At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Adaptive P.E., Anyone?

How cool can school be when you get to go swimming for Physical Education?

We are so thrilled Isaac's school system offers swimming lessons as a part of their Adaptive P.E. program. In the Deep South, public pools are few and far between and the ones available are expensive,...which is a shame because drowning is a very grave danger for children on the Autism Spectrum, many like Isaac are utterly fearless, which is a worry around water, because Isaac LOVES to be in the water,...

Really truly,...Isaac does love the water,...this sad, sad, sad little face is because swimming lessons for the day were "All Done,"....soooooo sad for a little guy who had a BLAST, ...along with his school friends,...

No pix of friends, we respect their privacy and NO pix of pool time fun, 
because VIGILANCE was necessary to keep everyone safe,
and on track with the pool rules,...

Although Isaac and his entire class deserve GOLD MEDALS
for their good behavior at the pool,
everyone obeyed the rules,
and did their best,
and had a BLAST,...

Mama got to go and volunteer,...
because it never hurts to ask, if extra hands are needed,
the worst that could have been offered would have been a polite, "No thanks,"
Instead, my offer was greeted with, "YES, please!!!!"

And thank you to all the kind professionals,
who give of your time and talent,
to help our little guys learn swim,
from Mrs. B, and Mrs. M,
to the bus driver, 
and especially
 the great swim instructors at the pool,
we are so grateful,
for your services,...

After swim lessons,...lunch,
and where else to eat a post-swim lunch,
but a lovely park????

Such a tough school day for Mr. Isaac,...
swimming lessons and than a picnic with his friends,...


Then time to run off some more energy,....

And some climbing,...

In a very beautiful park,
on such a nice summer school day,...

Back to school for the guys,
Mama drove herself,
which is good,
in an independent spirit,
Isaac didn't want Mama on the bus,
WooHOO,...never have I ever been so happy to be excluded.

"Bye-bye Mama," says Isaac like a big boy,...ready for some independence!!!!

A couple more swimming lessons,...and Isaac will be ready for independence in the water, too!

We are so grateful for all the great developmental strides Isaac is making,
so much is not easy for Isaac,
but he accepts his challenges with a lot of grace.
He's a happy little guy,
soon to be a happy little swimmer
at the end of the swim program in a couple weeks.

Going to school can't be too tough,
if you get to go swimming!!!!

Adaptive P.E.,...a bountiful blessing!!!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Interactive ABC's and Such,...

Do NOT be alarmed,...
Isaac isn't going to eat you,...
like a Tasmanian Tiger

Our little guy is merely demonstrating how the letter A makes the "Aaaaeee" sound,
because the ABC's in our home are interactive,...more on this further in the post. 

So, nearly two weeks down with Kindergarten and how is it going?????

"Ahhhhhhhhh," I'd say, as I did say when I was asked this weekend
 how was Isaac doing in Kindergarten.
The mother I was speaking to, also had a special needs child and she immediately
understood, and could translate my hesitant, "Ahhhhhhhh," -
even as she commiserated, "Us too." 

The closest analogy would be a roller coaster ride,
and in-between a wild ride,
but Isaac is blessed to have a great team,
from his special needs teacher,
to her aides,
the therapists, 
and the principal,
all these professionals are doing everything they can to help 
our little guy transition
into Kindergarten,
which is a MUCH different ballgame than preschool.

There have been tears,
and frantic emails,
hugs too.
The hugs are from Isaac,
who bestowed
a welcoming hug on every classmate this morning. 
So despite, the "Ahhhhhhh's," --- Isaac is settling in,
and despite the rackety ride beginning,
it's going to be a GREAT year!!!

A man to stay on task,....Isaac knows that school is ALL about learning,
and boy has our little guy
taken to the books
with his usual gung-ho enthusiasm.

