At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Monday, February 16, 2015

I Was Only Angry For A Moment,...

 Knee-jerk reactions are a human failing,...and I admit I was ticked-off when I picked Isaac up from his Valentine Party at his preschool,...but I was only angry for a moment as Mr. Sunshine, i.e. Isaac helped me put everything into perspective before we got to the car.

What was my beef? Not the party,..from the crumb-icing plastered disaster of that table it looked like the kiddo-boos had a good time,...even Isaac's seemed like he had had a blasted, although his perfectly structured party-plate of goodies was THE only pristine plate on that table,...but Isaac NOT eating cake or candy or unfamiliar cookies is to be expected.

Nope, I got ticked off when it was time to go and Isaac went out of his way to say goodbye to one of his friends, which by the way is a HUGE deal for Isaac to say 'goodbye-by-name' - the child in question is a typical-peer model and the little guy was totally OK with Isaac's Apraxia garbled, "Bye (child's name)" - even as another typical peer (THE little mother of the entire class) ran to get Isaac's lunchbox for him, and do I dare say, straightened his coat, which was so cute, and I was so happy, but then I noticed the horrified look upon a Typical Peer's Mother's face,...the woman looked shell-shocked with an OH-NO-THESE-CHILDREN-REALLY-DO-HAVE-DISABILITIES expression, and that's when I got totally ticked, because HELLO what in the world does this woman expect? Of course these children have special needs, it's a SPECIAL NEED PRESCHOOL for crying out-loud!

Oh was I fuming as we went out the door, but like I said, I had Isaac skipping next to me, and it's extremely difficult to be put-out around Isaac,...he's so into the moment and at that moment he was deliriously happy to be holding Mama's hand,...what a little blessing my little guy is,...and what a blessing for him to be able to attend such a state-of-the-art preschool with such professional and caring teachers and aides,...and peer models,...because these kids LOVE Isaac,...he's their buddy and thankfully to them through the filter of childhood,...he's just ISAAC,...and Isaac is Isaac,...and Isaac means FUN!!!!

As for that typical peer mother,...obviously she had just had a sucker-punch of reality and I am willing to cut the woman some slack because she doesn't have Isaac to help her understand the finer-points of special needs. And until you actually live this life with a child with challenges, it is impossible to fully understand. There is no way I can throw stones, as I spent most of my adult life in unawareness, but now I know, and I also know that compassion works both ways.

After all we're both mothers with a lot of the same challenges of raising a preschooler, and some unique challenges as well, as that woman has to answer questions from her child about other children and their abilities and disabilities, that Isaac is not capable of asking yet. And I have Isaac and all his brilliancy to deal with,  with a side-helping of the major communication mumbo-jumbo that go along with Apraxia and Autism. Perhaps a little unbalanced responsibilities, but no doubt our plates are both full.

If Isaac was aware of the situation and could fully speak from his heart I think his message could be:

"It's OK, Lady... I am just a person."

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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  1. Isaac is a fun person to be around. I hope it lasts.


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