At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Friday, February 26, 2016

Between the Sun and the Moon - A Perspective

This week while taking Isaac to school each morning I noticed that the moon was still visible in the morning sky, and it seemed that the moon was directly opposite the position of the sun. In between these vast bodies, was Isaac and myself as we were traveling down the interstate - a pretty cool perspective. 

Perspective plays a large role in our lives as we puzzle our way through this journey with Apraxia and Autism. Quite often, Mama has to take perspective checks to understand the present situation, especially as lately so many of our challenges have been completely out of our hands. 

This morning, knowing I need some new pictures for this blog post, I tried to have a quick pre-school photo shoot, but Isaac wasn't interested, so I gave up, and we traveled to school between the sun and the moon. 

This picture was taken in the school parking lot. Isaac is watching a bus unload students. Mostly typical students, who don't have to spend lots and lots of time in therapy or have multitudes of professionals riffling through files and case studies - trying to figure you out.  These students, get to walk into the school building by themselves, and they know exactly where to go, and exactly how to behave in the hallways, the class, the library, gym and playground. They don't have I.E.P meetings, or behavioral assessments. And most of all, they can all say what they want to say when they want to say it - Isaac can't. 

It is so easy to sigh, and perhaps even cry, but that's only one perspective. 

Let's move the angle of the camera, a wee tad, and oh my goodness, but our little guy is covered in a grace of radiance, with a halo - no less. It is the same time, same place, same child, but such a VASTLY different perspective. Ordinary into EXTRAORDINARY!!!

Perspective matters.

Just like our morning rides to school. Isaac and I are not just traveling down the interstate. We are traveling between the sun and the moon, and whether we can see it or not, but that radiance of grace in flowing over us. Sometimes, however, you just need to see it.

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

Monday, February 22, 2016

The Best Bible Verse For Autism and Apraxia

 For us, at least this is THE best bible verse for our little one's challenges.

"The the eyes of those who see will no longer be closed 
and the ear of those who hear will listen 
(listening is a challenge)
The mind of the rash will know and understand,
 and the stammering tongue will be fluent and clear."
 Isaiah 32:3-4 
(parenthese: mine) 

As people of faith, our faith is part of our entire lives and that includes our journey with Isaac and his double diagnoses of Apraxia and Autism. 

Lately there are have been a lot of challenges in our lives. Life's not perfect for believers, but the LORD has promised never to leave nor forsake us, and to give comfort and guidance, and boy was I rocked, last week to find this bible verse in the book of Isaiah!!!! 

WOW was I floored and then so comforted and grateful, because the LORD knows the challenges we face and will NEVER leave nor forsake us. 

And for us, and our faith, we know it is perfectly possible for Isaac to be miraculously cured in an instant, if that is the LORD'S plan of our son's life. But if not, it doesn't matter. We love Isaac, 'as is' and we only want to help him with his challenges. 

Faith is not knowing the answers, but trusting for the outcome, and as we already have Isaac in our lives - it is already a win-win situation for us.

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

When Life is Tough

 During those seasons when life is tough and challenges are out of your control everyone needs someone like Isaac in their lives,....

If nothing else, Isaac helps us have perspective on what's really important.
Living life the best we can.
Talk about having situations out of your control,
Isaac can't speak unless Apraxia gives his motor processing a break,
but that doesn't stop our little guy from trying to communicate.

School this quarter has been challenging for Isaac, sigh,
All those rules,
and all that social stuff,...he jussssst doesn't get, yet.
It's tough.
But, we'll all doing the best we can,...and you can't do anymore than that. 

Those little arms around your neck and smacky-wet kisses,
and "Ya you, Mama."
That makes tough days easier to bear. 
Yep,...everyone needs an Isaac in their lives. 

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Many Blessings,...