For us, school is a bit of a commute,
not as far as EARLY-Early Intervention preschool,
that was a good forty minutes: to and from,
Kindergarten is only about twenty minutes with school traffic,
and as Mama takes Isaac,
we make sure to arrive in good time,
and usually have a wait a bit,
as waiting in the car with Mama,
is easier on our little guy than waiting in the cafeteria,
with ALL those rows of tables,
just begging to be ran through
up and down at top speeds,
yeah, Isaac gleefully did the first week, but now he's not,
instead, he's using the wait time to catch up on some pre-reading skills.

Notice, please the intense concentration,...vocabulary is serious stuff.

The pout of concentration,...

Totally engrossed,...except when he is asking for the names of the objects,
which Mama gleefully explains,...

Wish these pictures were taken of Isaac's favorite page,
which is Ocean-life,
this is the Honey-Farm page,
it's a search and find book,
Isaac's current favorite.
The Ocean-life page
cracks me up,
because Isaac adores the barracuda,
and can say:
Did you get that?
My little one with Apraxia can say:
Mama's joy knows no bounds!!!

After school pix,
Mama always has a snack and cold drink for her little guy,
who gets worn out from all that Kindergarten fun,....

But on the days Isaac doesn't fall asleep on the way home,
it's ABC-Time,...once he hits the front door,...
and I might add getting pix of Isaac signing the ABC's is majorly difficult,
as usually I have to be participating,
not taking pictures,
as this is Interactive ABC's,...for one and all,
or everyone in the house,
because Isaac wants to share his joy in the discovery of phonics,

Letter C,...

Letter D,...

 Letter O,...

Letter X,...

All the letters I missed getting pix of I was having to sign:

Here is Isaac's interactive version of the ABC's:
note: all letters are said and signed, phonetical pronounced and interacted,...
oh,...and sung too,
no particular tune,
it just need to sound sing-songing

A -- goes, "Aaaeee" - Isaac signs an apple or goes and gets one
B -- goes, "BA" - Isaac pretends to bounce a ball
C -- goes "CA" - Isaac just pronounces "CA" VERY LOUD
D -- goes "Dah," Isaac dances, and YOU dance too!!!
E -- goes, "Eeeah," Isaac signs egg
F -- goes, "Ffffa," Isaac flaps his arms, "Fly," and you flap your arms too, or else!!!
G -- goes "Ga," and Isaac says, "No goat," when you suggest goat,...
H -- goes, "Haaaah," Isaac pretends to put on hat, either on himself or YOU.
I -- goes "Ick," says Isaac and I ask, "Does it?" and Isaac is confident, "I goes, Ick."
J -- goes "Gaaaa," but you can barely hear the pronunciation because Isaac is jumping so loud
K -- goes, "Cahhh" - Isaac gets little lost here when I suggest kite, but he LOVES to sign K,
and boy you best get your finger position right, or you will be schooled by Mr. Correct,
L -- goes "Laaaa" another letter Isaac doesn't connect with a specific word, but he likes "Laaahhhhhhh"
M -- goes "MMMMMMMMMM" Isaac rubs his tummy
N -- goes "NNNNNN" Quickly too because Isaac wants to get to the letter O
O -- goes, "Ooooooooooooooooo" Isaac has great lungs because O goes for a long time
P -- goes, "Pah," Isaac puffs out his lips and cheeks, so cute, which I could have gotten a pix
Q -- goes "Quuuu" because "Q says Quack" - says Isaac, "Quack, quack, quack" - very ducky
R -- goes "Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" says Isaac pretending to drive a car,....
S -- goes "Sssssssss" Isaac informs, "Sssss, SNAKE, Sssss" just incase you are confused
T -- says, "Tah," says Isaac correctly tucking his tiny thumb under his fist,...
U -- says, "Oooooooh," Isaac holds an pretend umbrella, and informs, "UMBRELLA!!!"
V -- says, "Vvvvvvvah," Isaac shivers like he's cold, but I think he means vibrate.
W -- says "Wah," Isaac signs his favorite element, "WATER!!!!!"
X -- says, "Xxxxxssss" Isaac can't pronounce xylophone, but he has one and usually gets it
Z -- says, "ZZZZah," and then Isaac's snores for sleep,...really, really cute,...

