At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Very Special Errand

Next to popcorn and Diet Coke,...Isaac does love a nice, fresh donut,...plain, NOT fancy,
and his big brother Michael is a pal about keeping Isaac in stock
with some donuts,...nearly every weekend,...

Or rather Michael and Kelsey keep Isaac's donut cravings in check,
because they love him,
and hint-hint,...they love each other too. 

When you are a Kindergartener and have big, Big, BIG brothers, 
you get to go on very special errands,...

And protective Big Bro knows the drill when Isaac sees an escalator,
get a good grab on that little hand,
before Mr. I.I. takes off for an unauthorized ride,...

Next to popcorn, Diet Coke, donuts, and Michael and Kelsey,
Isaac dearly loves an escalator,
ride UP
ride DOWN
it doesn't get old,
and usually Isaac is indulged when we go to the mall,
as his enthusiasm is so infectious,
it such a little thing,
but it makes him so happy,
so we work the extra time into our shopping schedule,
why not,
it's free fun!!!

However when you are on a very special errand with Big Brother,
escalator rides,
go by the way side,
because Big Brother supports you,
it's time to pay it back,
with a little brotherly support,...

And on a very hot afternoon,
what could be more chill,
than hanging out in a fancy jewelry store,
checking out,
the cool apps on Big Brother's phone,

While Big Brother checks out,
more important stuff,...

"What do you think, Isaac?"
"Or That?"

Mmmmm,...Isaac wasn't too into the errand,
apps over jewelry,
any day for a five year old.
And with such important decisions to be made,
our errand too quite a while,
the apps only held Isaac's attention for so long,
but Big Brother dangled incentive:
"Popcorn, Isaac?"
And guess what?
It worked,...

Isaac got his popcorn, 
and Michael purchased a very important ring!!!

Automatically Isaac knew the ring was for his favorite gal, "KELSEY!!!"


"Where Kelsey?" Isaac wanted to know,
and she wanted to know where we were,
but very special errands,
are top secret
and she was vaguely told,
"We are grocery shopping." 

Had to get a couple shopping cart pix to prove it,
no mention of course,
that we stopped by the mall. 

Our errand was very precious,
how many young men in love would willingly
include their little brother,
on such a very important errand,
but Michael is a precious guy,
"Hey, I want my little bro with us,...I love him." 
And Michael loves Kelsey too,
a precious young woman,...

Once in a life-time event,
surprising Kelsey
with an unexpected marriage proposal.

Ah,...she said, "YES!!!!"

We are thrilled,
and Isaac is thrilled too,
he loves Kelsey,
and his thrilled to have her for a big sister,
and not just because she brings him donuts,
but because she's Kelsey,
and that means she's special,
very special,
because she is the ONLY person,
Isaac every asks for by name,
"Where Kelsey."

Wedding plans to be made,
oh dear,
Isaac in a wedding party?

Somehow, someway
Isaac will be able to be a part of the celebration,
when Michael and Kelsey wed.
We're not sure,
but love covers a multitude of difficulties,
Michael and Kesey love Isaac,
each other.

Congratulations to the happy couple,
beautiful people,
inside and out,
we are blessed to have them in our lives.

Many blessing for a bright future,
and thank you Michael for including Isaac in on your very special errand.

Our little guy might not understand the significance at this time,
but it is an event Isaac will never forget,
for he got popcorn, escalators, and Kelsey for a big sister,
all in one day.

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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