At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Friday, April 8, 2016

Miracle League: Spring 2016

 Last weekend, dark rain clouds threaten the first game of the Miracle League Spring Season, but the rain held off long enough for Isaac to get his feet back on the ball field.

Of course with big brother Teddy in tow. 

And Michael and Kelsey showed up to cheer I.I. on,...

Batter up!
Last season,...Isaac would barely try to hit the ball. 

But this year, Isaac was very serious about his pre-game warm up.

But how about the game?
How did it go?
Ah, didn't go so well, but I.I. wasn't the only little guy having trouble focusing
as once the crowds arrive, the sensory overload was too much.

It didn't help that a SUPER COOL new special needs playground 
has been constructed behind the outfield, 
it was last year's fund-raising project, and it's a BEAUTY!
It is also not complete,
the soft-flooring had yet to be installed, 
all was mud, and all was fenced off.
Very confusing and disappointing to I.I. who doesn't care about getting his shoes muddy,
just as long as the mud stays away from his hands, he's good.

But no, rules are rules, and the playground was off limits,
and let's just say that wasn't the best way to open the season.

There were tears. 
And we left a little early,
as this is suppose to be a fun activity, 
not upsetting. 

But, hey Mama still got some cool pictures,
and the evening ended with giggles,
as Isaac got to eat his most favorite chicken fingers and fries - post game. 

For the next game,
we can only hope the playground flooring has been laid,
if not,
it will be a lesson for I.I. in patience,
we're only one game down,
plenty to go
for the Miracle League's 2016 Spring Season.

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

(NOTE: 4/9/16)
 Isaac's second Miracle League baseball game went MUCH better, 
lots of giggles, lots of laughter, 
and no tears!
Also Isaac is developing a GREAT swing,...
now if he can only remember to go around ALL the bases,...
but no kidding I didn't want to wait until next week to report a great game. 
Obviously the first game was sensory overload,...
and now Isaac knew what to expect,  he was able to handle all the input,....
also the floor was laid for the playground!!!It will be ready by next week,...Woohoo,...
and thank you to all support Miracle League charities,..these are you gifts in action!

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