At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Summer Chilling,...

It's a good thing Isaac is chilling this summer because the temps outside are nearly 100 degrees
with a humidity to match,
but Isaac's good,...even when he has to endure shopping in a nice, air conditioned warehouse store.

Riding in a shopping cart is only dull,...if you make it so,
and Isaac is NEVER dull,...
Yoga, anyone?

Or acrobatics?

Or maybe,...we should behave 'cause Mama not amused,...

"Oops," says this expression,...

Fortunately Isaac wasn't as indifferent to Cotton Candy Grapes,
the nearest Isaac will probably ever get to actually cotton candy,
but that's OK,...these things taste even better,
and they are MUCH better for you, than the actually candy,...
During this heat wave they are especially good chilled,...

Keeping in the shade,...Father's Day while hopping a ride on the golf cart,
Isaac also got to visit, "Bock, Bock," and "Oink, Oink"
The closest he got to saying: chicken and pigs,...

Finding his own sensory fun, Isaac had a BLAST throwing dried, mud clods into a pond,
while visiting Papa's farm,...

Back home,...we're back on track with fine motor and preK activities,
here's a few I thought to photograph.

Isaac likes any type puzzle so he was game to play this sequencing match-up.

Work in progress,...
these are plastic containers from the dollar store,
I had three sets of each shape,
I filled each set with either: one, six, or twelve glass stones,
and then taped, taped, and added more tape.

The object is to introduce Isaac to the concept of Heavy & Light,
as he sorted through the colors and shapes,
it's very easy to tell the heaviest from the lightest,
the middle weight is a little more confusing,
but Isaac had fun with this activity,
and we can repurpose these weighted containers for various projects.
So score.

However modeling clay, golf tees and marbles were a bigger score,
talk about totally absorption!!!!

Sensory experiences took an exotic twist when my husband brought home 
It's a fruit, native to Malaysia,
and Isaac was game to hold one, has very soft spines,
and he was intensely curious when I peeled one open.
Tasting wasn't even a consideration for this experiment,
although Isaac would probably LOVED this fruit,
the inner sphere is textured like a fruit gummy candy,
and it's flavor is very mild pear/lime/almond,...

Back on track, Isaac tried to get me on track to go to the local Splash Pad.
"Go water," says Isaac as he dons his swimsuit.
"Not today," answers Mama, who is secretly thrilled Isaac dressed himself!!!!

Have no fear, Isaac is getting PLENTY of water-fun activities this summer,...
so much fun,...he obviously can't get enough.

Trying to stay a few steps ahead of Isaac, 
I presented him with a geo-board puzzle, his delight,
the object is to take rubber bands off, 
in correct order,
it's harder than it looks,...
You have to LOOK to see which band is on top of all the others.
Fine motor skills and a mental workout!!!!

Giggles too, Isaac adores the newest editions to our fine motor arsenal,
These iron-shaped clappers, I found at the thrift store,
who knows what they actually are,
but we are using them as rhythm-clappers,
for imitation practice.
I clap a very easy sequence: Rap, Rap, BANG,
and Isaac repeats,...happily repeats I may add.
And YES, they are very loud, but that's half the fun,
we also counts with them.

The peg-people family is also new,
I found an empty doll-house tray at the thrift store,
and purchased the peg-dolls, which I painted:
Daddy, Mama, Teddy, Michael, Isaac and even a spotted Oreo dog,
but Isaac was as downcast as he looks,
because he couldn't find, "Kelsey." - my middle son's girlfriend.
"Where's Kelsey?" Isaac kept asking as he hunted for the non-existent doll.

Oh dear,...a quick trip to the craft store,
and we now have a Kelsey doll, Isaac's posse is complete. 
Lots and lots of good pretend play with these dolls!!!!

As you can see they are at the lake,...taking boat ride,...Isaac's idea, yeah!!!

Back at the therapy center for Professional-type play therapy,
it's a very busy summer for Isaac,
but he's taking it is stride,
and no doubt dreaming of the SPLASH PAD,...

Therapy first,...and then Splash Pad,...and fun,
as we do try to notch down the therapy,
now and then,
so Isaac,
can just chill,
and be a kid.

After all, Isaac is only five years old,
but sooooo much has gone on in his little life,
and he's handled all the ups and downs and endless therapy
with a lot of grace,...for such a very little guy. 

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Super Dad,...

Every Superman needs a SUPER-DAD,...

My husband is a super hero and a great role model for our three sons,...
he has taught and is teaching them that a Super Dad,
has many aspects,....

Super Dads have patience,....

Super Dads are selfless and willingly blow bubbles,...again, and again,
even to the point of following precise directions,
if it is important to superman,'s important to Super Dad!!!

Super Dads teach good sportsmanship,...not just in words, but in example and deeds,...

Super Dads,...are SUPER FUN,...and a little more lenient than Mama about treats,...

Super Dads,...are calm and reassuring when new environments are scary,....

Super Dads are SUPER PROTECTIVE,...and always on hand to keep superman safe,...

