At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Saturday, April 25, 2015


 Wow, a lot going on this week with Isaac with lots of strides being made in speech and socialization, at home and at school. Our little guy has worked hard,...and this is a long post,...just so you know.

But a post about a lots of cuteness, and believe me, Isaac was CUTE when he was wowing us with his observations about our new garage floor.

A few months ago we had major water damage to our basement and garage, resulting in ALL those floors being ripped out. The basement is scheduled for new flooring to be installed soon, but for the garage we opted to just paint the cement slab with epoxy garage paint, which after much prep, I did this week while Isaac was at preschool.

Epoxy paint is the thick paint on floors with sprinkled flakes added, our floor is tile red, or rather a deep raspberry red with granite colored flakes,...very cool looking and SUCH an improvement over the scarred cement slab. I painted while Isaac was at preschool and then closed the garage doors to let it dry, so Isaac had no idea about the transformation. And you can see the difference is STARK!

When my husband got home from work that evening we all went outside so I could show him how 
GREAT the basement looks, and when my husband opened the garage door he was properly impressed, but Isaac was HORRIFIED!!!

Oh the look on that little face, and Isaac cries, "OH NO!" 
Pointing to the scattered flakes, Isaac says, "It broken," and then he starts to sing:
"Clean up, Clean up,...Everybody!!!"
Soooooo cute, but worrisome too, as Isaac was dead serious. 

The paint was still tacky, but Isaac was wanting to pick up every single flake in the garage,
and instance of Autism at work, because I NEVER even considered how he would react
to the newly painted garage floor, problem with the color, Isaac thought that was cool,
"It red," he says and signs,
but those FLAKES,...oh dear, I went to bed a worried woman because epoxy paint is
suppose to last 15 to 20 YEARS!!!

Next morning, the paint is dry enough to walk on,
and I take Isaac downstairs, hoping to acclimate our little guy to the newness,
The flakes are still bugging his sense of order,
but with an inspiration I start trying to sell Isaac on the idea that the flakes aren't flakes, but stars.
Uhm, that's a red universe,
yeah, I know, but I was desperate, and clutching at straws,
and you know,...I grabbed the right one.
Isaac's face lit up,
"3-2-1 Penguins?"

Isaac understood, he COMPLETELY understood,
as 3-2-1 Penguins is a cartoon with penguins in outer space!!!!
For the next twenty minutes Isaac and I zoomed around a red universe
with pretend space ships.

Now Isaac is totally cool with the garage,
in fact he LOVES it,
and since it's just a garage floor,
I had the idea of writing positive quotes in our red universe:
Different NOT Less
was one of the first,
when I complete the floor with a clear coat, 
when this rainy weather permits,
the quotes will be sealed beneath,
kinda cool,
and Isaac is acting like they are planets,
jumping from one quote to another,
while I have the hopes with the strides our little guy is making
that one day he'll not only be able to read those positive messages,
but fully understand, 

Sorry that was a long tale, but pretend play is another stride Isaac is making,
and we are thrilled to play store, and restaurant and outer space with our little guy,
anything and everything to help him.

Lots of rain this spring, last week Isaac's Miracle League game was rained out.
This week, Isaac had new volunteers,
and I am assuming the volunteers change up every week with this league,
but when the coach suggested that Isaac come and pick-out a Buddy,
there was an eager pool of teens ready to be chosen,
and I was the first to speak:
"Who here is the fastest?"
Two guys immediately raised their hands.
"Ok," I said, "This is Isaac, he is very fast, and I mean very, very fast,
and he doesn't get tired. Last game he ran for 60 minutes straight and didn't get tired,
are ya'll good with that?"
"Oh yeah, totally!" the two chorused, while my husband and I exchanged knowing glances.
Oh course Isaac was delighted to meet his two newest buddies,
and put them through their paces,
and it was all my husband and I could do to keep straight faces,
as Isaac, once again, totally schooled two teenagers three times his size.
From the outfield we could hear snatches:
"Man, he's fast!"
"She said, he was, he IS!"
"Gosh, he doesn't slow down!"
And of course, Isaac's giggles came through loud and clear,
as he wasn't even breathing hard, 
as his buddies panted to keep up and took to tagging one another.
But everyone had fun, 
and that's the purpose of the Miracle League,
and again thank you to all who support and volunteer with the Miracle League,
we are so grateful.  

What to do after a ballgame, but go the a local fair.

More strides and Isaac ROCKED waiting in line,
with more patience than some typical children. 

Isaac adores a carousel,...

And speed cars,...

Daddy's a sport to ride shot-gun,...

No fear for Isaac,...the faster the better!!!

WOW,...what a stride for our little guy to ride a ride,...solo,
and yes, I was biting my nails between taking pictures,
but Isaac was a CHAMP,
sat still,
and giggled,
and grinned,
He LOVED it!!!!

So successful was that little green truck ride, we tried the buggy-go-around solo.

That face,...says it all,...

After ride cheering was indication,...Isaac was having fun!!!

Isaac's first view of a Ferris Wheel,....

Yes, it's very big and very tall, Isaac, but you can't ride it,...yet. 

However, bumper cars are a YES!!!

What a fun evening,....

So the visit to the fair wasn't exactly planned,
at the Miracle League they announced where and when the fair was taking place,
it was near,
so we gave it a shot,
and it was a GRAND SLAM success,
and a little worrisome,
For big events with crowds I always put contact information on Isaac,
just in case, as my child has made great strides,
but he is still not functionally verbal,
for the fair, we winged it,
and kept vigilance eyes on our little man at all times,
and of course, Isaac did great,
but again, it's a part of Autism that you don't automatically consider. 
But Autism and Apraxia are part of our lives,
and Isaac is making strides to put both those disorders - in their - place,
and he is succeeding!!!

LOOK at Isaac meeting new people like his buddies at the Miracle League,
and schooling them, 
but all in fun, 
LOOK,...just LOOK at our little guy standing in line at a fair,
better than some typical kids,
sorry typical parents, but your kids were running wild,
Isaac was mesmerized by that Ferris Wheel,
and happily waiting his turn for the bumper cars. 
LOOK at Isaac request a toy at a toy story this past week,
and you bet, Isaac got that Melissa and Doug wooden fruit set,
a set he did not have, but needed, 
for his Isaac Cafe, (post coming soon on this)
Not only has Isaac played and played with his new wooden food,
and we take non-electronic play, especially pretend play any day,
but the VERY next day,
we went into Toys-R-Us,...and Isaac was delighted,
but he did not ask for a single toy,
and we were curious about that, 
because Isaac was adamant about getting that wooden food set.
"Home, play," said Isaac clutching that box in his arms. 
Nope, not a single toy moved him. 

another word for maturity,
which is another word for growth.
For Isaac and us.

Until I post again,...God bless and keep you!

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