At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Stepping Into Spring 2016

    Behind on a post or two, but we've been very busy with Isaac this spring. 
    Doing what?
    Oh, you know Isaac, there is only one answer: FUN STUFF,...

     Miracle League Baseball had started its spring season, and Isaac is learning how to bat and run the bases this year, and that's a HUGE improvement over his involvement last fall. 

    Isaac lives in a charmed world,...he thought these fireworks bursting in the sky were meant jussssst for him. Actually the fireworks were to celebrate the opening season of Little League baseball, but who are we to burst Isaac's bubble? He's worth a thousand private firework shows!

     Tour Guide Isaac takes us around the zoo, which has been the best membership money ever spent. Isaac likes inspecting the animals from A-to-Z, and is constantly amazing us, like this past Sunday Isaac says, "O, Ostrich starts with an O," and we are "HELLO? Is this our son with Apraxia?" 

     The leaps and bounds Isaac has made in his speech development are phenomenal! As I type these words I can hear Isaac with Teddy reading a picture dictionary book, Isaac says, "What is that? What comes next?" 
     And we say, "Thank you, Lord, Thank you!" 

     Feeding the fish is fun, although Isaac is not quite sure about those koi,...they are BIG!

     Sitting through the seal show was a first for Isaac and a challenge - the sensory issues in a crowd are more obvious now Isaac is older, and can vocally express, "TOO LOUD!" 

    In fact many Autism traits are more noticeable now that Isaac is older and mingles more with children his own age. Case in point was a recent school fundraiser: a race, which was a big deal because the elementary children were allowed to walk to the High School football field and race around the track.

     ALL the kindergarteners walked, but Isaac, as Autism singled him out to ride in the cool little red wagon pulled by big brother. Cool ride, but Isaac was the only kindergartener not walking - due to security concerns as Isaac can and will wander and he is VERY fast. And I confess, it was a little difficult to see my little guy so isolated due to Autism. 

    But you know Isaac, something happy ALWAYS happens. When we reached the football field, the first graders were cheering on the kindergarteners and when Isaac went through the gate there was a ROARING cheer for Isaac and shout outs, "YEAH ISAAC, GO ISAAC," -- which so comforted this Mama's heart. 

    Like all the other kindergarteners Isaac got to run the race, and he loved it. Afterwards it was back to the little red wagon, but Isaac didn't seem to care. He is the only person on the face of the earth not concerned with his Autism, he's too busy living and having fun!

    And trying new things. Very brave guy to get past sensory issues to try your VERY FIRST popsicle, and actually consume about 25% which is more popsicle than Isaac's ever eaten before, so this was a red letter day for us!

   The cutest factor is of course HUGE,...

    What's next for Isaac? More adventures, no doubt, Isaac experiences the world in a different way and he makes sure YOU do too!

     Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Miracle League: Spring 2016

 Last weekend, dark rain clouds threaten the first game of the Miracle League Spring Season, but the rain held off long enough for Isaac to get his feet back on the ball field.

Of course with big brother Teddy in tow. 

And Michael and Kelsey showed up to cheer I.I. on,...

Batter up!
Last season,...Isaac would barely try to hit the ball. 

But this year, Isaac was very serious about his pre-game warm up.

But how about the game?
How did it go?
Ah, didn't go so well, but I.I. wasn't the only little guy having trouble focusing
as once the crowds arrive, the sensory overload was too much.

It didn't help that a SUPER COOL new special needs playground 
has been constructed behind the outfield, 
it was last year's fund-raising project, and it's a BEAUTY!
It is also not complete,
the soft-flooring had yet to be installed, 
all was mud, and all was fenced off.
Very confusing and disappointing to I.I. who doesn't care about getting his shoes muddy,
just as long as the mud stays away from his hands, he's good.

But no, rules are rules, and the playground was off limits,
and let's just say that wasn't the best way to open the season.

There were tears. 
And we left a little early,
as this is suppose to be a fun activity, 
not upsetting. 

But, hey Mama still got some cool pictures,
and the evening ended with giggles,
as Isaac got to eat his most favorite chicken fingers and fries - post game. 

For the next game,
we can only hope the playground flooring has been laid,
if not,
it will be a lesson for I.I. in patience,
we're only one game down,
plenty to go
for the Miracle League's 2016 Spring Season.

