At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Autism Awareness 2016

Autism is something you think will never touch you, but when it does it is not the end of the world. It is the beginning of a new universe,... 

Our son is AMAZING

Isaac experiences the world in a different way,
and he makes sure YOU do too. 

It has been three years since Isaac's Autism diagnosis,
and we've learned a thing or two about Autism,
and our son,
and ourselves. 

Life's not cut and dry,
and Autism is truly a puzzle. 
No, two days are the same, 
No, two circumstances.
Flexibility has become our middle name. 

But it has not been dull.
And there has been more laughter than tears.
Which says a lot,
because this Mama has cried bucket-loads,
but for every tear,
Isaac seems to have some funny quip.
You gotta laugh,
his joy is just too infectious. 

Besides isn't every parent's dream - a happy child?
Isaac nails it.

Are there challenges?
Of course, and even if Isaac wasn't diagnosed with Autism and Apraxia,
he would have challenges,
it's called, life. 

The only person on the face of the earth, not concerned about Isaac's Autism diagnosis, 
is Isaac.

Isaac accepts himself, as is.
And needs no one to tell him he is AWESOME.
Isaac already knows, 
and he thinks YOU are awesome too.

That's the beauty of no social filters: 
love and acceptance
are unconditional. 

What a social lesson from a six year with Autism.

Until I post again, God bless and keep you! 

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  1. I love this! My seven year old was recently diagnosed with autism (after having the diagnoses of Sensory Processing Disorder for three years). He doesn't know he has several diagnosis. I don't think he realizes that he is different, and that is (for the most part) great. I'm not sure when we'll tell him, but I see no hurry. He's happy being the awesome kid that he is, just like your Isaac is. :)


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