And then Isaac is done,
and you get to rest,
like maybe 5 seconds,
before the
next ABC loop begins,...

Do we really do interactive ABC's ALL evening long?
The activity is everything you'd want for your little one:
GREAT verbal practice
pretend play
turn taking (some)
Did I mention social?
Like,....great eye-contact: social
and ever greater, shared interest: social!!!!

Stuff we were only dreaming about last fall,
and didn't even dare to dream
the year before that when Isaac was three and couldn't even say: "Mama" 
much less the ABC's,....

Dreams come true,
and they can be interactive too!!!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Very Special Errand

Next to popcorn and Diet Coke,...Isaac does love a nice, fresh donut,...plain, NOT fancy,
and his big brother Michael is a pal about keeping Isaac in stock
with some donuts,...nearly every weekend,...

Or rather Michael and Kelsey keep Isaac's donut cravings in check,
because they love him,
and hint-hint,...they love each other too. 

When you are a Kindergartener and have big, Big, BIG brothers, 
you get to go on very special errands,...

And protective Big Bro knows the drill when Isaac sees an escalator,
get a good grab on that little hand,
before Mr. I.I. takes off for an unauthorized ride,...

Next to popcorn, Diet Coke, donuts, and Michael and Kelsey,
Isaac dearly loves an escalator,
ride UP
ride DOWN
it doesn't get old,
and usually Isaac is indulged when we go to the mall,
as his enthusiasm is so infectious,
it such a little thing,
but it makes him so happy,
so we work the extra time into our shopping schedule,
why not,
it's free fun!!!

However when you are on a very special errand with Big Brother,
escalator rides,
go by the way side,
because Big Brother supports you,
it's time to pay it back,
with a little brotherly support,...

And on a very hot afternoon,
what could be more chill,
than hanging out in a fancy jewelry store,
checking out,
the cool apps on Big Brother's phone,

While Big Brother checks out,
more important stuff,...

"What do you think, Isaac?"
"Or That?"

Mmmmm,...Isaac wasn't too into the errand,
apps over jewelry,
any day for a five year old.
And with such important decisions to be made,
our errand too quite a while,
the apps only held Isaac's attention for so long,
but Big Brother dangled incentive:
"Popcorn, Isaac?"
And guess what?
It worked,...

Isaac got his popcorn, 
and Michael purchased a very important ring!!!

Automatically Isaac knew the ring was for his favorite gal, "KELSEY!!!"


"Where Kelsey?" Isaac wanted to know,
and she wanted to know where we were,
but very special errands,
are top secret
and she was vaguely told,
"We are grocery shopping." 

Had to get a couple shopping cart pix to prove it,
no mention of course,
that we stopped by the mall. 

Our errand was very precious,
how many young men in love would willingly
include their little brother,
on such a very important errand,
but Michael is a precious guy,
"Hey, I want my little bro with us,...I love him." 
And Michael loves Kelsey too,
a precious young woman,...

Once in a life-time event,
surprising Kelsey
with an unexpected marriage proposal.

Ah,...she said, "YES!!!!"

We are thrilled,
and Isaac is thrilled too,
he loves Kelsey,
and his thrilled to have her for a big sister,
and not just because she brings him donuts,
but because she's Kelsey,
and that means she's special,
very special,
because she is the ONLY person,
Isaac every asks for by name,
"Where Kelsey."

Wedding plans to be made,
oh dear,
Isaac in a wedding party?

Somehow, someway
Isaac will be able to be a part of the celebration,
when Michael and Kelsey wed.
We're not sure,
but love covers a multitude of difficulties,
Michael and Kesey love Isaac,
each other.

Congratulations to the happy couple,
beautiful people,
inside and out,
we are blessed to have them in our lives.

Many blessing for a bright future,
and thank you Michael for including Isaac in on your very special errand.

Our little guy might not understand the significance at this time,
but it is an event Isaac will never forget,
for he got popcorn, escalators, and Kelsey for a big sister,
all in one day.

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Kindergarten Day One Down,...

