At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Kindergarten Day One Down,...

First Day School for Isaac,...kinda as he already holds two degrees: Early Intervention and Preschool,...but today was a first for elementary school: Kindergarten.

However let's rewind,...because on Tuesday Isaac attended Kindergarten Camp and that's a LOT of five year olds and parents in a school cafeteria. Isaac's social story page, which I made from pictures taken during is Transition tour,...helped a lot. Especially the Mr. Turtle, picture.

"Go see, Turtle, yes" - was Isaac's theme during the long wait as he waited for his name to be called.

A kiss goodbye,...and Isaac was brave about facing his new adventure: sans-Mama. 

Needless to say Kindergarten Camp was a blast!!! 
Isaac loved it,...and that's a very happy way to begin Kindergarten.

However today was not a half-day camp, was the all day real deal. 

In miracle-mode, truly, Isaac went to sleep early last night,
 like in an appropriate school night bedtime.
Sleeping all night is still a challenge,
but Isaac has made real progress,
which means more sleep for everyone.

A well rested Isaac woke early this morning and happy,
or rather VERY happy because 
Isaac doesn't do anything half-way.

Of course who wouldn't be happy with a hamburger shaped lunchbox?
Never mind that Isaac has NEVER eaten a fully loaded hamburger,
he still thinks this round wonder is a wonder,
and it actually holds his school breakfast,..,

A long suffering Isaac, humored Mama during the photo shoot,...

"For posterity Isaac," Mama says, not that he cares, but the sweet guy gives Mama a smile.

Close up of a future college graduate,...Mama has faith and confidence,
her little guy can do anything,...

Does Isaac look tall for a Kindergarten in this pix?
Our little guy is a BIG little guy.

But still little,...he's not quite an official Kindergartener, yet.
Gotta get in the car,...Isaac

Of course, Isaac had to have a special First School Day: ISAAC tee-shirt.
However all the glamour is not on the front,...this time,
security and peace of mind for Mama as
 Isaac has only two speeds: Fast and FASTER,
also he's rather fearless,
and intensely curious,
and really, really, really likes  Mr. Turtle.
Thus Mama created a different tee-shirt format.
Kinda looks like a billboard,
but the vital info is very important:

Full Name

Out of all,...Isaac can only answer: "I-zak"
For now,
Mama has faith and confidence
her little guy will learn all he needs to learn. 

So Mama dropped Isaac off at school,...and yeah,...she gets to walk in with him,
and hand him over to an aide, Mrs. M,
who Isaac knows from church,

Sadly,...Isaac did cry, some,
he's still a very little guy,
but I knew the tears he shed wouldn't last very long, 
as had Mrs. M, Mrs. B, his friends
 and Mr. Turtle to help him through his day.

My day was intensely quiet,
and a little boring,
no sunshine smiles,
or silliness,
just housework,
and thoughts and prayers for my little guy,
who was having a blast:

After school, Isaac's take on Kindergarten
"School, fun!"
WOW,...doesn't get any better than that positive review.

Daddy made a point of being on hand to pick up Isaac after school,
and although my husband and I have two older sons,
college graduates,
which means we're not newbies in the education arena,
we were newbies in the car rider line for this new school.

Check out Isaac's reaction when Daddy took right into the school traffic,
when he should have went left,...
oh yeah,...we got caught in mega school traffic jam,
like let's wait on stand-still
for over twenty minutes,...

Oh well, and learn,...Isaac at least had Diet Coke,...

And French Fries,...

Plenty of time to sit and think about a happy first day,...

Or crack a few jokes,...

Yes,...Isaac's a hoot,...

Isaac was also ready to drive,
That face says it all, "Let me behind the wheel Daddy."
No doubt, Isaac would have went off road to avoid the stand still,
regardless the mud,...

Rain for the first day of school, but that's GREAT,
Isaac loves an umbrella,...

Summer Vacation is over,
School has started,
Day One Down:
Isaac's academic education has begun,
his first: official step toward college.

Mama has faith and confidence for great things for her little guy.
Nothing is impossible for the LORD,
thus nothing is off the table for Isaac.

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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