At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Friday, June 19, 2015

Swinging Into Summer

Summer is in full swing for Isaac,...

Here is Isaac swinging on a playground swing on THE hottest day of the year so far.
Why did we think a supper picnic would be a good idea?
7:00 p.m. and it was still 94 degrees with a humidity to match!!!
Nevertheless Isaac had a blast! 
Doesn't he always?
And we are committed to swinging into as many activities as we can this summer.

Example: If you take a child to a water park,...they usually sleep on the way home!!!

Isaac did great for his first swim lesson of this summer,...he wasn't wanting to try and blow bubbles,
UNTIL it was time to leave,...then Isaac was ALL about learning about water safety,
to buy a little extra time in the water.

Those BIG slides are incentive for Isaac to learn to kick and stroke and float,
because until he learns,....he's stuck on the kiddie slide,
which thankfully is still plenty cool to keep him happily occupied
until water mastery is mastered. 

Dim picture, hot day, but gorgeous hay bales to admire,...

The group dance class is going better,...Mama is still an aide,
but Isaac is learning how to participate with his friends,
LOVE the smiles,...

Here is what's going on at home,...more fine motor activities.

Thank you to whoever donated this tray to the thrift store, is perfect for sorting
things from left to right,...

Sensory balloons are totally cool,
Thank  you, whoever pinned this on Pinterest!!!!
The balloons are filled with beads, coins, play dough, marbles, and pom-poms,
two of each, and the colors don't correspond,
that's too easy.

Isaac has to match each balloon, to another balloon that feels the same,
he's still not a sensory guy,...but Isaac will bring me the balloon basket to play,
so I count that as a success,...

Yes,...this next is a baby bottle drying rack, which I found at the thrift store,
Isaac LOVES this game,...the object is to use the clothes-pin chop sticks,
to put the round rubber bands on the branches,
MUCH harder than it looks, takes coordination and control,
Isaac giggles when he succeeds,...

Mini-geoboard,...just a wooden plaque and screws,
the thick rubber bands,...scrunchies, actually are easier for Isaac to maneuver,
which is good,...we want success!
The shapes we can make,...fascinate Isaac!!!
I think for the week,...THIS game has been his favorite.

More thrift store finds, I NEVER pass up on magnet ABCs,
when I find them,
nor did I pass up on these puzzle boards without the puzzle pieces,
which made them super CHEAP,...which they aren't full retail!!!
The upper and lower case letters had Isaac confused,
but only for about five seconds,....he mastered this game, very quickly,
and then he's like, "OK,...NEXT." 

Thankfully I usually have a next project for him to try as I am working in overdrive,
to keep a couple steps ahead of my little guy,
and again,...more stuff from the thrift store,
shower curtain rings, stickers, and a metal shelf turned on its side,
and what do you know: A NUMBER LINE,...
Again,...more fine motor with some preK,...thrown in for good measure. 

Very fun summer,...Isaac is really enjoying all these activities,
which make all the time and effort worth it,
because last summer and the summers before,
Isaac just wasn't able to participate
in such tactile projects,
or even swinging on a playground swing,
but now he can,
and we are sooooo grateful.

Hope everyone else is having as blessed as summer,

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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