At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Adaptive P.E., Anyone?

How cool can school be when you get to go swimming for Physical Education?

We are so thrilled Isaac's school system offers swimming lessons as a part of their Adaptive P.E. program. In the Deep South, public pools are few and far between and the ones available are expensive,...which is a shame because drowning is a very grave danger for children on the Autism Spectrum, many like Isaac are utterly fearless, which is a worry around water, because Isaac LOVES to be in the water,...

Really truly,...Isaac does love the water,...this sad, sad, sad little face is because swimming lessons for the day were "All Done,"....soooooo sad for a little guy who had a BLAST, ...along with his school friends,...

No pix of friends, we respect their privacy and NO pix of pool time fun, 
because VIGILANCE was necessary to keep everyone safe,
and on track with the pool rules,...

Although Isaac and his entire class deserve GOLD MEDALS
for their good behavior at the pool,
everyone obeyed the rules,
and did their best,
and had a BLAST,...

Mama got to go and volunteer,...
because it never hurts to ask, if extra hands are needed,
the worst that could have been offered would have been a polite, "No thanks,"
Instead, my offer was greeted with, "YES, please!!!!"

And thank you to all the kind professionals,
who give of your time and talent,
to help our little guys learn swim,
from Mrs. B, and Mrs. M,
to the bus driver, 
and especially
 the great swim instructors at the pool,
we are so grateful,
for your services,...

After swim lessons,...lunch,
and where else to eat a post-swim lunch,
but a lovely park????

Such a tough school day for Mr. Isaac,...
swimming lessons and than a picnic with his friends,...


Then time to run off some more energy,....

And some climbing,...

In a very beautiful park,
on such a nice summer school day,...

Back to school for the guys,
Mama drove herself,
which is good,
in an independent spirit,
Isaac didn't want Mama on the bus,
WooHOO,...never have I ever been so happy to be excluded.

"Bye-bye Mama," says Isaac like a big boy,...ready for some independence!!!!

A couple more swimming lessons,...and Isaac will be ready for independence in the water, too!

We are so grateful for all the great developmental strides Isaac is making,
so much is not easy for Isaac,
but he accepts his challenges with a lot of grace.
He's a happy little guy,
soon to be a happy little swimmer
at the end of the swim program in a couple weeks.

Going to school can't be too tough,
if you get to go swimming!!!!

Adaptive P.E.,...a bountiful blessing!!!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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