At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Thursday, April 9, 2015

New Traditions For Easter,...

Fifth Easter for Isaac,...our third Easter with an Autism diagnosis, which is a blessing, because it is so helpful to at least have an inkling why your child has such a different perspective on traditional holidays. 

Holidays are hard, there is not getting around this reality, it is supremely disappointing when you cannot share 'traditional-traditions' with your child, like coloring Easter eggs and hunting Easter eggs, but thankfully Isaac is Isaac, and he has a way of making his own traditions like his Resurrection Eggs.

Resurrection Eggs are plastic eggs filled with items that help to tell the Resurrection Story: a teeny-tiny donkey, a piece of cloth, dice, coins, a cross,...and one egg is empty to represent the risen Savior's empty tomb. 

It's been a year since I've taken the purple carton out of the closet, but Isaac immediately remembered EVERY SINGLE ITEM,...that was discovered and discussed last year. And again, we discovered and discussed the Easter Story, to his level, of course,...and Isaac was much more engaged in our activity, that was VERY encouraging.

Pix for prosperity not so much fun as Resurrection Eggs.

To get what pix are posted,...this Mama took over 200 photos,...
with a high speed camera, of course. 

Yes, lots of pictures, but I wanted to capture that sunshine smile,...

After church,...playing on the boulders, or "Rock" as Isaac says, is a tradition. 

So is Daddy being nearby,...

Our little guy is fearless and FAST,...

But also intensely curious,...

Isaac notices,...minute details

Very important to figure it out,...

This year we didn't bother coloring eggs, although I did purchase dye cups,
ONLY Isaac was more interested the colored 'cups' than dying eggs, 
so we rolled with his preference.
Mama's learning,
If our little guy doesn't color eggs, the world is not going to collapse,
Isaac was happy with little pail and plastic eggs with toy prizes.
No candy, Isaac doesn't eat candy,
he'd rather have popcorn and steak - more on that later.

We didn't hunt eggs either,
Isaac doesn't 'get' hunting eggs,
any more than he 'get's coloring eggs,
and again,'s not the end of the world.

After all the Easter Bunny, is not what Easter is truly about,
at least not for people of faith,
and Isaac did 'get' the Resurrection Eggs,
so maybe our little guy's different perspective is the right perspective,
and we'll take that any day over Peter Cotton Tail.  

Here is Isaac's version of taking a pretend picture and saying, 'Cheese'  -
and I confess, Mama pushed the photo opts, a tad, too much, 
Isaac was done, I knew Isaac was done, and should have put the camera away,
but come on, it's such a beautiful afternoon, and Isaac was being so cute, 
I couldn't resist encouraging, "Cheese," for just a few more pix,
and I am not the only one,
Daddy got in on it too, saying,
"Come on, Isaac,...say Cheese, just one more time."

DONE, Completely DONE
was Isaac,
yet, he's such a sport, he reluctantly droned:
"Cheese,...just one more time!"

For a child with Apraxia that's practically a speech!
What a gift for Easter.
And I did get a one more priceless pix,

Then it was home to play with our Easter Eggs,...

And grill out, as grilling out for Easter is also a new tradition,
and one Isaac hardily approves.
Our little guy's very first taste of rib-eye steak,
his face burst into a smile,
and he exclaimed, "WOW!"

For Isaac rib-eye over jelly beans, that's the way he rocks and rolls!

New traditions for Easter made for a very happy holiday,...

God bless and keep you!

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