At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

While On Vacation,...

 The heat and humidity is cranked up here in the deep south and Isaac needs a hair cut,...but that's a rodeo we're saving for back-to-school,...which is rapidly approaching,...

Still Isaac is finding time to dream while on vacation,...snow, snow, snow,
no wait, that's Mama's summer dream,
Isaac is run, and run, and run,...and find lots of fun, fun, fun,
and Isaac does find fun, no matter how hot and humid it gets,...

A very busy week with lots of outside projects, slowed down our home therapy a tad,
but Isaac has enjoyed exploring the shapes and colors,
and kinetic energy in the bingo cage!!!!
Another good thrift store find, I filled it with wooden beads and pom poms.

The arches are actually a wooden candle holder nesting set
another thrift store find, 
they had a hideous wood stain,
which I sanded off, 
and applied the blue in three shades,
Add wooden balls, Isaac already had, and which I also painted,
and another matching set is made!

"Round, and round, and round," says Isaac, delighted the cage is fast and soooo loud!!!!
Fine motor skills and matching  to get all the elements in place
but don't tell Isaac,...he just thinks it's fun. 

Last Saturday was SERVE DAY for our church,
and we were only too delighted to be able to join with over
150 others to help a local Autism Center.

We volunteered to help clean up the camp grounds 
that serves youth on the autism spectrum
with the chance to learn life-skills and enjoy nature.

Isaac put himself in charge of cleaning up all the wayward sticks,..

And branches that we were trimming from trees,
very handily Isaac marched them to the brush pile.

That is,...when Isaac wasn't supervising everyone else!!!

No slackers on Isaac's crew,...

Nor did big brother,Teddy miss a spot under Isaac's watchful eye.

Thanks Teddy for helping us, Isaac,...learn to help others,...

Shout out to big brother Michael, too,...he's had a busy summer,
and traveling quite a bit,
Isaac misses his 'My-My' and was glad to catch up with this big brother
over the weekend,...

Monday afternoon found us back in the backyard
hot and sweaty and covered with dirt,
like a five year old should be in July,
after all it's summer vacation

So much going on lately,...transitions have been tough for Isaac,
he's still a little guy,
and he's has real challenges,
lots of perspective breaks needed,...for Mama, 
and Daddy and big brothers too,...
we all love Isaac 
and want to help him,
but with autism, is not always easy to know how.

That's when we fall back on just loving Isaac, is.

Already our little guy has made soooo many strides,
Isaac brings me books to read,
and usually listens,
that's a HUGE stride over last summer,
when I could barely get him to hold a book.

Perhaps Isaac didn't know
why we were in the depths of the woods,
dressed in heavy jeans on such a hot and humid day,
and laughing,
and helping,
But he was with people he loves,
who love him,
and other children like him,
that's got to be a good thing to have in his heart and mind.

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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