At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Friday, March 18, 2016

Three Little Wishes

What would a six year old wish for if he had three wishes? Meet the characters in his favorite story? Have his pawpaw own a place as fascinating as Disneyland? Eat your favorite meal for supper, because hello, every little boy LIKES to eat!!!

If Isaac had wished such, then this past week, ALL his little wishes would have come true. 

When we arrived at my husband's parent's place,...
waaaaaaaaaay back in the boondox (i.e. isolated countryside)
Isaac was THRILLED,...because Paw-paw's property as every bit as good as Disneyland.

"This way," says Isaac to the Paw-paw's pond. 

Golf cart takes the place of monorail, but Isaac doesn't care, both are fun, and look at all that water!!!

Fishing without bait is futile, and the hook really needs to be 'in' the water, but Isaac was wish-fishing
and didn't care,...he was living a dream!

Next, Isaac got to live a fairytale, or at least his 'present' favorite story:

Here they are in the flesh,...yep,...Isaac was fascinated,
"Once upon a time,..."

That was the weekend, but the week didn't start very well with Isaac sick,
but not too sick,
not even a shot at the doctor's office,
and Isaac, like in OUR Isaac has been taking his daily medicine
with a spoon,
like a champ!
Talk about a Mama's Wish coming true!
"Great job, Isaac!"

Waffles for supper anyone?
It's been one of those weeks, and we really needed some cheering up and supper out one night!
Isaac's first visit to Waffle House.

Normally this is the type restaurant we would NEVER choose as the sensory load is overloaded.
I mean, hello the server, scream, "TWO WAFFLES DOWN, SAUSAGE, TWO OVER LIGHT!"
But wonder of wonders, we had a soft-spoken waiter,
and Isaac was mostly fascinated with the open kitchen,
and the food.
Although check out Isaac, checking out the sensory input on the toast.

Waffles without syrup?
That's how Isaac rocks and rolls, but then he's sweet enough. 

Three little wishes, wished and fulfilled,
Easter and spring break are coming up,
more time to wish,
and fish,
and eat waffles without syrup,
because that's the way I.I. likes them,
and now,
so do I.

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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