At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Friday, March 4, 2016

Hide The Keyboard

Hello, but it never occurred to me that I might ever have to hide my wireless keyboard.

However to save my manuscripts from a VERY curious six year old, it might be a step I have to take, as Isaac is utterly fascinated with my computer and especially the keyboard, which is not negative, in the least. But a couple times in the past week when I've been multi-tasking, I've come back to my manuscript to find:


And here is the culprit!!!!

Adorable culprit!
 Isaac is watching a video of Silly Symphonies: The Three Little Pigs. 
Check out the sheer delight on that face!!!

However as I am working on copyediting my first novel, I really, really REALLY don't need to find unexpected inserts of Isaac's creativity. So perhaps as a precaution, I need to put the keyboard away when I have to be away from my desk. No temptation, no drama, and it is only fair to Isaac to set him up for success, as I want him to have free access to my office, as it is also our library and therapy space.

Although I have a feeling in the very near future, Isaac will be having access to his OWN keyboard, as he is really truly so fascinated, it would be a shame not to take advantage of his enthusiasm to teach some important keyboard skills, but just not with my manuscripts!!!!

Last year, Isaac would not have been given access to being INSIDE the garden bed, because we knew full well, at that time our little guy would have tossed ALL the dirt out, but LOOK Isaac is playing appropriately, and we discovered THE best way to aerate garden soil is a six year old!

Fun on the weekend, but this week found Isaac sick with a stomach virus. Oh dear, no fun, but honestly I.I. is so precious. Not a whimper, only a very subdued child who wants to be held. Thankfully this virus was a light case and over very quickly. 

Usurping Mama's office chair is always perfectly fine. 

Yesterday is when Isaac was home sick. 
The virus took its toll overnight, 
but Isaac woke, after sleeping in, feeling much better, 
and then we had the funniest tussle. 
It was over an app that big brother Teddy loaded on to Isaac's tablet. 
The app is VERY kooky and I had a hard time figuring out what Isaac was doing 
because the entire app activity is a piece of bread being navigated around a room. 
Let's just say, Isaac didn't want to give Mama a turn, 
so she could figure out if this app had any educational value or not. 
Pulling rank, I asserted my authority, "I am THE Mama!" 
without missing a beat, I.I. bopped, "I am THE Isaac!"
Oh dear, but I was howling with so much laughter, Isaac won that round. 
And then he did give me a turn.
My opinion stands: the app is kooky, but I suppose navigating around the room is problem solving, so I decreed the app could stay, but then I noticed the apps name and I laughed even harder, because it is
"I am the Bread!"

Can't avoid technology in the 21st century,
but we do encourage non-techy activities,
like puzzles. 

More problem solving. 

Pout of concentration!!!!

Puzzle completed before it was time to go to school!!!

So will I really and truly have to hide my keyboard? 


One has to pick one's battles, 
and I don't want a keyboard or computer to have any negative connotations.  
For now it is easier to restrict access than to expect Isaac to avoid such tempting boundaries. 
And then later we can reintroduce the keyboard and its boundaries in appropriate manner, 
so I am not pulling rank,
nor is Isaac. 

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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