At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Isaac Wore A Little Red Apron,...

Fun can be exhausting,...

And what fun Isaac had participating in an Autism charity fundraiser,...which was an Art Fest where individuals on the spectrum were invited to create works of art,...which will be auctioned off to support a local Autism charity that strives to support and encourage children with autism and their families too. 

Art and Crafts hasn't been a strength for Isaac,...we've tried, and keep trying, but to a small degree Apraxia also affects Isaac's grip, making color and painting more a therapy chore, than fun, and there is those pesky sensory issues,...soft and gooey is hard to avoid with glue and paint and play dough and such. 

So,...Isaac started out wearing a little red apron,...but we sadly didn't get a picture,...but that's Ok,
because after Isaac went around the room to the different tables with their different art mediums,
the first time, in that little red apron,...he was kinda, "Meh." 
and we were kinda disappointed, but not too surprised,
and we were like, "Oh well, we tried."
But when Isaac turned in his red apron, he automatically reached for a green,
and just so you know there was a rainbow of art colored aprons to choose from,
and Isaac was determined to wear them ALL!!!!

Isaac was also determined to do each table, again, and again, and again,
systematically going from table to table,
with bright and cheery, "HI!" 
which meant, "Hi, I am back! Where is my canvas?"
Delighted and very amused, the volunteers were real sports about getting out fresh materials.

A very creative artist, Isaac managed to create his creations
without actually touching any of his mediums.
Hand over hand, is a therapy tool, which Isaac skillfully employed,
putting his hand over ours to direct,
the paint,
and AVOID contact!!!

Bubble painting was a great interest to Isaac, he LOVES bubbles,
almost as much as he loves giving directions. 

When using a colored rubber balls for the tub painting,
Isaac was exacting that green balls, go in green paint,
red balls, red paint,
yellow balls, yellow paint,
purple balls,...well you get the picture,
of the picture Isaac was attempting to create.
Systematic Chaos,...could describe Isaac's artistic style.
By the time he was done, Isaac refined his unique system to a fine art,
as our little guy is very good at giving directions,
no matter how limited his speech. 

However as Isaac got more comfortable with his surroundings and
with the materials and volunteers,
he did try to go solo on a few projects,...

Try is the optimal word,...or a better description was Isaac gave it some thought.
and his conclusion is that our hands should get messy,
and his aprons could stay, 

Face painting was offered by a very skilled artist, and Isaac was INTRIGUED 
to see the children running around transformed into mermaids, and princesses,
and yes,...a few skulls were chosen by older youth,
Isaac thought it was all very interesting. 

Going on a hunch, while Isaac was occupied and the face painting booth empty,
I requested a butterfly on the back of my hand,
because Isaac likes butterflies and he likes to put stickers on me.

WOW,...what a good call!
Isaac took one look at that butterfly and RAN to the face painting booth,
 to choose a design. 
The shark was suppose to go on the face, and the flaming soccer ball on the legs,
but we knew neither would fly with Isaac's sensory inputs,
so we encouraged
and Isaac did great,
except when the artist used white paint,
he thought it was lotion, 
and had a mini-freak,
but the artist was super quick to blend in the white,
and Isaac recovered,
and was utterly delighted with his adorned arms. 

and YES, I wrote that in all-caps, because I would love to scream
it from the rooftops.
Our little guy was so brave to try something so very challenging. 

 And what fun we had admiring each other,...for about fifteen minutes,
then reality set in,
and Isaac was quite emphatic about getting, "ALL CLEAN!!!"
Thankfully the paint easy wiped off without a trace,
but we still have the photos,...undeniable proof. 

Appreciation was shown to the the budding artists
a treasure chest full of toys,
"Take your pick, Isaac."
What an extraordinary afternoon!!!

And there is more,
as there were EATS,
BBQ, chips, and Isaac's favorite: Diet Coke,

And gourmet popsicles too,
very refreshing for such a hot afternoon.
And of course, Isaac didn't eat his popsicle,
but LOOK,
Isaac is holding a popsicle,
and that's seems small, but it's a IMMENSE leap forward,
and perhaps one day Isaac will taste
a popsicle.
Nothing is impossible,
that was face paint, on Isaac's arm!!!!
Our little guy is growing and maturing and learning
so many things. 

Like paying it forward and helping others,....

And making friends,
Isaac is chary with his hugs and kisses,
even with family. 

But this afternoon, before we left, Isaac ran back into the art pavilion, 
"Hug," said Isaac offering hugs and kisses to the volunteers,
who were so patient with him and so encouraging of his artist endeavors. 

We're not going to forget the afternoon Isaac wore a little red apron,
and a little green apron,
and a little blue apron,
and a little orange apron,

Thank you to everyone who supports Autism charities,
your time and efforts,
make a difference,
for our child and our family!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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