At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Friday, September 11, 2015


Finally cooler weather is nudging out the heat of summer as it has been very hot and very humid in the Deep South this summer. 

When I saw this picture I took of Isaac this past week, on Labor Day actually, it struck me that his profile was nudging into maturity,....

For Isaac this summer has had ushered in lots of developmental developments, 
with many new skills emerging,
and being mastered so well.
So much has been mastered,
it's time to start nudging our little guy into new directions,...

Such as finally getting to be picky about pronunciation,...WOOHOO!!!
For so long, our focus has been for Isaac to be able to say anything,
and now Isaac CAN say anything,
and even, though, "Tink-think, and tank-thank
are actually adorably lisped,
it's time to nudge our little guy into proper pronunciation. 

And it takes
discipline on our part to be consistent,
with these nudges,
especially in in the face of Isaac's opposition,
which takes the form lately of the quaintly stated:
"I don't tink, so."
Yeah, it's hard, really hard at times, not to crack a smile,
when you gotta be serious about some of this nudging,
cause Mama and Daddy, DO 'tink' so.

Some other fronts for nudging with Isaac
would be table manners,
"One bite at a time."
Dressing: as our little guy is not his majesty the king.
"If you can take a shirt off, you can put a shirt on."
Ditto shoes.
"Brushing teeth is fun."
Still working on selling this,
BUT Isaac semi-willingly brushes teeth,
that's a HUGE victory.
Also we are working on the concept, 
 that washing your hands means more than just turning on the water,
and "Aim, Isaac." 
as aiming is now a consideration,
than just that 'important task' being completed.

Skill upon skill to be built on,
with nudges. 

  By the way: thanks Uncle George for the ball, as you can see Isaac LIKES it!

The alphabet is another nudge,
no one, and I mean no one that has spent any time with Isaac,
could possibly deny that the child KNOWS his alphabet,
upper case,
lower case,
and now writing each letter
upper case,
and lower case,
as Isaac has discovered the delights of penmanship,
just a month into school,
Isaac's penmanship,
has a slight, WOW factor to it,
or in other words,
slightly precise,
for a five year old newbie.

With such skills mastered,
 it's time to nudge our little guy out of the alphabet song,
to spelling,
well, he's already got that one nailed,
and fox, and rocket, and pie,
but there are a couple hundred thousand more words in the dictionary,
to learn,
and nudging Isaac into 
beginning spelling is a good place to start. 

Next for nudging is reading,
ironically Isaac can read the sentence:
"I WANT _____."
But then he's had a LOT of speech therapy. 

Nudging works both ways,
because Isaac has entered into the developmental stage,
in which he is constantly asking,
"What's that?,...What's that?....What's that?"
And as fast as we can,
we are explaining the world to our little guy

Soaking in everything like a sponge, 
Isaac almost seems like a Kindergartener version
of Rip Van Wrinkle,
just awoke,
and wanting to know
everything about the world,
while Mama and Daddy and Big Brothers, and Kelsey, too,

Does Isaac still have challenges?
Yes, he does,

Apraxia doesn't give up easily,
nor does Autism,
but progress is being made,
LOOK at us,
on some fronts we are getting to nudge our little guy
 to the next level,
that gives us sooooooo much hope.

Challenges, challenge us,
but Isaac's enthusiasm for exploring the world,
and finding joy in everything
inspire us 
to keep finding ways to help our little guy

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you.

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