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

(NOTE: 4/9/16)
 Isaac's second Miracle League baseball game went MUCH better, 
lots of giggles, lots of laughter, 
and no tears!
Also Isaac is developing a GREAT swing,...
now if he can only remember to go around ALL the bases,...
but no kidding I didn't want to wait until next week to report a great game. 
Obviously the first game was sensory overload,...
and now Isaac knew what to expect,  he was able to handle all the input,....
also the floor was laid for the playground!!!It will be ready by next week,...Woohoo,...
and thank you to all support Miracle League charities,..these are you gifts in action!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Autism Awareness 2016

Autism is something you think will never touch you, but when it does it is not the end of the world. It is the beginning of a new universe,... 

Our son is AMAZING

Isaac experiences the world in a different way,
and he makes sure YOU do too. 

It has been three years since Isaac's Autism diagnosis,
and we've learned a thing or two about Autism,
and our son,
and ourselves. 

Life's not cut and dry,
and Autism is truly a puzzle. 
No, two days are the same, 
No, two circumstances.
Flexibility has become our middle name. 

But it has not been dull.
And there has been more laughter than tears.
Which says a lot,
because this Mama has cried bucket-loads,
but for every tear,
Isaac seems to have some funny quip.
You gotta laugh,
his joy is just too infectious. 

Besides isn't every parent's dream - a happy child?
Isaac nails it.

Are there challenges?
Of course, and even if Isaac wasn't diagnosed with Autism and Apraxia,
he would have challenges,
it's called, life. 

The only person on the face of the earth, not concerned about Isaac's Autism diagnosis, 
is Isaac.

Isaac accepts himself, as is.
And needs no one to tell him he is AWESOME.
Isaac already knows, 
and he thinks YOU are awesome too.

That's the beauty of no social filters: 
love and acceptance
are unconditional. 

What a social lesson from a six year with Autism.

Until I post again, God bless and keep you! 

Friday, April 1, 2016

Christmas In March

Where to begin with all the advances Isaac is making in his development? 

Every day of this year's Spring Break has been more like Christmas,
 with Isaac handing us unexpected gift, after unexpected gift.
 Hello, but this child has been holding out on us,...BIG TIME. 

Shall we take turns and show patience while playing"
 "Go Fish," or rather, "Fish Tires" - 
as these were little car tires?
You bet, Isaac has advanced to be able to play games, 
perhaps not exactly like a typical six year old,
but Isaac is not typical,
he's Isaac,
and last spring, he could not, would not have had the tolerance to fish for tires, or share.
This year his does.

Shall we cut with paper punches,...appropriately?
Oh yes, we can,...yes we can, indeed!

What is even more impressive is that Isaac cleaned up 
all the scattered bits of paper when he was done!

Shall we take adventure walks?
You bet,...last year Isaac would have NEVER been allowed to be so close to this stream.
But this year,...obeying: stop, come back, be careful,...all apply. 

Bounce House Fun!

Okay, so Isaac's had this one mastered for quite a while. 

But the emergence here is that everyone had to work on the Saturday of this Spring Fling.
Mama took Isaac to the event ALONE,
well not completely alone, 
as I was with Isaac,
but it was just me and Isaac with no back up to help guard the front or back of the slide,
jusssssst in case our little guy decides to wander.
But, nope, Isaac didn't wander.
Instead he waited on Mama, and held hands, and took turns, and had a BLAST!

Tennis, anyone?

Taking Isaac to play tennis?
Quite frankly this is a dream, I wasn't sure would ever come true. 

But there we were on the tennis courts introducing Isaac to the most fascinating game in the world!
Hint: Mama loves tennis.
And so does Isaac!
For his first venture on the tennis courts Isaac did GREAT. 
Do I even dare say, Isaac was better behaved them some of the 'typical' children running around.
Okay, so perhaps the typical kids could all talk in full sentences,
but Isaac DID NOT touch the net!
Nor did he wander,
and he attended to the game with a patience and tolerance beyond his years!
And he has a GREAT swing!

Wimbledon get ready,...Isaac is on his way!

No pix of Isaac running errands with me, 
but the big news is that Isaac just didn't happily run errands,
but Mama didn't have to squeeze him and his long legs into a shopping cart.

Isaac walked next to Mama,
obeyed directions,
and NEVER left her side.
It's been Christmas in March. 

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!