At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Six Years and Counting,...

Six years ago my husband and I had two grown sons: Teddy was twenty-one, Michael was eighteen, and I was forty-four years old. Understandably my husband and I didn't think we could ever have more children, because HELLO, we hadn't had any for eighteen years, but then a miracle occurred, I became pregnant, and Isaac arrived January 2010 to ROCK our world!!!!

 Happy Birthday Isaac,...even though the new car is Teddy's.
When your big brother is twenty-seven the odds are in favor of him having a cool ride.
I am sure Isaac's booster seat in the backseat of the coupe will be a standout. 

Last days of five years old,...check out the stoic game-face,....

Another face,...very determined,...among a myriad of legos. 

Hmmmm,...which should I choose,...says Isaac's expression,
and he is blessed to have a very expressive face,
it helps a lot when Apraxia makes communication difficult.
But Isaac is making STRIDES,
his vocabulary is off the charts,
he can repeat ANYTHING,
not perfectly perhaps,
but he can SAY IT!!!!
And it's all in that little busy little mind.
The words are probably like these mixed up legos on the table.
All there, but Isaac has to painstakingly hunt each word,
and make it fit,
into what he wants to convey.
For most people, words and language, are so instantaneous we don't give it a second thought.
But Isaac has to not only give it thought, but purpose,
to make his message known.

These days autism is more obvious, 
to others,
but Isaac doesn't care,
he doesn't judge you,
and if you judge him,
guess what?
Isaac doesn't care,
he knows he's AWESOME,
and he's generous enough,
to think
are AWESOME too.
And somehow it's very hard to call that a disability.

Six years ago, we didn't know about Apraxia and Autism,
we never thought they would impact our child or our lives. 
Birthdays are hard,
no sugar coating this fact,
Isaac doesn't 'get' birthdays,
not in the tradition sense,
and having raised two boys,
with all the anticipation and giggles and wondering
it's hard to wrap your mind around Isaac's indifference.

That's when Mama steps back,
and considers the here and now,
Because to Isaac life's a gift,
and every single day
the world's his oyster.

Birthday celebrations won't be typical. 
Not like days of old,
but it's a new day,
and a new world,
with a new child.
So we know that,
Isaac will gleefully decorate a birthday cake,
but it won't eat it. 
He'll be curious about the birthday gifts,
but not 'get' it's a super special gift just for him.
When he's ready,
Isaac will play with the new toys,
and even like them a lot,
but in his time,
because it's all very overwhelming,
for a sensitive little soul,
and we respect that.

Isaac experiences the world in a different way,
including birthdays,
and he makes sure YOU do too.

We're just happy you were born Isaac.
We love you.
and we know you love us too. 
Hugs and kisses,
and sunshine smiles,
GREAT ideas,
and giggles, 
and fun.

Oh dear, but the slumped shoulders say it all,
"Do I gotta do b'day stuff so early in the morning (7:30 a.m.)"
Six years and counting,
and it is abundantly clear Isaac is not, but NOT 
a morning person. 

But Isaac is generous,
and patient with Mama and her pixs for prosperity.
The thumbs up is only because he's such a nice guy.
And we've wised up in the past six years,
no cupcakes for I.I.
Birthday donuts are his treat of choice.
And that's pretty cool,
'cause he gets birthday cake, AND donuts.
The cake is a photo prop,
and toy,
let's blow out candles and redecorate the decorations,
while the donuts are for serious consumption,
because you don't turn SIX YEARS old just every day. 

Our Isaac,...maturity is written into his features,
rapidly losing the babyish roundness,
he's a little boy,
with lots of challenges,
challenges that daunt us,
but not him.

Isaac's got this life business down pat,
after all he's been doing it for six years now,
and having a BLAST!!!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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