At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Friday, March 11, 2016

Making Happy Choices

Whew after a few very challenging weeks there, Isaac is settling in at school, and learning to make happy choices. 

So many new skills are emerging it is utterly amazing, and we are so grateful for every bit of progress that Isaac is mastering. From eye contact, to social skills, to answering questions, and reading and spelling Isaac is knocking everything out of the ballpark!!!

I.I. is also having tons of fun in his own matchless style, a visit to the movie theater.

Zootopia and popcorn make a GREAT combination!

Luckily for us the bottom row seats are never desirable for anyone one else, but they are PERFECT
for a child on the spectrum as it is near impossible to disturb the other movie goers. 
No seats in front to kick, easy access to get up for breaks, 
and an unobstructed view of the screen, which means no distractions. 

The face of a concentrating child as Isaac barely moved thru the entire movie. 

Aside from movies, Isaac has been reading LOTS of books, and learning lots of new skills. 

Last summer when I was working on therapy ideas for Isaac I purchased this multi-compartment tool chest and then promptly forgot about it until this winter when I dug it out of the therapy closet
 and labeled all the little drawers with the alphabet. 

The big question?
Would Isaac like this organizer?
Would he play with it?
Would it be useful for categorizing items with the letter they start with?

Ah, YES would be the answer.
Isaac is totally fascinated with all the little drawers and the trinkets I added to each drawer,
to represent each letter. 

"Let's see," says Isaac, a zillion times a day, 
as he inspects his alphabet horde like a miser. 

Of course, Isaac has to show off each item, and we talk about all the trinkets, 
and spell, "F-R-O-G, frog, F-L-O-W-E-R, flower."

Just to make it more fun, I am constantly on the look out for new items to add, 
like this week at the thrift store when I discovered a bag filled with tiny food, animals, and clothing.
 Of course, at six years old, Isaac is NOT into mouthing any of these items, 
otherwise this uber-cool activity would not be assessable. 
Safety first.

But Isaac has been very safe and very responsible with all these little items.
Like a file clerk, he files away everything into the correct bin,
which is soooooo encouraging 
because Isaac knows: blue, bird, and bell,
are all B words, because of the "Ba" sound.

The magnifying glass is also a hoot, Isaac says, "Aha! What could it be?"
While I cry tears of JOY!!!

Such happy choices being made these days!
A grateful people, we praise the LORD and rejoice!

Until I post again, God bless and keep you!

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