At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Baseball Will Never Be The Same

Isaac's on deck with the Athletics Team for Miracle League Baseball,...last night was his first game.

Totally prepared and ready to play: hat, shirt, baseball pants, socks, non-cleat/like-cleat sneakers, and brand new glove!!!

"Me, Isaac," - says Isaac to introduce himself,
while Mama tries not to cry in the dugout,
so grateful for the strides our little guy has made,
and is making, he made new friends, last night. 

Observe Isaac in the outfield, pre-game,...
this is the only time, for the entire event, he was semi-still!!!!!

Miracle League is a special needs baseball organization,
with a special field, special rules - more on this later,
and lots and lots of volunteers,
who work tirelessly to make the miracle of baseball happen.

to every single person who supports the Miracle League,
through fundraisers and giving of yourself and your time.
We are so grateful.

Baseball players in the Miracle League are paired with a Buddy (volunteers)
who give whatever assistance is needed,
usually the Buddy system is one-on-one basis,
but Isaac turned out to be a 'special' - special needs child,
as it took THREE teen-age Buddies 
to keep up with him - barely - more on this in a sec.

First, Isaac is up to bat.

Our little guy chose the purple ball,...and gave it a good ol' swing.

Running to the bases was confusing to Isaac,
he didn't 'get' the game,
but fortunately the only rule in Miracle League seems to be
Let the kids have FUN!!!!
As long as everyone was being respectful and safe,
everything and anything goes,
Isaac LOVED it.
He didn't have to stand still.
Nor did he.

Criteria for Isaac's Buddies follows thus:

1. Are you in good shape?
              2. Are you wearing running shoes?
  3. Do you have fast reflexes.
                                              4. Can you run, at top speeds for 60 minutes straight?
                                   5. Can you handle adorably adorable cuteness?

Oh dear,...Isaac literally ran his Buddies ragged, to the point they were begging him to slow down.
Only our supersonic little guy has only two speeds: FAST and FASTER.
Of course, we did warn the youth that Isaac was fast and tireless,
and very, very bright.
At first they just smiled at us with an, "Oh sure," expression.
But, after forty-five minutes of nonstop running, 
and I do mean running like sprint speeds running,
one of the buddies,
said to me, "Ma'am,...I respect you!"

Respect works both ways,
I respect the fact those teenagers gave a Friday evening to the Miracle League,
and selflessly chased after our little guy,
who was having a BLAST,
and won every single race 
either by sheer speed, 
or guile.

Let's be clear,...our little guy is a smart cookie,
and he wanted to win every race around the field,
but he was out numbered by those teens.
What to do?
Try tactics, which Mama would have NEVER fell for,
such as hurling your baseball glove to the left,
with full expectations the Buddies are going to retrieve it,
and they did, all three,
while Isaac darted like a rocket to the right,
kicked it in and was nearly out of sight,
and out of the ball field too,
but Big Brother Teddy was guarding one gate,
while Mama and Daddy guarded the other.
We're not Rookies. 

Neither are the Buddies,
not after being initiated by Isaac into the wonders of Autism. 
But never fear,
the exhausted Buddies were having fun too.
They never did catch on to the bait and switch tactic,
Isaac's made a point of making sure his new friends were amused.
Lots of laughter,
and exclamations, "HE'S FUN!"

From others at the ball-field, the general consensus:
"He's soooooo CUTE!!!"

Dripping sweat, Isaac looked like he had played a double header by the time
the game was over,...

Our little guy learned how to shake hands after the game,

One game down,...the rest of the season to go.

Again, we are so grateful to organizations like the Miracle League,
which places recreation in the reach of special needs children,
they need fun too,
and a chance to just be children.

God bless and keep you!


  1. How wonderful! I wonder if our town has anything like that. My Thomas loves to hit the ball around in our yard, but would never play organized sports (the thought of people watching him scares him and makes him freeze up); this might be a good thing for him to try.

    Glad your Isaac had fun and glad to know such a great organization exists!

  2. The Miracle League Organization is nationwide, and see what you can find in your area,...our league has special needs players from 5 years old, to 65 years old,...Major and Minor leagues,...the little ones obviously play in the Minor League game,...the fee is reasonable, or I suspect would be wavered, I can't see this organization turing any child away, was a very warm and accepting atmosphere,...and most of all it was FUN,...everyone batting was cheered for by the entire crowd like they were Mickey Mantle, with the announcer making them all sound like superstars as he narrated their successes,...and EVERY bat was a success,...even when Isaac took ten minutes to finally take the time from racing around the outfield, to head to home plate,...the announcer cried, "Herrrrre's ISAAC coming in for a home run!!!....Sorry I am gushing, but I am so thrilled by how much Isaac loved it!


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