Super Dads, to explain new experiences,....

Super Dads,...share wonder,....

Super Dads are super cuddly,.....

Super Dads,...always take time out of their very busy schedule for superman,...

Super Dads are super strong,...when superman is a wee bit tired,...

Super Dads,...pray and hope and encourage and don't lose faith
in the face of trials.
When the journey is uncertain and rocky,
Super Dads provide strength to guide his supermen through,...

Wherever superman is,...Super Dad is near,.....

So grateful for the man whom our three sons call: Daddy
Truly he is a Super Dad 

We are blessed!!!

To ALL Fathers out there,...HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Swinging Into Summer

Summer is in full swing for Isaac,...

Here is Isaac swinging on a playground swing on THE hottest day of the year so far.
Why did we think a supper picnic would be a good idea?
7:00 p.m. and it was still 94 degrees with a humidity to match!!!
Nevertheless Isaac had a blast! 
Doesn't he always?
And we are committed to swinging into as many activities as we can this summer.

Example: If you take a child to a water park,...they usually sleep on the way home!!!

Isaac did great for his first swim lesson of this summer,...he wasn't wanting to try and blow bubbles,
UNTIL it was time to leave,...then Isaac was ALL about learning about water safety,
to buy a little extra time in the water.

Those BIG slides are incentive for Isaac to learn to kick and stroke and float,
because until he learns,....he's stuck on the kiddie slide,
which thankfully is still plenty cool to keep him happily occupied
until water mastery is mastered. 

Dim picture, hot day, but gorgeous hay bales to admire,...

The group dance class is going better,...Mama is still an aide,
but Isaac is learning how to participate with his friends,
LOVE the smiles,...

Here is what's going on at home,...more fine motor activities.

Thank you to whoever donated this tray to the thrift store, is perfect for sorting
things from left to right,...

Sensory balloons are totally cool,
Thank  you, whoever pinned this on Pinterest!!!!
The balloons are filled with beads, coins, play dough, marbles, and pom-poms,
two of each, and the colors don't correspond,
that's too easy.

Isaac has to match each balloon, to another balloon that feels the same,
he's still not a sensory guy,...but Isaac will bring me the balloon basket to play,
so I count that as a success,...

Yes,...this next is a baby bottle drying rack, which I found at the thrift store,
Isaac LOVES this game,...the object is to use the clothes-pin chop sticks,
to put the round rubber bands on the branches,
MUCH harder than it looks, takes coordination and control,
Isaac giggles when he succeeds,...

Mini-geoboard,...just a wooden plaque and screws,
the thick rubber bands,...scrunchies, actually are easier for Isaac to maneuver,
which is good,...we want success!
The shapes we can make,...fascinate Isaac!!!
I think for the week,...THIS game has been his favorite.

More thrift store finds, I NEVER pass up on magnet ABCs,
when I find them,
nor did I pass up on these puzzle boards without the puzzle pieces,
which made them super CHEAP,...which they aren't full retail!!!
The upper and lower case letters had Isaac confused,
but only for about five seconds,....he mastered this game, very quickly,
and then he's like, "OK,...NEXT." 

Thankfully I usually have a next project for him to try as I am working in overdrive,
to keep a couple steps ahead of my little guy,
and again,...more stuff from the thrift store,
shower curtain rings, stickers, and a metal shelf turned on its side,
and what do you know: A NUMBER LINE,...
Again,...more fine motor with some preK,...thrown in for good measure. 

Very fun summer,...Isaac is really enjoying all these activities,
which make all the time and effort worth it,
because last summer and the summers before,
Isaac just wasn't able to participate
in such tactile projects,
or even swinging on a playground swing,
but now he can,
and we are sooooo grateful.

Hope everyone else is having as blessed as summer,

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

Friday, June 12, 2015

More Fine Motor Activities & Summer Stuff

 Our super sonic summer is in full gear,...and Isaac has been very busy,....

Fun stuff, you know, shaved ice with big brothers,...or rather big brothers had shaved ice, while Isaac had a diet coke as sensory fun only goes so far,...

Isaac took his first yoga class!!!!
Did he get it?
Does it matter?

Dance Class is not a first,...but solo dance class is,...
and the very first class went not-so-good,
as Isaac cried, the entire class,
the second class was better, as they allowed Mama to be an aide,
which meant no tears,
but when Isaac wasn't clinging to me, 
he was insisting we were, "All done." - and suggesting we, "GO!"
BUT,  let's take hope,...there were a few giggles,
and Isaac was SUPER interested in the piano and musician, Mr. Steve,
and Isaac did like the obstacle course with balance beams and hoops,
so again,...we'll try next week,...

SPLASH PAD, always a HUGE success!!!!!

Oh yeah,...sunshine smiles here,...and Isaac is doing great about respecting the boundaries,
as who-ever designed this splash pad didn't think to GATE the area,
and it opens into an open parking lot,
and yeah,...most parents are not thrilled with the arrangement.
Safety folks, safety,...

