At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Friday, March 25, 2016

Lesson In Love

Don't believe in miracles? 
Well, here is my son with the Easter Bunny? 

If this picture is not a miracle,...nothing is!
Very brave boy, as you can tell Isaac is still not completely comfortable 
being so close to this creature.

How does Isaac feel about Easter?

Well, we don't exactly know as Isaac is not able to communicate on that level, yet. 
But Isaac knows the Easter story (at his level) and he knows it is NOT about an Easter Bunny. 
Isaac knows that Jesus loves him,
and Isaac knows that Jesus wants us to love one another. 

Thank you to those who love our special needs kids and create events just for them.
Special Needs Easter Egg Hunt was a BLAST.

Bubbles, anyone?

"Yes, please," says Isaac.

Forget hunting eggs,...let's just play with the bubbles. 

But then we do have that little pail that needs to be filled. 
So let's hunt eggs,...and teach EVERYONE a lesson in love. 

Have you ever been to an Easter Egg Hunt?
If you haven't, let me tell you the events are usually a free-for-all with chaos reigning
as ALL the children are frantically racing to see who can get the most eggs,
with the biggest and fastest kids, 
garnering the most. 

Hello, that's why this special event was planned, because too often at Easter Egg Hunts
Special Needs children get either, left behind, run over, or have someone steal their eggs.
Sorry to have to report that sad fact, but it is true, and it happened even this year,
not to Isaac, but another little friend had a very unhappy experience

But, I think every single person on the face of the earth
 needs to go to a Special Needs Easter Egg Hunt,
and get a lesson in love.

Lots of eggs,
and Isaac was out in front.

But you want to know what happened?
My little guy was more concerned about his friends
behind him getting eggs, 
that filling his own little bucket. 

One egg for me,
leave the rest for my friends. 

And it wasn't just Isaac with this loving attitude,
it was every single Special Need child.
These children aren't angels,
but every single child was more concerned
 about making sure there were enough eggs for their friends then filling their own baskets.

Love one another. Be kind to one another. 
To the point, there were eggs, and eggs, and more candy filled eggs left over.
So many eggs were left over the stunned organizer had to say:
"Okay kids, let's go around again."

Guess what happened?
Yep, the exact same thing.

What a lesson in love.

Have a blessed Easter!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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  1. This must've been such a good and inspiring experience for you. I'm glad that Isaac knows the Easter story and he knows that Jesus loves him and that we need to love one another. Now he and his friends are putting this into practice.


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