed me back the telephone and happily skipped off to find a new adventure,...while I was left standing there with two telephones simultaneously explaining to my husband and Teddy what just occurred.

Can Isaac functional speak with fluency? No my youngest son cannot, but Isaac can go out of his way to show love to another human being,...and that is a very beautiful thing. 

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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