 As people of faith, my husband and I feel it very important to share our beliefs with our children, thru daily life as our faith is 24/7 not just one day a week,...thus we live our convictions which are easily condensed: Love God, Be Kind To Others,...we pray, we read the Bible, we attend Church and are as active in service as our unique lifestyle allows.

And we have faith that "All things work to the good" -- including Apraxia and Autism,...and at times that is a real leap of faith, but having faith is trusting when you don't know the outcome.

 One thing we know is that our youngest son is not a mistake and his condition is not the end of the world, fact to us, has been the beginning of a new universe,...because Isaac's experiences the world in a different manner, and he makes sure YOU do too,...and that includes faith.

And blessing flows,...often in the most unexpected ways, this diorama I found at the thrift store. It's in perfect condition,...a miracle onto itself, as it was probably slung onto the thrift store shelf, and it was only $10.00 another miracle, because I guarantee an object with this much detailing cost retail a LOT more than ten bucks. 

When I saw the diorama I was amazed, one that it hadn't already been snatched up, and two that it was available for us to purchase, explaining religious holidays to a child with Autism is a challenge. We had good luck with all the nativity scenes at Christmas, which spoke to Isaac in a concrete form more so than just a picture in a book, or a song, or a story, listening is still a skill Isaac is working on. 

But this diorama,...immediately caught Isaac's attention, and he was fascinated as I explained (in terms he'd understand) the Easter Story,...and as always with children and their faith,...Isaac was precious, he kept saying, "I find Jesus." and of the cross, "....oh, it so heavy" -- and finally on his little own,..."Thank you Jesus." 

Such a blessing. 

And blessing are needed,...Apraxia and Autism can and do make life challenging. Like today,...we're all a little bleary eyed as Isaac had a rough night. Why? My little one can't tell me,...he just needed Mama,..."Hold," says Isaac and Mama holds and soothes and comforts,...and prays while she cuddles her sleeping little one.  

Life with Autism is at a different perspective. 

Often times,...NOTHING makes sense,
that's when we count our blessings.

Perhaps Isaac has trouble listening to a Bible Story,...but he knows how to pray.
"Dear God,...thank you food, AMEN!"

Short and sweet and to the point!!!

Every night Isaac prays for everyone he loves,
and even remembers yet - the three dogs - who washed out of our home.
(two were bait and switch - the adoption agency said boxers, the medical records said pit bulls,
and Oreo, dear Oreo kept digging under the fences, he's happily in the country with family friends where he can dig to his heart's delight and not be in danger of traffic)
Yet Isaac ends each nite-nite prayers, "... and tank you for Oreo, and Oreo, and Oreo."

Our little guy is compassionate,...if someone is hurt he is the first to run for a bandaid to "fix-it."
"Don't you cry," says Isaac when he sees Mama or anyone in tears. 
"Don't Worry," says my little one, who doesn't even know what worry means, or at least it hard to think Isaac does,...but whenever Isaacs says this phrases it is always very appropriate. 

"I KNOW," says Isaac with a little finger raise in the air when he has a great idea, which unfortunately he can't express, but he'll start in working on a game or a project and get you to join in because to Isaac FUN must be shared!!!!

No one of the face to the earth has EVER enjoyed the alphabet more than Isaac,...each time he recites it is sheer JOY,...with laughter and glee and dancing. 

Never is Isaac half-hearted,...if you get Isaac, get ALL of his enthusiasm and JOY,...of course on the flip side when things go south,...the Drama King can be rather dramatic,...slinging himself face down on the bed,...sobbing at the top of his voice, and peering over his shoulder every few seconds to see how you are taking his abject misery,...and as Mama always takes these episodes with a deadpan expression,...they usually last only a moment or two,...drama with out an audience is borrrrrring!!!!

But Isaac is NEVER boring. 

And perhaps the greatest blessing is that Isaac is the ONLY person not concerned with his condition.
 He is as he is and that's all there is to it. 
Get over it, and let's have fun!
After all, Isaac accepts us - the way we are, questions asked. 

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!