At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Oh, It's 2016

I'll give you three guess to what was Isaac's favorite Christmas present,...

Dinosaur Pajamas for EVERYONE,...would be Isaac's decree for 2016,...

Seriously,...our little guy is in LOVE with these Pajamas,...
to the point the first time they had to go into the washing machine,...
Isaac was climbing after them.
Oh dear, was a sad, sad afternoon,...for about fifteen minutes,
and then thankfully our little guy got busy being happy,
which he does much better than being a sad, little dinosaur,
and YES, we've already check to see if we could get
another pair of pajamas,
but no luck,
but that's ok,...we'll just wash and wear this beloved pair.

Three week Christmas break from school for Isaac means 
we're having lots of fun this New year,....
mostly hanging at home,
which is nice after the business of Christmas and the New Year,

New Year's Eve Isaac enjoyed shooting off rockets with his Big Bro's,
lots of oooooohs and aaaaah, but it was too dark for photo ops.
Also too dark for Isaac to notice that the winter storms
brought down some big branches.

But this afternoon is cold, but bright and beautiful,
and Isaac noticed those downed branches.

"Oh no," says Isaac, "It broken," and then looks up at Mama full of confidence, "We fix it."
"Can't buddy," Mama has to report, "It's broken for good."
"Leaves fall down," says Isaac undeterred, "Put back."
Oh dear, I would have went into a long spill about the seasons,
and why leaves fall and are re-grown in spring,
but thankfully Isaac spied a baseball bat,
and we knocked around some pinecones,
in a very chummy manner,
which is GREAT!!!!

So grateful for all the progress Isaac is making.
Was our quasi-conversation typical?
No, but it more than our little guy was able to do last January.

While Isaac played, I took a couple laps around the yard,
Mama's got a gimpy knee she's trying to strengthen,
and Isaac was super-sweet to come (unasked)
and hold my hand for a few laps,
and we chatted more about those pesky leaves,
that SHOULD be on trees,
like the evergreen pine trees,
which Isaac kept pointing out,
as if to sink my argument the leaves couldn't be on the trees in winter.
"Tree green," says Isaac,
and I know I am out of my league here,
Isaac could think of something fun to do with all those
leaves since we couldn't put them back on the trees. 

Perfect photo opp,...

Shall we discuss gravity,...Isaac?
What goes up, must come down.

Just like little minds open to great big concepts.

Exploring the world with Isaac,
I think that's going to be our theme for 2016.

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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