At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Missing Teeth, Finding Fred, And A Command Performance

It's been a busy few weeks with school and house renovations and of course therapy appointments, but first things first,...such as Isaac losing his FIRST baby tooth,...this past Monday!!!!

Since this summer, when I've brushed Isaac's teeth,...we've social storied, 
"When big boy teeth come in, baby teeth fall out to make room," 
- every day - every day - every day - 
and it must have worked, 
because Isaac didn't make a fuss about losing a tooth.  

The tooth was loose Monday morning before school, and came out sometime between 8:00-2:40, and that's all I know, because Isaac didn't come home with the tooth, so he either lost it, or threw it away, HUGE sigh, for Mama who has every single baby tooth from big brothers, but no real shock, Isaac even loses baby teeth in his own unique way. 

Most important, Isaac's good with it, and if Isaac is good, we're good, bye-bye baby teeth!!!!

And hello Kitty!

Isaac's therapy appointments have been ramping up to good effect,....lots of good development, developing. Here's Isaac practicing some speech before his speech therapy appointment!!!!

House renovations are still on-going and Isaac dearly loves a measuring tape, which he calls: Count,
and as we work, Isaac measures stuff and counts: "1, 2, 3, ---, 10, 11, 12"  - he's amused and we're able to finish laying floor tile, and paneling and now we're down to trim work, and all that work makes Isaac thirsty,....and he's recently discovered the delights of Coke-flavored slushies,....

Miracle League baseball is winding down, and Isaac is still schooling his buddies, and this past week it was a college baseball team out there helping, and while the ballplayer-buddy was obviously in great shape and could keep up with Isaac, wasn't easy for the buddy,...and no matter how much we warn, "God made I.I. fast,...and he'll run the entire hour," --- the buddies don't believe us, until they experience the exhausting delights of chasing after our little guy, who happily runs with dancing feet and never even breaks a sweat!!!

Not often will Isaac pay attention to a mascot, but this dragon caught his attention, and Isaac was FASCINATED!!!!!

LOOK,...Isaac posing with a mascot?
Hello, is that my child?
Yep,...and it's a very simple reason why.

Isaac thought the mascot was Fred from Big Hero 6

"Hello, Fred," Isaac kept checking the mascot's mouth all night.

From ballgames to culture,...Isaac's a versatile guy.
A local autism charity arranged for a theater group to perform a FREE sensory performance.
Sign us up!
Free culture in a nonjudgmental setting!!!

With his posse in tow,...Isaac showed up for the performance,
but nobody else did,
except one other little boy and his mother,
and a woman who knew the director.
the total audience: 9
with 6 out of that 9 in Isaac's party. 

Talk about unique experiences!!!!!

An entire theater to yourselves?

What fun!
Isaac and Mama even got to go on stage,
too cool,
and the performers were AMAZING!!!!
Those dancers danced as if it were a full-house,
Mama was in tears,
so grateful for the generosity of such talented performers 
sharing their talents with my little guy. 

Not joking here,
Isaac experiences the world in a different way,
and he makes sure YOU do too,
and that includes his first theater performance!!!

Lots of firsts these past few weeks, challenges, new ventures,
and as we look to the future,...we don't know what it holds,
but knowing Isaac,
it will be unique.

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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