At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Friday, April 1, 2016

Christmas In March

Where to begin with all the advances Isaac is making in his development? 

Every day of this year's Spring Break has been more like Christmas,
 with Isaac handing us unexpected gift, after unexpected gift.
 Hello, but this child has been holding out on us,...BIG TIME. 

Shall we take turns and show patience while playing"
 "Go Fish," or rather, "Fish Tires" - 
as these were little car tires?
You bet, Isaac has advanced to be able to play games, 
perhaps not exactly like a typical six year old,
but Isaac is not typical,
he's Isaac,
and last spring, he could not, would not have had the tolerance to fish for tires, or share.
This year his does.

Shall we cut with paper punches,...appropriately?
Oh yes, we can,...yes we can, indeed!

What is even more impressive is that Isaac cleaned up 
all the scattered bits of paper when he was done!

Shall we take adventure walks?
You bet,...last year Isaac would have NEVER been allowed to be so close to this stream.
But this year,...obeying: stop, come back, be careful,...all apply. 

Bounce House Fun!

Okay, so Isaac's had this one mastered for quite a while. 

But the emergence here is that everyone had to work on the Saturday of this Spring Fling.
Mama took Isaac to the event ALONE,
well not completely alone, 
as I was with Isaac,
but it was just me and Isaac with no back up to help guard the front or back of the slide,
jusssssst in case our little guy decides to wander.
But, nope, Isaac didn't wander.
Instead he waited on Mama, and held hands, and took turns, and had a BLAST!

Tennis, anyone?

Taking Isaac to play tennis?
Quite frankly this is a dream, I wasn't sure would ever come true. 

But there we were on the tennis courts introducing Isaac to the most fascinating game in the world!
Hint: Mama loves tennis.
And so does Isaac!
For his first venture on the tennis courts Isaac did GREAT. 
Do I even dare say, Isaac was better behaved them some of the 'typical' children running around.
Okay, so perhaps the typical kids could all talk in full sentences,
but Isaac DID NOT touch the net!
Nor did he wander,
and he attended to the game with a patience and tolerance beyond his years!
And he has a GREAT swing!

Wimbledon get ready,...Isaac is on his way!

No pix of Isaac running errands with me, 
but the big news is that Isaac just didn't happily run errands,
but Mama didn't have to squeeze him and his long legs into a shopping cart.

Isaac walked next to Mama,
obeyed directions,
and NEVER left her side.
It's been Christmas in March. 

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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