At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Saturday, January 30, 2016

January 2016: Slip-sliding Away,....

Almost last day of January,
and this month has slip-slided away from us.

Kindergarten is exhausting even if you are six years old,
but a lot of Isaac's sleep issues have resolved,
Praise the LORD,
we are so grateful,'s been a long haul, 
and Isaac is still not the best sleeper in the world, but his advances
in bedtime and ability to STAY asleep are incredible,...

A nap after school never hurts,...especially under such gorgeous winter skies,...

Perhaps Isaac is dreaming of his birthday,...
THIS is the SIXTH cake,...Isaac has re-decorated, but NOT eaten.
But perhaps, Isaac knows that birthday cake is not really that nutritious,
and why bother,...when you are STUFFED with donuts!!!

Check out Mr. Donut-face,...sugar encrusted,...but you gotta celebrate b'days,
one way,...or the other,...

And of course with Isaac's it is always the OTHER way,...

But who cares,...I don't think I've ever met another individual 
who enjoys LIFE as much as Isaac does,
you can see the wonder and excitement in his eyes and expression.

Curiosity and concern too as he supervises the candle lighting process. 

The shouts of JOY are just to make sure EVERYONE is getting in on the happiness.

And then fun with physics,
light the candles,
blow them out,
light the candles,
blow them out,
and gee,....but they go out,...every single time.
"...fascinating,"- (Mr. Spock-voice)

And at the end, when you have nothing but candle nubs,
enjoy the flames, a campfire,
and contemplate the universe,
or the next activity,
"What shall I do?"
to Isaac the world is wide-open,
to be explored,...

In January, is on and then off,....on and then off,
with holidays and half days and snow days,
or rather a snow day that wasn't for us,
we just got some pretty flurries,
and the snow is NEVER the concern for us in the Deep South,
it's the ice, folks,
slip-sliding on the roadways is NOT our forte,
and in our area the roadways are hilly,
not something a novice needs to tackle,
so snuggling at home with plenty of milk and bread,
for french toast, of course,
is fine with us!!!!

Yet, needless to say the breaks in routine are difficult
for a little guy, who needs routine and structure at school, 
so school days for Isaac in January have kinda been like a novice driving on ice,
slipping and sliding to get to the end of each day,
but outta school,
Isaac's VERY busy exploring,
and interacting,
as he has every script to every film and cartoon,
and not just the words, but the inflections,
and PERFECT timing,
and he always shares the FUN,
so for us,
television is not passive,
oh no,'s get up and experience the experience,
be it under the sea, a frozen world, outer space with Buz and penguins,
or inner space with core memories,
and that's pretty wonderful,
but that's our I.I,
a very unique little guy!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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