At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Friday, July 24, 2015

A Few French Fries Never Hurt,...

 Pssst,...Isaac's letting the fishes in on a secret,....

Or it looks that way,...maybe he's commiserating with them
 for having to follow the rules of their environment:
1. Stay in the tank
2. Keep your fins to yourself
3. When you have a tough day,...a few French Fries never hurt

Growing up at times is not an easy process for typical children
 much less children who have added challenges.
So many rules,
So much to remember,
So confusing when communication makes things murky
Apraxia is not a joke,
neither is Autism,
the challenges are real,
and really challenging.
Navigating through society's socialization requirements
is like trying to play chess,
when you don't know the rules,
or the specific requirements of each piece.

If you tell Isaac the object of chess is to capture the opposite color pieces,
for him it's easy:
Reach over and scoop up all the white pieces.
Game done, he's won.

But that's not how the game is played,
and if he could express his frustration at the limitations,
I imagine Isaac's
train of thought would be something like:

Why does the Bishop dude, only travel on the diagonal?
What's up with the Knight only moving in a L configuration,
will he fall off the horse, if he doesn't?
If the King is the KING why can he only move one space,
and NOT go into battle?
Come on, it's not fair, that the Queen gets to go anywhere, any time in the game,
and that the Pawns have the most pieces, but get the least respect!
And the Castle's called a Rook, weird.

Apply the same analysis to social mumbo-gumbo,...we so take for granted,
some rules, we instinctually understand,
other are taught,
but for us the rules aren't murky,
and we understand if the Knight does any move other than an L,
he's outta there - game over for the dude,
but with Autism,...our applied logic is not always so logical,
and on those days, gets tough,...


That's where French Fries come in,
they are not complicated,
just delicious,...

It's a big sea out there,
even in a fish tank,
lots to navigate,
social stuff,
totally un-logical at times,

One step at a time for our little guy,
he's not alone,
there are lots of dedicated people out there,
helping him to navigate through life,
thank you,
we are grateful for the guidance and support. 

School starting soon!!!!
More rules
oh dear,
but never fear,
French Fries are already on our dinner menu for Isaac's first day of Kindergarten,
just encase,....we need them.

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!


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