First Day School for Isaac,...kinda as he already holds two degrees: Early Intervention and Preschool,...but today was a first for elementary school: Kindergarten.

However let's rewind,...because on Tuesday Isaac attended Kindergarten Camp and that's a LOT of five year olds and parents in a school cafeteria. Isaac's social story page, which I made from pictures taken during is Transition tour,...helped a lot. Especially the Mr. Turtle, picture.

"Go see, Turtle, yes" - was Isaac's theme during the long wait as he waited for his name to be called.

A kiss goodbye,...and Isaac was brave about facing his new adventure: sans-Mama. 

Needless to say Kindergarten Camp was a blast!!! 
Isaac loved it,...and that's a very happy way to begin Kindergarten.

However today was not a half-day camp, was the all day real deal. 

In miracle-mode, truly, Isaac went to sleep early last night,
 like in an appropriate school night bedtime.
Sleeping all night is still a challenge,
but Isaac has made real progress,
which means more sleep for everyone.

A well rested Isaac woke early this morning and happy,
or rather VERY happy because 
Isaac doesn't do anything half-way.

Of course who wouldn't be happy with a hamburger shaped lunchbox?
Never mind that Isaac has NEVER eaten a fully loaded hamburger,
he still thinks this round wonder is a wonder,
and it actually holds his school breakfast,..,

A long suffering Isaac, humored Mama during the photo shoot,...

"For posterity Isaac," Mama says, not that he cares, but the sweet guy gives Mama a smile.

Close up of a future college graduate,...Mama has faith and confidence,
her little guy can do anything,...

Does Isaac look tall for a Kindergarten in this pix?
Our little guy is a BIG little guy.

But still little,...he's not quite an official Kindergartener, yet.
Gotta get in the car,...Isaac

Of course, Isaac had to have a special First School Day: ISAAC tee-shirt.
However all the glamour is not on the front,...this time,
security and peace of mind for Mama as
 Isaac has only two speeds: Fast and FASTER,
also he's rather fearless,
and intensely curious,
and really, really, really likes  Mr. Turtle.
Thus Mama created a different tee-shirt format.
Kinda looks like a billboard,
but the vital info is very important:

Full Name

Out of all,...Isaac can only answer: "I-zak"
For now,
Mama has faith and confidence
her little guy will learn all he needs to learn. 

So Mama dropped Isaac off at school,...and yeah,...she gets to walk in with him,
and hand him over to an aide, Mrs. M,
who Isaac knows from church,

Sadly,...Isaac did cry, some,
he's still a very little guy,
but I knew the tears he shed wouldn't last very long, 
as had Mrs. M, Mrs. B, his friends
 and Mr. Turtle to help him through his day.

My day was intensely quiet,
and a little boring,
no sunshine smiles,
or silliness,
just housework,
and thoughts and prayers for my little guy,
who was having a blast:

After school, Isaac's take on Kindergarten
"School, fun!"
WOW,...doesn't get any better than that positive review.

Daddy made a point of being on hand to pick up Isaac after school,
and although my husband and I have two older sons,
college graduates,
which means we're not newbies in the education arena,
we were newbies in the car rider line for this new school.

Check out Isaac's reaction when Daddy took right into the school traffic,
when he should have went left,...
oh yeah,...we got caught in mega school traffic jam,
like let's wait on stand-still
for over twenty minutes,...

Oh well, and learn,...Isaac at least had Diet Coke,...

And French Fries,...

Plenty of time to sit and think about a happy first day,...

Or crack a few jokes,...

Yes,...Isaac's a hoot,...

Isaac was also ready to drive,
That face says it all, "Let me behind the wheel Daddy."
No doubt, Isaac would have went off road to avoid the stand still,
regardless the mud,...

Rain for the first day of school, but that's GREAT,
Isaac loves an umbrella,...

Summer Vacation is over,
School has started,
Day One Down:
Isaac's academic education has begun,
his first: official step toward college.

Mama has faith and confidence for great things for her little guy.
Nothing is impossible for the LORD,
thus nothing is off the table for Isaac.

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!