When Isaac is not swimming and playing and giggling and trying to get out of dance class,
he has therapy appointments as we're trying to get our little guy all the help he needs,...

Lots of therapy at home, which Isaac thinks is just play, 
and I don't intend on enlightening him on that theory anytime soon,...
Instead, "Let's play!"

Fine Motor is our emphasis at the moment,...trying to strengthen those little fingers for Kindergarten

Missing foam puzzle put to good use with chip-clips,...

Scouring thrift stores for therapy materials and projects,...
This Chinese checker board was .59 cents,
the pom-pons $1.00,....

Interestingly Isaac liked this activity more when we added the tweezers, total score!!!

Speaking of scoring,...this plastic tube,...I found at the hardware store,
it is suppose to protect florescent light bulbs,
but the moment I saw it I thought, "BALL RUN!!!"
Little plastic ball,...clear plastic tube,...enthusiastic little boy.
"COOL!!!" says Isaac,...

Thick rubber bands on a round chip canister,
Isaac can't put the bands on the canister, yet, but he thinks its fun to take them off,
and we take his therapy - one step at at time.

Ok,...this is a brilliant low cost therapy toy
Thick smoothie straws in a clean dish detergent container,
and Qtips color coded on each end with a color marker.
How low tech can you get?
Isaac LOVES this game,...giggles, giggles, giggles, those pincher fingers are strengthened 

This oil changing funnel was only $1.00,...and we're reusing the pom-poms,
now marbles are cooler,...and we do use marbles,
but only with Mama-supervision,...
however these pom-poms are pretty cool swirling down,
and safer to be left out for independent play than marbles,...

More pom-poms?
Yeah, I got a good deal on pom-poms at the craft store,
and for fine motor therapy they are great,
especially with this egg-shaped cage,
which I found at the thrift store,
who knows what it is,...something from Easter, maybe?
Isaac has to poke the large pom-poms into the cage,
which takes effort,
ohhh, those finger muscles,...Isaac!!!!

Dollar store rings,...I had them on a rice stuff glove,
and Isaac was, "Meh,"
So I cut up a dollar store noodle and sliced notches,
which I colored with a markers, so they are easier to see,
and THAT got Isaac's attention.
Again,...this is a surprisingly 'tough' fine motor activity,
it takes more effort than you'd think to get those rings in place.

preK skills,...opposites: Big and Little,
Everything and Anything for therapy purposes,
these teeth are dental floss containers,
how nice of the company to give us a BIG tooth,
and a LITTLE tooth,
Isaac likes to work this like a puzzle,
as I drum in the concept:
"BIG tooth,...LITTLE tooth,"
and yes, Isaac gives me a look, "Yeah,...I got it,...sorry you're so confused over the concept."

More dollar store stuff,...bug containers,...which I've labeled,...and pony beads,
as always with small objects a parent should always
use their judgement with a child's age and mouthing tendencies.

The object of this activity is to place the number of beads into the containers,
Isaac is polite over this, but it doesn't thump his heart,...not yet anyway.

However Isaac really, really, really likes these cylinder devices,
when I found them at the thrift store for $1.60,
I did't know if they were uber expensive math manipulatives,
or el cheap hair curlers.
Since then, I've discovered they are old school hair curlers,
but who cares,
they are perfect for fine motor activities,
Hello, counting, color sorting, size sorting, patterns,...these nesting cylinders are totally cool.

 Sensory, sensory, sensory, not Isaac's favorite,
however he kinda likes these sensory hands,
from top to bottom: blue foam from that pool noodle, rice, orange play dough, and lentils.
Isaac will hold these, and give them a high five,
then he's done,...all done,...thank you very much,
but we'll keep trying with different materials,
I think pine straw next,...I double up the latex gloves for security.

Last but not least is Isaacs FAVORITE activity, date.
When I was shopping for therapy materials,...I saw these nesting mixing bowls at Walmart,
they were $4.00, I walked by them a couple visits without putting then in the cart,
I mean, does Isaac really needs a set of mixing bowls?
But that rainbow kept calling to me, "Take the chance," 
So I did,...and Isaac has been THRILLED with these bowls,
The lids nest, the bowls nest,...and then you can match the bowls to lids,...FUN!!!

Even more fun is what happens next,...building an uber cool tower,
and what is even more fun is when you invert the tower,
which is incredibly difficult to do,
although Isaac insists we try to make a "Whirl pool"
and upside down it does look like a vortex,
and it is as unstable as a vortex, but that's the fun,
unfortunately these are cheap, and they are meant to be static mixing bowls,
not activity towers,
I've had to repair one bowl with clear tape,
but as Isaac has been sooooo enthusiastic,
I'll be on the look out for studier mixing bowls with rainbow lids,
for all the social interaction,...they would be worth every penny!!!

Super sonic summer is in full gear,...but Isaac thinks all this play time is FUN!!!

Or "Cheese" as Isaac is saying in this pix.

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!