At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Friday, January 8, 2016

Swinging Into The New Year

Eight days in and Isaac's got a handle on 2016,
and what's not to love?
Still on Christmas break (3 weeks this year!!!), getting to go to the park on 
a beautiful afternoon,...nice temps, sunshine, big brother near by, 
and Mama on the other side of the camera.

Actually the swinging activity took place at the end of our visit, 
as Isaac was too busy making friends with a little boy (about two years old)
who thought "That Boy" - i.e. Isaac was the coolest thing in the world,
because he was so good at playing chase.

It was very interesting to have Isaac as the "Big Kid" at the park,
and needless to say he performed his new role,...flawlessly.

In his own matchless style,...of course,
but Isaac had one or two surprises for us,
and his little friend.

For starters,...Isaac made a point of keeping to the easy play ground equipment,
so his little friend could keep up,...

And then, at one point, Isaac's little friend was scared even on the easy slide,
and piped, "HELP!"
"I, Help!" Isaac cried, lending a helping hand to get his little friend down safely,
while Teddy and I were both going, "AWWWW how sweet,"
and then doing backflips,
because THAT was a lot of good socialization,
with a heaping side-dish of compassion. 

Of course for Isaac the good deed was par for the course:
others help him,
he helps others.
THE best lesson to learn at the start of 2016!!!

Check out, Isaac checking out the swing to find out EXACTLY how it works.

EXACTLY how Isaac works is still a mystery.
This morning Apraxia was giving him a hard time as he tried to tell me something.
It was like a stereo without a speaker, everything was working, but nothing was coming out.
But Isaac's NEVER fazed, he merely grabbed my hand and pulled me into the hallway,
and pantomimed exercise,
because YESTERDAY we exercised together,
and trust me, Isaac is one tough little personal trainer.
This morning, I exercised while Isaac was sleeping in, but obviously
he thought I was slacking off my New Year's resolution to get in shape,
and wanted Mama to give him: TWENTY!!!
No joke, yesterday I was counting to 10 with sit-ups
but when I reached 10 and was about to stop,...Isaac prompted, "11, 12,..."
Oh dear,...Mama did twenty,...with Isaac's help, I'll be back in shape in no time!!!

Eight days down,
the rest of 2016 to go,
Buckle Up,'s going to be a GREAT year!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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