At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Friday, July 17, 2015

Big Fish, Little Fish, And A Rock,...

Vacation, anyone?

With such a busy summer this summer, we weren't exactly sure how we were going to fit in a vacation, so when the chance opened for a quick trip this week,...we jumped at it,...and headed to Atlanta!!!

But not just to play magnetic darts,...

How about a visit to the world's largest aquarium,...Isaac?

"YES FISH!!!" --- says Isaac,...

The visit was priceless!!!

Hello, Mr. Fish,...

It was hard not to tear up during our visit,
as we remembered our first visit here with a stoic Isaac,
but check out the SHARED INTEREST,...

"FISH!!!" says Isaac,..

To say out little guy was totally entranced would be a safe call,...

So much to see,....and the soothingly soaring music was utterly captivating,
The big tank is like watching a ballet performance,...

Isaac's favorite,
"BIG Fish," says Isaac,...

Big tank,...little boy,...

The ticket prices were OUCH,...but worth every penny,...

Thankfully Isaac is NOT shy,...and is VERY polite,
"Excuse me,...Excuse me," got him this prime location,..

Brave boy,...exploring all there was to explore,
while Daddy watched one end of the tunnel,
and Mama the other,
but Isaac was GREAT about staying with us,
holding hands,
and being very polite in the jostling crowds,
"Tank you, and excuse me," were used almost as, "LOOK, FISH!!!"

Or Jelly,...Isaac loved the jellyfish exhibit almost as much as the big tank.

So easy to be brave while clutching Daddy,....

Per Isaac's instructions,...I took a photo of these fishes.

The squid hats were soooo cute,...had to try one on Isaac,
that face says it all,
"Do I gotta be a squid?"

Rare,...very rare does Isaac EVER request anything in a store,
even that uber-cool gift shop didn't inspire him to say,
"Isaac, home, YES!"
To Isaac shopping was a waste of time,
when there were soooo many fish to see,....

Moon jelly,....
"Cheese," Isaac instructed the jellyfish, as I snapped the picture,..

By his eighth lap around the entire aquarium,...Isaac turned into a tour guide,
for one and all,
"FISH," Isaac informs the visitors,...

Probably some of the most memorable memories,
were made when we spent a very quiet and peaceful fifteen minutes,
with Isaac sitting next to the big tank,
quietly drinking in all the majestic beauty of these creatures,...

This is the rock from the title of this post,
"ROCK," says Isaac, and then "MAMA, rock,...CHEESE!"
Meaning, "Mama take a pix of the rock."
So I did,
and Isaac was VERY pleased,
when I showed it to him,
he said, "Rock." 

Here is another Big Fish,...

And some Little Fishes,...

There was a life sized replica of a whale shark outside the big tank exhibit,
Isaac made a point of informing a security guard:
"Big Fish,"
The lady laughed, "Yes, that is a very big fish."
"Big," agreed Isaac with an huge smile,
while my husband and I were wanting to laugh and cry at the same time,
so much progress our little guy has made in the past three years,...

When the yawns started after a couple hours of super sonic touring,
it was time to head home,... 

We asked Isaac,
"Did you have fun?"

"Fun, yes," says Isaac,...

And we have the pictures to prove it,...

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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