At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Right Spot, Right Time

When you are at the right spot and the right time, are able to witness a miracle,...and thus the name change on Isaac's blog, we are constantly looking for miracles in our little guy's life.

To start,...Isaac is a miracle as my husband and I had been married for 25 years and we didn't think we could ever have any more children when Isaac was born in 2010.  The odds of a 44 year old conceiving without any intervention are in the miracle range alone,...but the LORD had other plans for our lives and Isaac arrived to ROCK our world,...

Surviving severe jaundice was a miracle for our little guy,...when he was in NICU,
and we were praying for his survival, 
we didn't add the caveat,...oh and let Isaac be perfectly perfect,
we just wanted our son to be alive,

And trust me,...Isaac is very, very, ALIVE,
our son experiences the world in a different way and he makes sure YOU do too!!!

Fearless and forthright,...and filled with joy is Isaac,...

He helps us to see the miracles all around us,...

This week, I haven't had much chance to photograph the activities Isaac has been enjoying,
because he usually plunges into each new addition with such glee,
the project is usually completely completed and put away before I remember,
"....oh, I should have got a pix of that!!!"

But here's a few,...

Getting a lot of inspiration from Montessori,...and Isaac's unique perspectives help a lot,
as we can use utilitarian objects in so many interesting ways,....
such as a prototype tower,...

Another Montessori concept: brush and dustpan,
Isaac LOVED this activity,
and even more he loved the sensory bin with the flat, glass marbles.
It is THE first sensory bin, I have ever created,
which Isaac has enjoyed.
There were puzzle pieces in it, 
which Isaac had to fish out to complete the puzzles,
but again, we were having so much fun, I forgot to get a pix.
Then after we were done with the puzzles,
Isaac experimented with pouring the glass marbles from one clear container to another,
simple, but absorbing,
and for the very last we cleaned up,
and for this picture to be interactive,
imagine Isaac warbling: "Clean up, Clean up, EVERYBODY"
Too, cute!

I found this heavy forrest green table cloth at the thrift store,
and it has been invaluable for presenting projects on as
Isaac's little table has a worse-for-wear surface.

The dark green, helps to focus Isaac's attention to the elements on the table.
Another Montessori concept, but this one really works,
I get much better participation from Isaac,
as his attention is less distracted.

This project is just play food and post-it notes with numerals.
Independent work,
I'll set out little projects like this for Isaac to discover,
and he's always delighted,
and wants to engage,
and gee, Mama's so happy to comply,'s been a blessing. 

Speaking of blessing and miracles: here's one from yesterday's haul from the thrift store.
Yes that's $2.99 for these VERY expensive fine motor tracking blocks,
and I was frankly blown away by finding this in a random bin,
because I wasn't planning to go to this particular thrift store yesterday,
but a series of circumstances, 
lead me to walking thru those doors,
and I walked by the counter these tracking boards were on,
a couple times, until I looked down,

Understand, this summer we have been working on fine motor skills,
and writing readiness with Isaac,
and these tracking boards are EXACTLY 
what Isaac needs to be using at this time and place in his little life.

Needs met, as people of faith,
we don't view this as a coincidence,...

We were are the right spot at the right time,
like Isaac's birth,
our little guy is not a mistake,
he is a miracle.

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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