At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Vacationing Thru Disasters,...

Plumbing woes? 

Major water damage? 

No problem,..

At least not for Isaac,...he'll just go on vacation, thank you very much.

A clogged pipe in our water system created chaos in our basement,
our floors have been ripped up, and a good portion of the walls too.
Clean up was extensive, and we spent some time in a local hotel.

Isaac was thrilled!!!!

Thankfully we had a large suite on the ground floor.
Always we request a ground floor room, as keeping our little guy still is not an option.
Usually hotels are very accommodating, especially when we indicate special needs,
which we are not shy about doing, our little guy's needs are not typical. 

Kinetic sand in a tub provided HOURS of entertainment!!!!

Free breakfast was fine with Isaac,...he learned he likes bagels, but not poppy seeds!!!

Eating out went smooth as we chose kid-friendly restaurants, 
except one night,...sigh, and learn. 

However Isaac's first viewing of a live-action movie went 
Cinderella was a huge hit with Isaac,
and his behavior and response was so wonderful,
I was sobbing in the lobby afterwards.
Couldn't help it!

Isaac sat still,
didn't talk much,
and only got up once,
and that was when
 Prince Charming was going to put the glass slipper on Cinderella.
At that point, 
Isaac took off his own shoe,
and took it to his Daddy to put on

Afterwards in the lobby,
Isaac took my hand and wanted to ballroom dance with me.
We danced, and I sobbed, happy, so very, very happy!

Hanging out with big brother was a given at the hotel.

We're home now, fixed, restoration in process,
not many transition blimps from Isaac, 
he truly thought we were on vacation,
although, his teachers and I, were on high alert,
for adjustment, adjustments to our new situation, 
but aside from maybe being a little clingy toward Mama,
like let's not let her out of our sight,
Isaac did great!

Disaster strikes,...Isaac's solution,...go on vacation.

Most important take-way is that thru the past couple weeks,
Isaac learned that home is not a house,
but home is wherever you are with your loved ones.

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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