At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Summer Blast,...

 Rainy Fourth of July weekend?

No problem,...Isaac still managed to have a blast as rain = UMBRELLA time,...and Isaac dearly loves an umbrella, whether it is raining or not on our way to and fro from the movie theater to see: Inside Out, which Isaac throughly enjoyed,....

July 4th for us,...was exceedingly wet and stormy, much so, we actually had a 
pajama day at home, complete with bed-head, patriotic pj's and red, white and blue cupcakes.

"EAT," says Isaac to Mama,
as he made sure EVERYONE had a birthday cake, cupcake,
except himself,...sensory issues don't disappear with holidays,...
yet, Isaac had fun helping to make the cup cakes,...and feeding everyone,...

Sunday was a little drier,...and off to church with Isaac's go-to, breakfast on the go,
a trusty corn-dog,...bread and protein combo,
very handy for busy mornings. 

Monday morning,...EARLY Monday morning saw us back at church for VBS
(Vacation Bible School)
or Children's Conference is the 21st century nomenclature
for three days of Bible stories, Bible verses, Crafts, Games and Food!

Oh yes, our church does things right with breakfast to start the day
for the workers and their children,
who arrived early to help make all the happiness happen. 

However, as this was Isaac's VERY first VBS,
he wasn't quite sure
what everyone was doing at church soooooo very early in the morning,
all dressed in the same tee-shirts, no less!!!!!

Lego-land theme,...was totally cool,...and a bit for Isaac to take in,
I mean those building blocks were mighty big!!!!

Hundreds of kids,
and nearly as many teens and adult volunteers,
were everywhere,
Isaac was a little overwhelmed the first day,...

Mama was suppose to be helping in the special needs ministry: crafts,
but Isaac needed Mama,...more than the craft room,
which had plenty of volunteers,

everyone who gave so generously of your time and talents to make Summer Blast
such a memorable experience,
and a special, heart felt,
 THANK YOU to the selfless individuals in the special needs ministry,
who go above and beyond to makes sure all the children are included in all the fun!!!

It was soooo great that Mama got to be Isaac's aide,
as we explored Summer Blast,
on Isaac's level,
which meant,
we had to check out EVERYTHING!!!!

How much did Isaac get?
No way to tell,
but the first day Isaac said on the way home, "Great job, FUN!"
So we count that as success.

Our little guy is a sponge,...he takes in everything,
especially the values, which were taught:

Value #1: LOVE GOD,
because God first loved us.

Value #2: Love People,
because God loves ALL people.

Value #3: Do Your Best,
and God will do the rest,...

Value #4: HAVE FUN
because God gives us joy!!!!

Something to think about, we contemplate,...whatever Isaac contemplates,
when he contemplates,....

Or jumps,

Visits to the sensory room,...a calm, quiet place to jump like crazy on a trampoline,
helped Isaac to take a break when the crowds and noise were a little overwhelming,
after all,...we're just a little guy,
fresh out of preschool, 
and all this big-kid stuff is a lot to take in,....

What was really great was how accepting and inclusive our special needs ministry is,
with Isaac's wrist band,...we had to the freedom to go from station to station,
participating as Isaac was able,
or just observing,
or taking breaks in the sensory room,
or walks outside when necessary.

And breakfast was AWESOME each morning,
no pix of the donut morning as Isaac inhaled his donut in like three seconds,
the bagel on bagel morning took a little longer to eat,...

And of course, Isaac always notices that which goes unnoticed by others,
I mean,...aren't those carved slats cool?
Checking them out in totally sensory seeking mode,...

The uber-cool welcome sign received its equal share of attention,...

Isaac liked the sign,...and he LOVED the worship time celebration in the big auditorium
with ALL those hundreds of children and teens and volunteers,
our little guy rocked worship by worshiping with all his little heart and soul,
and in the midst,...he grabbed my face and tried to mind-meld,
forehead to forehead,
because he didn't have the words to say, "MAMA this is soooooo AWESOME!!!"
But Mama understood,
it was a very precious moment.

Summer Blast 2015 was a blast,
Isaac has this experience LOCKED into his frame of reference,
and more important,
he experienced a worship experience,...with hundreds of other children,
praising the LORD,
because God loves them,
and they know it. 

This way, the future,
or for the present,
back home.

No matter where he is or what is he doing
Isaac always manages to have a BLAST,...
and usually 
he makes sure YOU do too!!!!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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