At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Monday, February 2, 2015

Nearly Square

When you are five years old and 45 inches high and weigh in at 46 lbs, are not only nearly square, but you are in the 75% percentile for your age on the growth chart,...

Thankfully Isaac has been very healthy and doctor visits are rare, aside from developmental therapies: speech and behavioral,...but a lot of those therapies are PLAYTIME,...or rather play with a purpose as Isaac is being evaluated and trained with behavioral cues and speech therapy. In other words, NO SHOTS, no exams, and no long waits in a waiting room,....

Isaac's five year old check-up was a three hour visit!!!!

Less than charming staff as well,...the doctor is very nice, but the STAFF!!!

Let's just say it is a good thing my husband got called into work as steam was coming out of his ears,
and I wasn't exactly pleased with the impersonal and dare I say inconsiderate and unprofessional way our little guy was treated. Even after we gave the staff a heads up about our son being on the spectrum, the care was still callous, so much so, I didn't feel a complaint would even register, 'cause these folks, simply do not care,....and yes, Isaac will be getting a new pediatrician, soon. 

Oh dear, what a morning - we spent,...mostly waiting,....

And waiting,...

More waiting,...

Thankfully Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was on a wall-mounted television in the waiting room, and Isaac actually did very well with the tedious waiting, even though he wanted 'outta-there' - he was very big, and very brave, and very cooperative during his exam. NO ONE likes lab work, and NO ONE likes shots,...but the deed is done, blue sheet obtained, as that blue vaccination sheet is VERY important for preschool and other programs,...


It's hard not to wish the experience had been better for our little guy, could have been soooo easily with a little professionalism and compassion,...and dare I say common sense,...exactly how still do you think any child on the spectrum is going to be with a blood pressure cuff on their little arm? It ain't happening ladies,...and it's NOT the child's fault,...oooooooh just let me vent a moment,...or no I am not venting anymore than I already have,'s done,...and Isaac is home and happy and healthy,...he's in the 75th percentile, is nearly square, and exhibited great patience or at least forbearing in the waiting room with a little help from Mickey Mouse. 

And hey another brag on Mr. Isaac,...he kept his bandaid on,...that's a HUGE sensory feat,....and he did brighten the morning for two little girls in the waiting room,...they LOVED Isaac and followed his every move and Isaac played very carefully with his little friends,...cause they were 'babies' and he's a big boy,...and that's a happy note to end upon.

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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